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Version: 0.6

Vampire's Curse MZ

EDIT: The itch.io link was linking to the wrong game. Fixed it. My bad^^

You play as Samuel, a hapless farmer who finds a strange necklace.

This necklace soon curses him, and he must find a way to cure himself before it's too late!

Assuming 'he' will even want a cure by the end...


This is NOT simply a redo in a new engine! This is a complete re-imagining of the original!

Most of the old cast returns, along with a bunch of new NPCs!

The free demo has some bugs, but is functional enough that you should get the basic idea anyway^^

It's also long for a demo, it'll likely take you at least an hour to complete it!


The current PAID game is much more complete, and VERY well tested. There may be a couple minor bugs,

but it's quite functional! Check out the changelog to see how much larger this game is than the original!


Of course, there's still much more to come! I plan to add 2 entirely new TF paths!

And of course, a mode where you can play as an evil vampire :D


You can find the paid version on my Subscribe Star and my Patreon, or on itch.io:

NOTE: If you choose to subscribe to me on Star or Patreon, you'll get access to the PAID version for only 10$



(15$ on itch.io)

Samuel went exploring a cave near his village, and found a coffin inside it.
And inside the coffin, he found a beautiful ruby necklace....

Samuel has been transformed into a vampire,
and the necklace that has fused with his body is slowly corrupting and feminizing him!
He has to find a way to cure himself before it's too late!


Samuel (Player)

Nicholas, your childhood friend and a novice mage

Katrina, a skilled dark mage who happens to be obsessed with vampires


There is a tutorial in the "Key Items".

If enough people ask questions, I'll add more text here explaining things^^


Game ends after TF stage 6,

or after the archmage tells you to find a Soul Crystal.


V 0.6 (PAID)

Finished "Silvia" TF path up to stage 10
"Shadow" summon's power now scales with the caster's

Added Derban

Added Derban Wastes

Added Desert Spider

Added Derban Wastes Cave system

Added Cave Spider

Added various necromancers and their summons

Added stamina potions

Added Alchemy system

Added Boss: Master Necromancer

Added ability to steal Soul Crystal from necromancers

Added Potion Shop in Stratham

Added Forest Shack(Rest Point) in Stratham Forest

Added Road To Amisra

Apart from endings, finished Silvia path

Finished all of Wimborne for the Silvia path

Finished all of Tarrin for the Silvia path

Finished all of Derban for the Silvia path

Added Calaren, and all needed content for the Silvia path within it

Added Calaren Mountain, and a secret living vampire hiding in a cave near the top

Made Bandit respawning more frequent

Added endings for Silvia path

Added bonus room for winning with less than 100 corruption

Made darker areas a little less dark

Added sellers of magic items to the college


V 0.6.1(hotfix, PAID)

Various bug fixes

Redid some of the writing around stages 4-5

Added some extra variations to a few areas so the attitude of Silvia is maintained better


V 0.6.2(balance update, PAID)
Disabled autosaves after battles
Massively nerfed Wine, TP to Mana, and HP to Mana
Clarified how long the player has to wait at the start, and reduced the wait by 1 day
Samuel will now start the game well fed, giving the player an extra day to sort themselves out before they starve

Boosted Nicholas and Katrina starting levels by 1
Buffed Nicholas so he will eventually learn all fire and ice spells on his own
Slightly nerfed Master Necromancer's Magic Defense from 50 to 45.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by lohu1

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 11/16/2022

I'm playing the demo version. For a demo, the amount of content included is IMO pretty good, but expect a lot of "not implemented yet" everywhere. (I really mean it.)

Some parts of the game probably needs to have better hints, for example I had a hard time finding the bandits because all the game mentioned was "nearby forest"... Which I couldn't find. Turns out that on the way to the city, you can turn right to find a path to the forests. Oh well.

Some maps are simply too big, too empty. Typical RPGMaker syndrome I guess. I suggest to either put more decorations to the map, or shrink it down so that navigating through the map wouldn't be such a chore.

Combat wise, the early game is difficult but as you gather your party it becomes quite tameable so I'm not complaining. Except that everytime 2x female bandits come up, once you finish the first bandit, the second bandit becomes unbeatable. I dealt probably 5k of damage in total before she took my entire party out, I really doubt that a bandit should have that much HP!

Review by thriller12345

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 11/11/2022

I really wish there was a way I could directly reply to reviews.

To the review posted below by "Auzie":

I'm guessing they're talking about the demo, which DOES have a number of bugs sadly.

I double checked all the enemy battles that use any kind of female bandit, and none of them have the issue they talked about.

The current PAID version no longer has that bug, at least as far as I can tell.


To future reveiwers, please specify if you are talking about the free demo or the paid version^^

Review by Auzie

Version reviewed: 0.6.2 on 11/11/2022

Got some serious bugs still. Went into Stratham forest after becoming vamp and getting Nic with me and end up dying to a female bandit who apparently could not die. Seems I got her to 0 hp (use blood drain and saw 0 damage) and wouldn't let me escape. Think going to wait a few patches before looking at this again.

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