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Version: 0.0.1b

Version: 0.0.1a

by nuk

This is Captivity. You can use the cheat menu to see where I'm going with the TF transformations. There is no subscriber lock so the passcode is boobandvagina. And yes, this game is inspired by The Good Son. So far, the content is linear, I do plan to open it up with ongoing updates.

This game might be regularly updated. I'm a student however I do have free time this and next month. I do have a few paths in mind.

Join my discord if you want to contact me. I would love any help or ideas for this game.

Welcome to Captivity. A game where you're currently a 25 year old gambling virgin man who is stuck in debt with a big corporation. With each week, the debt going up in interest. The company who are indebted obviously got as big as they did by doing a lot of shady business.

This shady business includes working with criminals. The gang within the corperation figure it's better for you to pay your debt by working them, not voluntarily. You get captured, and get put into facility without any means to escape. Little did you know, this place, would make your old self would cease to exist.

How far are you willing to go to pay off this debt?

You - 25-year-old virgin 

Mr. Deacon - The loanshark

Francis - Gym Instructor

Dr. Maria - Personal doctor and therapist

Jakob - Brothel keeper

Follow the to-do list on the left hand side.

0.0.1b - Added some content throughout the week

  • Added first fem training on Tuesday (not Wednesday or Friday)
  • Added first physical and hormonal therapy sessions
  • Added another gym session on Thursday
  • Added To-do list onto UI
  • Changed phone design
  • Added more help in info app
  • Added brothel tutorial (no brothel content after this)
  • Able to shave at the mirror
  • Able to jerk off in the toilet

0.0.1a - Concept release. 

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 01/19/2023

I do not know, if I played another version than the one before me, but in the version I played there is no M2F tf yet, you can just go to the gym, take a nap and thats it.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.0.1a on 01/19/2023


Interactivity is low right now, but the base layout is there for a full sim game. Images used in the game fit purpose, but again this is just a concept game so that will likely change. Transformations in the game are all vanilla around this sort of sim game but they do go MtF and FtM in this concept test. Writing for the introduction is solid with very few spelling mistakes, though the Russian had me wondering if it was straight from Google Translate.

Definitely something here with promise. Worth a look and then check again on next update.

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