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The Girly Gauntlet
by kimberly rex

"The Girly Gauntlet" is a TG-themed transformation game by Kimberly Rex.

After a night of hard drinking and hitting on, then subsequently offending an underage witch, manly man Nicholas McMillan wakes up in a pink room, full of magical booby traps. If he hopes to escape with his masculinity intact, he's going to have to run the Girly Gauntlet!


Nicholas McMillan

Nicholas McMillan is the player character.


Maggie is the school-age witch who Nicholas affectionately called "Bimbo Big-Tits" and "Whore."


Nikki McKnockers

If you 'Smell The Flowers' in the Opening room you will eventually turn into this bimbo.

Yvette L'Amour

End 1: Happy Maid - If you 'Make the Bed' at in Opening room, follow the steps to become a maid and say 'Oui... I Love It' you will get this ending.

End 2: Horny Maid - If you 'Make the Bed' at in Opening room, follow the steps to become a maid and say 'Non! Fuck You' you will get this ending.

Tiffany Stix

In the High School path, losing to Chuck at pool transforms the player into Tiffany Stix, pool slut. The game ends after you have sex with Chuck.

Tera Teasdale

In the High School path, using the shower in the Guys Locker Room turns you into uniformed schoolgirl and "flirtaholic supreme" Tera Teasdale. The game ends after you've been caught by the Headmistress.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Dinorawr21

Version reviewed: on 03/10/2019

This is definitely hands down one of the best TF games I've ever played. What lurkingbutpleasant said. I heard this game was a classic and only played the short paths (that of which I wasn't ecstatic about) until I played the medieval path... Which blew me away and is really 10/10 (saying this in 2019). I wish more games were like this and hope The Girly Gauntlet inspires people to make awesome games like this :D

Review by yeoman

Version reviewed: on 09/27/2016

This game is a classic as far as TF games go- multiple different plotlines, 2 of which have an open feel, while the other 2 are more linear.  4/5

Review by lurkingbutpleasant

Version reviewed: on 08/01/2016

The first few times I played this I took (without knowing) the shorter paths and didn't think there was a lot to it.  Recently came back to it and worked at getting to the end of the longest path and there was much more content in this game than I thought, and I enjoyed it immensely.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: on 06/23/2016


You're railroaded depending on your choices in this game and there is some item hunting involved, but for the most part this RAGS game is well developed and interesting the play. Backtracking is minimal and there are multiple ending possibilities (some sudden bad endings though if you're not careful). Item hunting can be either a pain or a breeze depending on what pathway you find yourself on.

One of the possible pathways you can end up is a "guide damn it" trap and will require save-scumming to get through without being trapped by a sudden ending, but it is certainly worth playing. Images provided for the game fit the scenes and you're rarely bored while playing.

Story in the game does exist on all of the pathways, but it is mostly there as an excuse to fit the scene and keep you going forward. All of the endings have better writing (even the sudden bad endings) at least so you are getting rewarded as you find them. Transformations are many and varied for a RAGS game, with most being easy to trigger and some being downright fool's bait if you ignore your common sense.

Of note is something said by other reviewers in that the male vs female situations are slanted in the male's favour at times. While I won't give spoilers, it seems a bit odd for two of the instances but it does fit the story so I can let it go for the sake of a fantasy tale.


Review by JuankiMan

Version reviewed: on 02/24/2016

Well, the game is complete, which puts it head and shoulders above most of the games in the site, but sadly the positives are scarce beyond that. The images chosen are quite good and titillating, the writing is clear, descriptive and without barely any errata, and the game essentially diverges at the start into two separate storylines. However, though both give the illusion of choice there's actually none of the sort; you have one string of actions that must be followed to the letter, and anything else will lead to a quick and kinky game over, which you'll want to seek out anyways because they're the sole entertainment of the game.

The first scenario, a college setting, is significantly shorter and simpler with a strict string of actions to follow and the only choice being the order in which to do them in. However this scenario is also the most punishing, with many random actions leading to a game over without warning and sometimes without reason. Something as simple as taking a shower leads to a game over, but something that seems like an obvious trap like a girly prom dress is essential to continue the story. Quicksaving before doing anything is highly recommended.

The second, a medieval setting, is much more interesting but the story is aggresively linear. There's only one string of actions to follow and a strict order in which to do them in with no real agency on the player's part. There's a secret variation to the ending that relies entirely on having certain obscure and tricky to find items in your inventory rather than any choice on your part, so it's more an easter egg than a legitimate ending, specially since the regular ending gives no indication whatsoever that the alternative might even exist.

On the technical side of things, the game is finished but also quite unpolished. Some sequences can be repeated ad infinitum even though they clearly shouldn't, others will run unaltered even if you are the wrong gender, and some sequences are simply broken, most notably the one in the mansion, in which you can be attended by handmaidens that you haven't yet summoned, which confused me to no end the first time I played through the setpiece.

Finally, and this might be a weird criticism seeing the kind of site the game is posted in, the game is EXTREMELY mysonginist. Every time the main character becomes female he also becomes weak, submissive, pathetic and all around incompetent in anything other than getting fucked by burly men. The most egregious case is when fighting a vampire coven where, if male, you'll be a total badass, but if female you'll insta-fail because, and I quote, "the female body is more sensitive than the male, and thus more susceptible [to their lures]". Keep in mind that they're sexy FEMALE vampires ¬_¬

I know it's par for the course in porn games, but it really makes the antagonist's whole motivation fall flat on its face.

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