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Fairy Edition - Born Again v.2
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Version: Fairy Edition - Born Again v.2

Version: Fairy Edition - Born Again v1.2

Version: Fairy Edition - Born Again v1.1

The Fair

The game is a brothel simulation with a story in the background. The protagonist fools around too much and gets a makeover forcing the other part onto the protagonist. In the next 21 days the heroic protagonist can either win freedom, get as given or loose. 

Some new stuff added, some hinks worked out.

An alternative link for downloads has been added, thanks to OvdS (5.2.2015).

Everybody who likes the game: Have fun. Everybody    

There is a thread now because I was asked to open one: http://www.tfgamessite.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6099. 

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/sr3reagjpiauxa1/The_Fair_-_Born_Again_v2.html


You are an upstanding citizen who drinks whores and celebrates at the fair. 

Gross injustice is done to you, but you can yet prevail. 

And if you are too old, you can become younger: Good for buisiness. 


You. (The protagonist, NOT the player. Really, no one in real life is such a jerk). 

Lots of whores. 

Aisha. Another whore. The third whore. A reborn whore, 

The Old Woman. Another deus ex machina. 

Bogdan. Well, you may have met him. 

Your friend. You will get close with him. 

Those are the endings: 








The less damage you take while still doing what you have todo, the better your chances. 

It is possible, if difficult, to walk out unharmed by keeping a low profile and planning well. 

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by LufiaLunar

Version reviewed: Fairy Edition - Born Again v.2 on 02/06/2017

Good game, Its a really easy game if you calculate how much money and time goes into each action. There is a hidden path other then the bad end, where you get tossed into the street. I dont know how I got on to it, But you talk to the witch again. She gives you options, Like becoming younger and stuff, which promotes you and have an easier time, Then saggy tits,loose pussy, and old looking. It costs a pretty penny like 1000 dollars. Granted I played the game multiple times trying to get her again, I just dont know what im supposed to do. I have gotten so good that by the 21st day im coming out with 4000 Dollars. Not like it helps lol

Also slight Bug, Maybe? After your first Day, you can buy every expensive piece of gear/cosmetic even if you dont have the money. you will just go negative. Which is scary since its harder to make enough for that 150 quota. The thing is if you have all that expensive stuff, you can actually get the Johns faster, and easily make it all back and then some.

I played the game using all the condoms I have, And still get the tossed out pregnancy ending. since the security guys screw you regardless lol. Especially your "special friend"

I know the game says complete, But it could easily add some things to make it better.

Review by Lerianis

Version reviewed: Fairy Edition - Born Again v1.2 on 03/08/2015

Would be a good game if there was a way to 'win' at the game and turn the tables on the person who did this to you. Yes, the guy in the story is an ass but the person who did this to him is a ruddy bint with too much power who need that power removed.

Review by lakrids

Version reviewed: Fairy Edition - Born Again v1.2 on 02/10/2015

Great game idea. I think it's one of those game that you can't "win" in

Review by eric1978

Version reviewed: 1.0.1c on 12/14/2014

I don't ynderstand negative feedbacks. Especially from the people who did write any games. The game is great from my point of view. The only minus point I can say about the game, there can be more details.

Waiting for your new games.

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 1.0.1c on 12/12/2014

I'm surprised I hadn't noticed this game before but yay - as others have mentioned, I do like your games.  I like other styles too, but yours are quite straight-forward and to-the point.  And I like how raw the are in a lot of ways - choice of words, theme, no pink frills around what is happening to the characters.  This isn't everyone's cup of tea but that's fine

I still feel weird providing feedback in a review (doesn't seem like the place to leave suggestions) but there is no discussion thread linked sooo... Ok, minor inifnity-money bug in having your ass pinched - you can just click that link and the outcome till the dicks come home and it will keep making you cash.  This is a very minor issue since from what I can tell the money doesn't actually do anything?  Each day tends to just repeat, again and again, same scenes.  I think this game has a lot of potential (if you did more with it).  It would be interesting if between days you could do something with that money to improve or change your character - shave / wax, color hair, piercings, etc.  There was a Flash glory-hole game that this game made me think of, and that's kind of what you did to improve your clientelle / how much you made.

It might also be interesting if you had some choices involved in the actual scenes, of how you try to approach them?  Do you try to resist something, encourage something, etc

Anyway, keep it up, ignore haters not providing constructive suggestions, and hope the actual suggestions help to bring through even more awesomeness and less negativity

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