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Venture Seas
by Switch

Venture Seas is an adult adventure game with a player driven story, unique gameplay systems and plenty of erotic visual content.


More information about the game can be found via the patreon, as well as additional planning documentation:


There is a free public demo which can be accessed from here:


Edit: Apologies for listing this game as $5 to play :S The current builds have always been open to everyone to play and will be that way until a refined demo is created and released to the public.

Additionally, the tags I have selected for content within the game, are not yet contained within the game but rather planned as content to be produced. Sorry again if you played the game based on the tags and didn't find what you were expecting at this time :(


Edit 2: Now that the refined public demo is released, future content builds are now only accessable by $5 monthly Patrons.

Adventure! Business! Pleasure!

Venture Seas is an erotic adventure game with a player driven story, unique gameplay systems and plenty of adult content. 

The story will be largely driven by player decisions, with each story and conversation scene presented as a dynamic Visual Novel.

Manage your Business, Brothel and Crew!

You are the captain of a trade ship that you must manage prudently to keep afloat. 

As the player, you must hire adventurers to loot dungeons for wares to sell, perform quests/jobs for private clients and even manage your on-board prostitution racket.

Explore a Lore-Rich Fantasy World!

Cross the ocean channels between the scattered islands of Miloria and meet many interesting characters across diverse climates, managing your ship morale and resources on every journey. 

Although the game has erotic elements, this is not the core experience. A great effort is spent making entertaining gameplay systems, and an interesting story-driven experience.

Animated Sex System & Artwork Stills!

Upon romancing characters (or meeting up for a quickie in a shady back-alley), you'll gain access to dynamic animated sex scenes.

The game uses 'Spine' mesh animation (as opposed to the usual Adobe Flash animation) which allows for smoother and more optimized animations.

Rewarding Dating System!

Relationships can be formed between the player and many characters during your adventure, as your decisions can lead to attracting lovers or enemies among your ranks. 

The game will feature straight and gay content, as well as a variety of fetishes. However, the player will have clear opportunities to avoid sexual content that they’d rather not experience. 

There will be many types of characters to romance, such as demonic succubi, feminine-boys, and even 'monster people' races. 


Dynamic Dungeon System!

Delve into dungeons, presenting your party with randomized scenes of traps, battles and puzzles.

Conquer tile based dungeon maps to earn various treasures to benefit your heroes or sell for coin.

The success of these challenges will depend upon the equipment and stats of your party, as well as smart player choices! 

Powerful Character / NPC Generator

Create your player character, and transform their appearance and traits throughout the game. More visual parts are added as development continues, to allow for near infinite combinations.

This system is also utilized to generate minor story characters, as well as randomized courtesans to recruit for your brothel. 

Card and Crew Based Combat!

Experience battles which are reminiscent of 'CCG' games (like hearthstone, Gwent or Magic the Gathering). 

The player can build a deck of ‘Runes’ for combat, each of which has a unique effect to the enemy or your own crew. New runes can be unlocked throughout the game.


Custom Engine, with Mod Support
Venture Seas is created using Java libgdx framework.

The game is built with modding in mind, to allow for community content (custom quests, scenes and artwork, characters, dungeons). 

This will allow for the creation and implementation of content and fetishes that are not included in the base game. A forum is already set up to allow mod sharing (but modding tools not yet released) 


Venture Seas is currently a solo development, with occasional commissions and workers to ease the workload. 

VentureSwitch is the creator and lead developer. I code, write scenes, artwork, animation and audio. 

Commissioned Writers - DarkMaster (Previously worked on Corruption of Champions). 
Commissioned Artists - Such as ModeSevenColo and Drak.

Full credits can be viewed in-game.



All Characters and plot are still to be fully determined.

Game tips can be found on the public discord! (Accessable by everyone via the official VirtuousDevelopment blog page)

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Review by ngedh

Version reviewed: Updated Monthly on 07/06/2018

There is, actually, some TF content in the demo, but it's easy to miss.  The obvious thing to do is try to complete the first dungeon (Novehk Forest), sailing to the nearby port (Nyaura) as necessary.  But once you've completed the dungeon the demo ends.  There's not much incentive to sail to the other port on your map (Kharish), but it's there that you can buy potions that can transform the player's character or the whores in the ship's brothel. In addition to hair dyes in various colours, there's a face-feminizer potion, a breast growth potion, and a potion which sets one random attribute to a random value.  Playing around with this last one (by using it and then reloading) demonstrates that the number of possible transformations is quite extensive.  It can change a character's sex, genitals, breast size, build, ear shape, eye type, horns, &c.  The lower body can even be replaced by a snake or spider type.

There's also, in the demo, a side quest where you can buy out the contract of a herm sex-slave, whose backstory is all about being kidnapped & forcibly transformed.  You can find this by looking around in Kharish.

I believe there are TF events in later dungeons in the full, patron-only version.

Review by 4is111

Version reviewed: Updated Monthly on 03/04/2018

I played through the demo and there didn't seem to be any TF content.  Is this miscategorized?

Review by sychotech

Version reviewed: Updated Monthly on 01/05/2018

Why dose this remind me of some Vaporware game that was being developed a few years ago.

Review by elizaclaire

Version reviewed: Updated Monthly on 12/29/2017

This is an interesting little game.  I'm not seeing a lot of changes at present but I am enjoying the game mechanics.  Simple and engaging. 

Review by Switch

Version reviewed: 0.0.0 on 01/12/2016

Switch here (The Developer)

Understanding to renonymous's concerns, I did not mean to give the impression of a pay wall to play the game ($5 was listed here, but I'm not sure why, I must have made a mistake in creating this listing)

game builds have been public since the start until a refined version of the game is released. You can play the builds here for free if you are interested:


I realise Patreon is a risky method of supporting developers, but so is any other form of crowdfunding. This game (and many other indie adult games) would have no chance of succeeding without your help, monetary and otherwise (opinions, ideas, critism etc).

Euphorian Tide was a spontanious, unplanned project that made little money as it was. Venture Seas exists in the same story universe and was intended to 'succeed' EuTi, doing everything better, as opposed to EuTi being a failure. I learned many things developing EuTi that could have only happened through the help of such a kind and supportive community :)



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