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Version: rev D

Version: rev C

Version: rev B

Version: 1.0.0

Witch's Tower

Witch's Dongeon is a strategy game.  You are a witch, and must use your womb to build your forces to defend yourself from marauding men and monsters.  


Currently, basic content exsists. 

Rv B fxed some game breakers

Rv C fixed more game breakers, reduced rogue assaut chance to 0 from 100% chance, bandaided some rogue fight issues, fixed rogue rape him about to blow no continue link problem (probably)

Added a demo of upcoming fight system.

Rev D

new fight system implemented to minion vs rogues

New fight system implemented for magic fight vs rogues

Fights have a problem with double printing the output, this is a bug, but should bot break the game.

A few fights still give options that should have disappeared. Most of them are now harmless, but be wary.

Multiple birth works! So get out there, spread those legs, and start testing for me.


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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: rev D on 05/10/2021

Rev D:

Interesting game engine here but not much else in this beta game. The core of the game seems ready to go with good interactivity so far, but not much to explore and the same options every time for you to sim run through. Writing for the game is okay it this release, but I would like more depth in the game and things to explore.

Likely abandoned since it hasn't been updated for a very long time.

Still worth a look.

Review by Alonira

Version reviewed: rev C on 03/23/2015

An interesting concept featuring a personal favorite theme of mine (pregnancy). Lots of potential for interesting gameplay here in the form of more monsters, potions, and of course enemies to stave off with your ever-growing brood. Definitely looking forward to watching this one develop!

(Thanks for replacing the .twi, by the way. =D )

Review by yaryaryar

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/22/2015

Pretty fun!

I was a bit confused about the goal of the minigame (though probably just because I didn't read).

For assisted mana generation, you want your goblin to be as low as possible, as you get to 100. You want to ride him every other turn, otherwise both you and the goblin will lose arousal.

For gestation, I believe you want both to reach orgasm at the same time. This is really difficult >.<

A bug: Getting knocked up by a rogue seems to keep you pregnant without any way to give birth. I've been at full term for about 10 weeks now.

Another bug: deciding to fight a rogue always uses up all of your current mana. Even if you kill all of them, they still come up to rape you.

Bug 3: the breasts variable apparently hasn't been created yet, noticeable in the rogue rape scene.

Review by Dracilla

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/22/2015

Love the idea, and the minigame though very simple is cute enough, should be interesting down the road especially if more interesting things crop up to breed.



*WTB army of driders <.<*

Review by joeberan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/21/2015

Good start so far. Has some errors and things which don't work though. Looking forward to progress!

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