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Version: 0.372 Revised

The Ooze Wizard Apprentice



You are a young man looking to apply for the Svernhoff Magical Academy in your attempt to become a Wizard. Things, however, do not always turn out as planned, and you find yourself apprenticed to an Ooze Wizard, and begin to learn the ways of her magic. If you're lucky, you might even be able to do some good...

Original Concept by Lily. Original Story by Kitsune Dragoon. Artwork by KET and Radsquid.

Updates in Changelog...

You are Raphael, a young hopeful applying to Svernhoff Academy, one of the most prestigious Magical Institutions on the continent. You hope to begin training as a Wizard's Apprentice, but there are other forces at work, and while fate has given you the chance to become an Apprentice, it's not exactly the position you were hoping for.

Raphael - The sturdy young man with aspirations to become a Wizard. His reasons are his own.

Temperance - An Ooze Wizard looking to apprentice Raphael to her craft. A very disciplined (and sexy) mage.

Odette - A Merchant who supplies Temperance with merchandise so that she can continue her work.

Cassan - A shy Scholar in the employ of the local University. Very introverted and more concerned about his studies than people... or at least he thinks so.

Nebiros/Catha - A strange being who helps Temperance/Silica with some of the tests she will put Raphael through.

Amira - A barmaid with a love of life and trouble. Has a large number of stories about Attis memorized.

Silica - An "Orthydox" Ooze Wizard who has a penchant for sexiness. She offers Raphael another path to take for Ooze Wizardry.

Elizabeth - A spirited Lamia Warrior who has a very hot and cold personality. Very childish.





Relationship Paths


Garrick - Complete "Wanted: Thief" Quest (Capture the Thief)

Malik - Complete "Wanted: Thief" Quest (Let the Thief Go)

Amira - None

Odette - Have a Mind Stat of 30, and keep playing Chess with her in the Evening. May require asking about employment beforehand.

Cassan - Have a Charm Stat of 30 and NOT be in Primordial Form.

Nebiros/Catha - Have a Body Stat of 30.

Silica - Not Available

Temperance - Not Available


Update 0.372 Revised

- Bug Fixes Made To Revised Version

- Silica Lessons Updated

- Pregnant Phaera Image Added

Update 0.371 Revised

Oh, what wonderful webs we weave...

- Uptown Locations added.

- Business Locations added.

- Lowtown Locations added.

- Residential Locations added.

- Central Locations added.

- East Locations added.

- Entertainment Locations added.

- Political Locations added.

- Industrial Locations added.

- Outskirt Locations added.

- Altinam Locations added.

- Chapter 1 Quests (4/4)

- Chapter 2 Quests (2/4)

- Silica Path (2/10)

- Temperance Path (1/10)

- Odette Path (1/10)

- Amira Path (2/10)

- Elizabeth Path (2/10)

- Cassan Path (1/10)

- Garrick Path (1/10)

- Malik Path (1/10)

- Nebiros/Catha Path (2/10)

- Bimbo System added.

- Satiety System added.

- Home Room reworked.

- Pregnant Summoning added.

- Circle Summoning added.

- Scent Alteration added.

- Tutorials added.

- Battle System revised.

- And more...

Update 0.371

- Bug Fixes for various parts of the game.

- Body Modification for Sex Drive altered to be less punishing for players.

Update 0.37

- New Quest Available! Brave the Haunted Mansion in a race against Time before as you contend with a constantly rising Lust!

- New Content for Nebiros/Catha Path

- New Content for Silica Path

- New Content for Amira Path

- New Content for Elizabeth Path

- New Content for Succubutts (4 Private Dances added)

- New Dresses Available

- New Battle System Implemented

- New Images Added

- Lust Mechanic Updated for those locked into Primordial Form, improving quality of life.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Merkoid

Version reviewed: 0.371 Revised on 11/22/2018

I'm having trouble with getting to the succubus, some help please.

Also, there should be a hunger bar added in for people who wish to control their character's lust.

Review by Chaotic_Fun

Version reviewed: 0.371 on 01/21/2018

i really liked this game and i hope it is updated/completed soon. like all games, it has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses.

on the positive side:

 - it is beautifully written

 - the fighting mechanics work better than many other games i have played

 - it helps make the player think and try new things

 - the lore and in-game mythos are interesting and full the game universe/history


on the negative side:

 - there are limits on the choices available to the player (which ultimately decide whether you are A. another slut stereotype, or B. someone who is a slave to their libido)

 - there are no real benefits to choosing a class type in the beginning of the game (if you come from a long family of bards or blacksmiths it would make sense to know the basic skills of being a rogue or blacksmith. so you can make money doing those kinds of jobs.)

 - the longer you play the game, the harder and harder it becomes to satisfy your new body's lust.


again, i really like this game. it's one of the reasons i found this site. i can't wait for the next update and i hope some of these problems can be solved.

Review by blazedummy

Version reviewed: 0.371 on 01/19/2018

The erotic writing in this game is excellent. Consistently much better than the recent long-winded writing that plagues games like Corruption of Champions and Trials in Tainted Space.

The world has deep lore that is legitimately interesting to read about. The concept, history, and ultimate realization of Ooze Wizards is refreshingly novel and well done.

The character of Silica is impressively unrepentant in her sexually liberated outlook. She's so zealous in her belief that Ooze Wizards should be uninhibited that she sets up the protagonist to be raped by a zombie. This misguided attempt at forcing the protagonist to accept their new role in life caused me to stop playing the game for a while out of a sense of violation and severe lack of agency. Although this segment of the game was unsatisfying in its options for progression (your only options are to follow your mentor's wishes and be raped, or to beg for her to slay the zombie and be ridiculed for your patheticness), it does set the stage for the protagonist to be exasperated by Silica's strong-arming, which leads to them being offered an alternate path through the character of Temperance.

An irritation I have with the narrative is that the protagonist's dilemma is largely broken down into the binary of whether they wish to be a male with agency or a female who is a slave to her lust. I personally had no issue with the protagonist becoming female. My issue was the implication, at least on the protagonist's part, that being female meant that they have no control over their life and are slave to their libido. I want to struggle with slave to libido part, not the female part. Silica also reasserting that I take issue with being female is also annoying.

All this said, I greatly enjoyed this game overall and I look forward to exploring this vibrant world once more content is released.

Review by vpcs

Version reviewed: 0.371 on 01/01/2018

Sincerely , im amazed , not only is the game incredibly sexy its also very well writen , feels even liberating to read the liberty that permeates Silica's speech...

Please do continue improving the game/making others , you're definetly skilled at it.From my point of view your storytelling and literary skills are very well developed!

Review by Kartomic

Version reviewed: 0.371 on 12/07/2017

Ooze Wizard Apprentice is one of my favorite games on this site, and it's regular updates are always a joy to try out. Totally worth playing! <3

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