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Version: Alpha 1.00.12

The Remaker of Solinera

Try to rebuild a destroyed town, acquire companions, grow your skills, right wrongs, change the fates of the people of Solinera, and strive to find a way home as you traverse Solinera . While you journey you will encounter beasts, monsters, demons, and many races of humanoids. When confronted you and your allies will crush your enemies by sword or magic.

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Review by ArcDragon

Version reviewed: Alpha 1.00.12 on 06/20/2020

Utterly linear, and the story is not very engaging. Eventually I got bored of reading the constant stream of random stuff happening, and started just clicking all the fake choices that might as well all have been "next" instead of whatever they said I was going to do. After a while of this I evantually found a page with TWO links! A choice! yay!

And then clicked one, and was immediately told that i died, and was sent to the back other choice instead.

Then more linear boring story for a while, leading up to the "choice" of either rest, of fight some bandit. So I rested and fought the bandit. The fight conisted of scrolling the mouse wheel down past a bunch of empty screen to get to the fight button, clicking it...and then doing that over and over a bunch of times until i lost and got sent back to rest or fight. Apparently the author's idea of "gamplay" is just spam clicking fight until the RNG gives you a win.

Gave up at that point. There doesn't seem to be any actual game here. It's just clicking next or fake choices.

Might have been worth continuing if the stiory was at least interestimg, but I found it not engaging at all. 



 * No actual game. Just fake choices as far as I could go until I got bored.

 * Boring story.



 * The grammar and spelling look pretty good, so it has that going for it.



Review by Merkoid

Version reviewed: Alpha 1.00.12 on 07/10/2018

I got to a part where I'm killing off the bandits and I click on the 'sneak over to the next building' option and it shows a black screen, please include the ablility to go to the previous page.

Review by lula

Version reviewed: Alpha 1.00.12 on 02/06/2016

It's an interesting game, definitely worth a try. But I'd like to make a few comments which I hope the author will find useful.


First of all, the transformations seem largley cosmetic and volontary. They don't impact the gameplay or story at all. Second, losing in battle has virtually no negative effect either, you just go back to home and lose 10 golds or something. The bandits camps doesn't even refill in between. Finaly, I'm not sure you have choices of actions anywhere. You only level up and follows the story.


In any case, I'm looking forward for the updates.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: Alpha 1.00.12 on 10/05/2015

The begining of the game starts a bit slow, but is easy enough, and progress further with a few interesting 'moments' and discoveries.


There's a good deal of details and ''extras'' that I found interesting, like the personal transformations from the 'demon crystals' (which I figure as pretty level ups, since they had stats too). I do agree that these transformation might be a bit small, for the amount of ''busy work''/feeding the slime required to get 1 crystal.


Since the crystals are pretty much this game version of level ups; I'm guessing that, to not unbalance the stats growth, maybe the player could get more than 1 transformation per crystal... or keep it at 1, but offer some uncommon/rare old demon crystals that have ''some remaining power'' left in them (enough for 1 extra transformation, no stats gain), which could be found in events.

Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: Alpha 1.00.12 on 09/28/2015

Not a bad game.  The combat is okay and the TF options are interesting.  I do wish you could transform yourself a little faster, though- there are a lot of variables and you accumulate TFs via experience, which does take a little while.

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