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Version: 0.95

The Mansion of Lust
by Alectra

The Mansion of Lust is my first TWINE project and also first attempt to consolidate my TF/TG writings into a game. There is new content but there will be also revisited content from some old captions that I made in the past.


English is not my first language so bear it with me if you find typos, syntax errors or whatever I'll by happy to fix them. Suggestions are advised and encourages, but don't expect them so soon at the current version of the project. 

This is a game written in the second person, so you are the protagonist. Lucky you. Follow your own adventures into happy submission and...




This game is an interactive story where you can sort of choose your own path with lots of band ends - already planned - and with true endings - also planned - highly detailed and with slow transformations. Its some sort of a sandbox for the adventurers but also there is a plot, that you will unravel as you continue to play the game. The approach of the game is with lots of humor and with sexy results. Lots of sexy results. I encourage you to pursue them. The good news is that a supposed dead end will have branches, so you will have the opportunity to let yourself be captured. With you guessed it right! Sexy results.

If you believe things are disjointed, wait for the next part of the game when you start to explore the Mansion. The first part of the game is to set the player - you - in a world which cannot control. You may think you have control over events, yet you do not, until you reach the Mansion. Of all that happens around you until then is product of your crazy mind, and the things that are affecting you for living in your apartment. Let's say that you are unfortunate person at the very beginning of the game. As Intended. I want the player to be left with a stick in the desert and figure it out later on with the right information, not sooner, nor first, later.

Any path that makes you not follow the storyline of going to the Mansion is just you falling for a trap. So don't fall for them, unless you want too!



Some parts of the game at the very beginning do lack attention and explanation, and they will be added as soon as I can (eg looking at the window. There is a mechanic I'm working on, that is not triggering well, so the text there is a "to be done"). I'm not terrible bothered with them, because they are just fluff. The important stuff begins after you start to see strange things around you.

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Review by Shoggoth on the Roof

Version reviewed: 0.92 on 07/25/2015

The scenes just bounce around randomly with no explanation for why anything happens.  There really doesn't seem to be anything tying the events together, especially the things your character does at the beginning (there's a blizzard, then something about aliens, then your character just decides to go to the store late at night).

Review by Zer0zero

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 07/23/2015

My god the writing is all over the place.  Incomplete sentences and incomplete thoughts.  Don't get me wrong.  It has potential, but it needs lots of polishing.  The channel change thing is random.  The story is linear to the extreme, but hey - its free and its a game and someone put their time into it so I appreciate that.

Review by JohnCloud

Version reviewed: 0.89 on 07/23/2015

I loved this game. It's still short, but the pics are great and the concept is quite nice. English is understandable and easily readable (though there are some not-so-important errors. But hey, English is not my mother tongue too, and I could have done only slightly better).

Definitely looking out for more.
Keep up with the great job, and thanks!

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