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Potion Lab

This is my first game, based on the board game Mastermind where you make combinations of pegs to find one particular combination. As of version 1.3.1, the game is complete.


This is what's included in the current version:

  • Over 20 different kinds of transformations, many of which are stackable.
  • Gameplay features a potion brewing system as well as locations where you can interact with your new changes.
  • Randomization so each game is different and some are easier or harder than others.
  • Some control and tracking of the player changes to better steer towards preferred transformations.
  • A time, stress, and willpower system that change based on your choices and lead to different actions.

You are an apprentice working for a wizard named Merlin. When a potion mishap changes you into a girl, you have to create the antidote under a time limit. You will have to combine different potions, undergoing their various transformative effects, to find the right ingredients to make the antidote. Otherwise, you'll spend the rest of your life with these changes.

You - An apprentice wizard who just wants to prove his ability to make potions.

Merlin - Your mentor who never lets you practice with potions or magic. He's out for the weekend.

  • The correct recipe requires the right ingredients in the right order.
  • There's only one correct combination for the antidote per game.
  • The antidote can use multiple of the same ingredient.
  • In your Potion History, the "Correct" column tells you how many of the ingredients were both correct and in the right place.
  • Take notes and check your history often. Find out which potions can or can't be in certain ingredient slots.
  • Balance your stress, willpower, libido, gold, and time.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 1.3.2 on 06/01/2021

Fun game. It's basically the mastermind boardgame with transformations (some of which make it harder for you to continue) and some inventory management (which was unexpectedly a really interesting strategic addition to the game!)

Personally, I never like it when winning the game means undoing transformations, but maybe that's just me? (We're all playing for the transformations, right? Right??)

Review by spottyphin

Version reviewed: 1.3.2 on 07/31/2020

Awesome little game, ended up as a six-foot-tall lamia girl named Jenny with pink hair four arms and four breasts who remembered their past, but had accepted their new form. Unfortunately, no matter what I did, I only ever got the "maid" ending, which I didn't care for.

The game format is great, the stress/will/libido meters are a bit vague, but they work well enough, and there is a good amount of NPC interactions for the length of the game (though it would've been fun to see reactions to your changes).


All in all, there are only a couple things I would have liked to have seen:

-A "romantic" ending, where you can choose to abandon Merlin's tower and go off with an NPC lover. (Like I said, I could only get the maid ending, so don't know if this is already in there somewhere.)

-A "finalizer" potion that lets you decide to remain in your current form permanently, possibly altering the memories of everyone (including Merlin himself) to think you've always been that way.


Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 1.3.2 on 04/28/2019

Perfectly good quick TG fun. Nothing serious.

Review by Phenoca

Version reviewed: 1.3.2 on 10/23/2017

Great game. Very rewarding.

Great replayability! Beat it twice in a row on hard mode ^.^

@Author: This line shouldn't be possible with snake tail: "You're on your knees, facing your reflection in the mirror."

Review by Soulfeaster

Version reviewed: 1.3.1 on 06/20/2016

This honestly has to be one of my favorite games currently, it is really well written, requires a lot of thought, and is altogether a great game! I would easily give this a 5/5 and reccomend playing it as it has insane replayability.

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