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Version: 1.3


You cheat on your wife one night. But unknown to you she was a witch, and wants revenge. She lets you decide how that revenge is handled.


Please note that this game will feature a full town and over 20 transformations. But for now there's only a few transformations and the game ends right after those sequences and as such some of the tags may not coincide with the current version. 


(Version 1.11: removed some of the cringy transformations till I can make them better. But mostly background stuff in this update.

Version 1.2 Did alot of bacground junk. Added a bunch of variables. Added new sidemenu so you can track your stats. Changed some variables to actual names (for instance instead of hair color being 1 it is  now brown.) Updated the games format. Opened the clinic area for Bimbo and Cow tf's. 

1.3 Added new areas (Clinic and salon mainly.) Added dev stats to normal stats for those interested.Added new stats (attractiveness) Opened salon for basic stuff. Added more descrptions to some transformations. Fixed a few errors (before release this time!!!)(sorry its not alot of stuff for such a long dev cycle but It'll get better I promise.))

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Review by Kblaze541

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 07/09/2018

I like the premise it reminds me of bimbo house, but with a M2F spin. I look forward to seeing it redone in english if you ever choose to. I applaud the work. 


FYI: It is playable with google translate, but you occasionally have to revert to french to get the links to work.  

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 07/08/2018

The file is no longer on MEGA, but the other link works.  It's not worth the download, though.  It's pretty much a one click to bad end "game".

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 1.11 on 07/13/2016

still early on.  i got several macro errors with this version.  need to do a little play testing and correct those.

Review by perro the traveler

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 06/17/2016

About as good as one can be at this early stage but any chance of a pet stud ending or more?

Review by dumpstat69

Version reviewed: 1.1 on 06/17/2016

Pretty solid start! I can see were it is going and some of the transformations are very interesting. 

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