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2020 v0.3
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Version: 2020 v0.3

Family Infestation

Family Infestation is an interactive novel all about parasites, mind control and transformation.


WARNING: Main themes will include incest and bestiality.

You play from the perspective of Zoe, an 18 year old college student who becomes gradually infested by extraterrestrial parasites that force her to do their bidding, namely the infestation of her immediate family, neighbours and pets. Throughout the course of the novel, the player gets to make a number of choices which dramatically affect the progression of novel.

This project lay dormant for a very long time, but I've returned to it recently abd hope to create for you the game I'd always hoped to.

Developed game will include: BE, Grow, Preg & SheM.

V0.3 Out now!

Forum thread: https://tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8147

Discord: https://discord.gg/7Jsg8NDesG

Zoe - The MC, an eighteen-year-old virgin with nothing to do over summer.

Helen - Zoe's mother, stay-at-home wife with a drink problem.

Terry - Zoe's father. Jolly, but with a slight pornography addiction

Molly - Zoe's older sister, a woman with lots of secrets.

Ben - Zoe's nerdy younger brother.

Joan - Zoe's grandmother and Terry's mother, a sophisticated old woman

Rocket - The faithful family hound.

More to come...

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Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 10/04/2020

Awesome game! Others have already said the things I'd have said below, but I just wanted to add my voice to let people and the author know Family Infestation is great and I've really enjoyed it so far.

Thanks for all the effort and sharing!

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 10/03/2020

I think this is the best written game I've played on this site. I'm not even disappointed that it has no pictures (well, maybe a little disappointed, but it manages to pull it off). Pushes all the right buttons for me - establishes real relationships that you care about, and then corrupts the hell out of them!

Review by ICantSing1337

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 08/13/2020

What a fantastic game! God I hope it won't be abandoned and forgotten. I really enjoy the transformation of the whole body and hope to see even more! 

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 08/02/2020

Fantastic!  Well done - especially for just a Prologue.  Always live rique and taboo, and you handle it well - and love that even across just a few interactions the characters already feel unique, full, rounded - can't wait to read more!

[updated to v0.3] And it just got even more awesome and full!!!  It was so exciting seeing the evolution of the characters - and it was really feeling like I was setting up a nest by the end of it. Or maybe the end? So that's the only suggestion I'd make - just make it clear when you reach the end of content for a version. It is really hard to tell in these styles of games where you're waiting for an automatic gate event to occur and where you're just spinning. 

Review by TotallySane

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 07/21/2020

I didn't have very high expectations when I downloaded this game, but I was blown away.
This is a masterpiece. Incredibly well written. Not finished, but there is still a substantial amount to experience
and compared to similar games it feels very polished and not at all grindy.

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