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2020 v0.3.4
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Version: 2020 v0.3.4

Family Infestation

Welcome, perverts, to Family Infestation! Throughout the course of this merry tale, you'll be exposed to such delights as alien parasites, impregnation and breeding, bodily transformation and corruption, not to mention unhealthy quantities of bestiality and incestual lust. While the bestiality can be partially avoided (for shame!), the incest cannot.

 You play from the perspective of Zoe, an 18 year old university student at home for the summer. Under the influence of a friendly if not rather pushy alien parasite, she embarks on a lust-filled quest to corrupt and infest the members of her immediate family. As the player, you will get to steer Zoe through her quest, helping her find ways to seduce those close to her, set up a harmonious and efficient breeding machine, and dominate the home, the street, the city and then, who knows … maybe the world?

Forum thread: https://tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8147

Discord: https://discord.gg/7Jsg8NDesG

Main Characters - The Morgans

Zoe Morgan - The MC, an eighteen-year-old virgin with nothing to do over summer.

Helen Morgan - Zoe's mother, stay-at-home wife with a drink problem.

Terry Morgan - Zoe's father. Jolly, but with a slight pornography addiction

Molly Morgan - Zoe's older sister, a woman with lots of secrets.

Ben Morgan - Zoe's nerdy younger brother.

Joan Morgan - Zoe's grandmother and Terry's mother, a sophisticated old woman

Rocket - The faithful family hound.

Side Characters - People outside the Family

The Reynolds - The Morgan's next door neighbours.

Deano - A bouncer at a club

Kate Spalding - The concierge at the Holiday Inn


Improvements to previous release:

- As usual there have been numerous spelling and grammar corrections, as well as some slight tweaks to the prose itself.
- Significant overhaul to biomass acquisition process. Broodlings now generate biomass, rather than equate to biomass. Relevant passages modified.
- Hint system and objective display merged to create Zoe's Journal (Helen's V0.3.2 content not quiet integrated).

New Content

This release focuses on Terry Morgan (A route - 'Paying For It').

- Somewhere within the region of 50,000 extra words worth of smut.
- The continuation of Terry's corruption route.
- A whole bunch of repeatable lewds.
- 5 new surveillance scenes.
- A new parasite form to discover and exploit.
- 2 new mutations to help with biomass production - keeping blowing and tossing off the men Zoe meets to discover these new tricks.
- Learn more about the family in conversations around the house.
- A tasty new Rocket scene to sate the desires of those so inclined.
- A new C4C client.

Review by sigvin

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3.4 on 03/10/2021

I really appreciate when devs pay attention to communicating useful information to the player. Even Triple AAA studios are *really fucking bad at it*, largely because they're *trying* to monopolize the players' time and energy. Thanks for respecting your audience by providing the timetable.

Review by Anintimatesecret

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3.2 on 12/17/2020

I really enjoyed this game. Elegant and simple, a nice example of what one can do with a clean and straightforward sandbox and some nice writing.

There was a fairly serious bug that needed an edit to the file to fix, but that's to be expected at this stage.

I greatly look forward to it being fleshed out and expanded upon.

Review by AoS

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 10/04/2020

Awesome game! Others have already said the things I'd have said below, but I just wanted to add my voice to let people and the author know Family Infestation is great and I've really enjoyed it so far.

Thanks for all the effort and sharing!

Review by anaisnon

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 10/03/2020

I think this is the best written game I've played on this site. I'm not even disappointed that it has no pictures (well, maybe a little disappointed, but it manages to pull it off). Pushes all the right buttons for me - establishes real relationships that you care about, and then corrupts the hell out of them!

Review by ICantSing1337

Version reviewed: 2020 v0.3 on 08/13/2020

What a fantastic game! God I hope it won't be abandoned and forgotten. I really enjoy the transformation of the whole body and hope to see even more! 

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