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Version: 1.0

Tina's Betrayal

Tina's Betrayal is a transformation text adventure written in the ADRIFT engine by Tina B.

You have been seeing your girlfriend Tina for several months now. Her time at the R&D department of a top secret private research company keeps her very busy, and you'd love to see more of her. You used to see a lot more of her, but lately she seems to have been a bit more distant. You think that you haven't been pleasing her much lately, and really want to keep in her good graces!

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Review by zeid1980

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 05/26/2016

Hello,this is a hot game ,the only thing that it needs more pctures plus the end when you only find a note is a bit lame anyway i enjoyed playing so thank you.

Review by kaishi10

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 01/28/2015

@Kate - Had the same issue when using the latest RAGS version, which is supposedly a Beta and not a Stable version. (3.0.59)

Went back to using last Stable version, 2.4.00, but that one has a memory issue that tends to crash the engine after a bit.

2.4.16 fixes that issue... it's only supposedly a Beta, but at this time seems to be the most stable version of RAGS to use.

Review by Kate Southerland

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 11/01/2014

For some reason, I can't play a LOT of Rags games...about 30 to 40 percent won't open.  I get an error message.  I only have the most recent installment of RAGS, so maybe a prior version is necessary.

This is one of those games.

I can't play it in silverlight either.  Every time I try I get a new browser window that tells me I must install Silverlight to play it.  I've downloaded and installed Silverlight three or four times, and STILL get the message.


Review by CleoKraft

Version reviewed: 0.41 on 11/21/2013

Edited/updated (I did not notice the "reviewer rating" pulldown menu, sorry. It put it at 1 star but I'm giving it 4 of 5 due to "guess the verb" otherwise it would be a 5 for sure).

A few spoilers here....

Really fun game aside from a few "guess the verb" portions where I got stuck for awhile. Found a bug where you can come back after doing stuff in town and re-clean the house. This re-triggers Tina's resetting the machine after she's supposed to be gone. Then you can re-repair the machine again. I got stuck after the scene with Tuly in her office and don't know what else to do in the game. Maybe it's a guess the verb thing or maybe I did things in the wrong order and got the game in a bad game state. Did pretty much everything in town that was obvious (contest, lessons, perfume, etc.) but wound up stuck after Tuly's scene. Anhow, pretty cool game. Wonder what the paper/plans are for though and odd that after your transformation, lessons, etc. that the guys who came for Tina don't also come for you. 

Another tiny bug is I think the goo/stuff from the refrigerator vanish if you take it too soon (probably in the auto-closet routine), which prevents you from using it later. So I had to restart the game after that to avoid taking the goo/stuff until the proper time.

All in all a really fun game, even if Adrift does have it's limits compared to other text parsers. Still definately worth playing.

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