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Version: v.2

My master, the Parasite
by devious dingbat

This game is dead, the download link no longer works.

It's the middle of the night. You're sat at your desk starting out of your window idly when you see a streak of light in the sky, heading straight into the forest that lies next to your house. Deciding to check it out, you grab your bag and camera, then climb out of your window. What happens next is up to you. Will you become a submissive slave, dominant overlord or the leader of a revolution against an alien species? All of that is up to you, good luck.

Rebecca: The main character. You venture out into the woods at night to find a fallen meteor. What happens next is up to you as the player.

Abbie: Rebbeca's cousin. An innocent 18 year old, who was shielded from the horrors of the world since birth, until her parents got a divorce. Cute and innocent.

Alex: Rebbeca's 20 year old adopted sister. She's bitchy, whiney and needy. Rebbeca hates her, and she hates Rebecca.

Olivia: Rebecca's girlfriend. Sweet, funny and very VERY attractive.

Lewis: Rebecca's 20 year old brother. Shy and nerdy.

Alice: The local vet. Smart and dominant.

More characters being added soon!

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Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: v.2 on 05/01/2018

I don't know who wrote that the link is dead in the Synopsis, but it isn't true. The MEGA.NZ link, at the very least, works perfectly.

Haven't had a chance to play the game yet, but I wanted to let people know at least that much. 

Review by calleman20

Version reviewed: v.2 on 08/04/2017

the link is dead.

Review by LordXorph

Version reviewed: v.2 on 11/03/2016

This game is imaginative and well written. It's well worth a look.


I especially like that the incomplete endings usually let you go back and pick a fully written route.

Review by wiike

Version reviewed: v.2 on 08/24/2016

The game warns you before you even start, plus you can void the option that leads into underage stuff--if you dont like it just dont choose that path. Great game btw, love to see more futanari content.

Review by darth123

Version reviewed: v.1.2 on 08/14/2016

It is a pretty good game minus the loli thing.

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