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Hi all, this is my first entry to this database with my concept, "Indebted".


Can you navigate the magical mansion and please it's multiple inhabitants with your service to them without losing yourself in the process?

The player is tasked with navigating multiple dungeons around the mansion they have been placed in, while undergoing various voluntary and involuntary transformations to keep themselves from being discovered by the residents of the house, and maybe some more manevolent beings close to home.


Please leave any and all criticism/support of the ideas or themes in the dicussion thread linked to this entry.

Arriving by airship in the city of Astran, the player is quickly thrust into trouble with the local troublemakers and is forced to rely on the help of a mysterious housekeeper. She claims to be able to hide the player from sight by putting them to work in the mansion, but she realises her mistake quickly in choosing a male candidate for a specifically female only position in the house.

John (Default name) - A young man moving to a new country in order to gain his fortune and start a new life.

Julia - The head of a household who requires help obtaining staff due to accidents in the workplace at home.

Tobias - Head guard of the estate, and resident dashing hero.

Heidi - A mysterious alchemist who runs a shop on the estate grounds, known for messing with strange and volatile substances.

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Review by MilitaryAaa

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/05/2018

For the short amount of content there, I found it enjoyable to play through. There really wasn't time to get used to the characters beyond surface level interactions but they seemed nice Hilidi? was interesting though.


The tf's were quick but nice, I wish I could've seen them in other scenarios to really enjoy that mental compulsion. This is pretty promising even if it won't be finished. :(

Review by hartmannsyoukai

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 09/18/2017

Good concept, but barely any actual content yet and it seems like it has been abandoned now. Kind of a bummer.

Review by TG_Slave

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/28/2016

This has absolutely amazing potential. the slow transformation process has seriously whetted my appetite for more. The pathing is solid so far, the MC is relatable and genuine, and the puzzles are just good enough to make you feel a bit accomplished for figuring them out the first time, without making me want to slam my head against a wall...  Currently an 8/10, PLEASE BRING ME MORE CONTENT.

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/22/2016



There is a small note on the right side of the dungeion wall.  Look for that and answer the question correctly.



Review by Blaziken

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/21/2016

the transformed MC is pretty above
down there? need transformation *cough*

so far i havent much problem
it just
1) does door to dining room intentionaly hided? / Invisible? , if so thats wide~
2) how to get 2nd transformation item? the one behind iron bar in 1st dungeon

i have high expectation for this game
keep the good work!~~~

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