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The Vanishing Point

Hello all,

I would like to start a transformation D&D style game that will take place weekly. I plan on starting season 1 on 5/1/17. I want to get this out there early so people have time to sign up and get on the roster if they want to try out the campaign. Now this isn't a regular D&D style game. I would like to try and create a fun little experience for people where they can create their own stories with the characters they create. There isn't a win mechanic, unless you decide you want to be a serial killer and kill everyone else.

If you want to join in email [email protected] with the subject "Season 1 - Registration". I will need a character sheet filled out upon registration and your characters first turn for your registration to be complete. You can find the Character Sheet on the "Characters" tab on the site. Just copy and paste it into your email.

The first version of the master document will be in the downloads section. I will email out a new master document (rules, Character Sheet, current item list, and a locations list) weekly with the turn results. The master document will be appended to and sent out as updates in the next week with new items that have been found and locations. For week 1 none of these things will be needed as you will only be doing basic things.

Just as an FYI I am doing this for absolute fun and if this is something you are interested in, give it a try. This is my first time attempting something like this and I hope it'll be fun so I can continue multiple seasons. I have this marked as a playable beta because this is a trial run to see if this is something that I will be able to run and something that people will enjoy.



Update 1.0.1

I've updated the master documentation with some info that was brought to my attention that I had forgotten to mention. Please make sure you have the updated info and update your character sheets accordingly.


Update 1.0.2

I've updated the master documentation with some more things that I and other players found that needed clarification. Please make sure you get the new version and update your character sheets accordingly as there were character sheet updates.


Update 1.0.3

I've updated the master documentation with hopefully some helpful rules on movement and actions. Please read them if you have questions and let me know what else needs to be addressed.

If anyone would like I've created a discord server "https://discord.gg/a4zQ4Zk" that you can join if you'd like to discuss the game. So go ahead and check that out.


Update 1.0.4

Master documentation has been updated.

- Some more rules to define a few questions that were asked.

- More areas as well as an added map for players to use as reference points

- Character sheet updates

- item updates!

The year is 2017. You are going about your everyday regular routine when something changes… There’s a bright flash of light and a small quake. Suddenly everything around you has changed. You and a small number of the population are the lone survivors of what appears to be meteor crash.

In the middle of what appears to now be an abandoned suburban city is a massive meteor that crashed. As people approach and rumors start to erupt through the crowd that has gathered, people start to notice that something is off… things do not appear to be the same as they were before what people are now calling “The Vanishing Point”. Yeah, it’s a dumb name and you know you won’t be calling it anything but a meteor crash, but a majority of the survivors appear to be catching onto the name, so it’ll stick.

                Those that are investigating around the area notice that we appear to be stuck in this city as there is some sort of “magical” barrier that forms from the meteor and shoots up into the atmosphere and bubbles out around the town. Nobody is getting in or out of the city. People are now noticing the environmental changes. Not before long another bright flash erupts from the meteor and there are even less people than before… The city is being changed…

It’s only been a few days since the “flash” but people seem to be forgetting that there is a meteor in the middle of the town. In fact… people seem to be all around avoiding the subject and if anybody brings it up they just are called out as one of the tinfoil hat wearing theorists. These are people that can see the once blue sky shifting into a purple with a green moon shining through. It wasn’t long before people started to notice the other changes inside the bubbled zone… people changing genders, becoming more animalistic, etc.

You are in the bubble, you have either forgotten or not forgotten due to the second flash from the meteor and continue on with your daily life as normal or are freaking out… how will your life be effected by the new world you live in?

Character Sheet:

To begin the game please send me an email at [email protected] You should include all the information below, and include the actions you wish to take on the first turn of the game. Note that since no one will know where each other is on the first round, players can’t attack each other on the first round.

Email address: The email address you will use for the game.

Character’s Name: The name your character goes by.

Character’s Gender: Your starting gender.

Location: The location you wish to start (View Master Document location list section for options).

Memory: Do you remember the events? You can establish your backstory here (This is strictly RP and doesn’t effect mechanics)


Faction: Human

Willpower: 5

Health: 20


Height: (can effect changes, but doesn’t effect mechanical rolls)

Weight: (can effect changes, but doesn’t effect mechanical rolls)


Outfit: select items from basic clothing section.

Hat –

Underwear Top –

Underwear Bottom –

Top –

Bottom –

Feet –



Face –

Ear(s) –

Neck –

Arms –

Finger –

Other – (specify where something may be located… I.E. pierced lips, eyebrow, etc.)


Starter Items: Only 2 can be selected from the basic useable items list for the start of the game.

Item 1 –

Item 2 –


Stat Bonus:

Defense –

Attack –

Seduction –

Resist –

Movement –


Goal: What do you want to be your current goal/quest in the game?

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