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Version: 012

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Boxgirl Venture

Set in an alternate world near future.
Schools are forced to find a workplace for every student to stop the increase of unemployment.
Some students still can't get employed and have to redo a school year, a bad solution.
A new government project that tries to solve that have launched, they call it Boxgirl. You are one of the first to go through with the project.

Release 012
- Added some upgrade scenes
- Added a new flush scene
- Added more customer scenes
- Added how comfortable you are with cum
- Auto scrolling, tell me if you find it too disorienting
- Options for how the day displays
- Bug fixes

Tier 1 box is pretty much done in terms of content.
Have have done work on the tier 2 and 3 box.
Tier 3 box have much more freedom, where you decide what to do. I am currently thinking about and testing doing a skill system. Suggestions in the forums are encouraged.

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Review by AGoldenGirl

Version reviewed: 012 on 09/24/2019

A great idea for a game which targets a fetish not too often explored in these kinds of games. The authors ability to write compelling and arousing story is there, with a decent system of mechanics within the game to enjoy, albeit not a great amount of choice in the direction of what happens. 7/10.

Review by FlammableMole

Version reviewed: 012 on 08/12/2019

Interesting game, I'm hoping SexyBoxGirl gets back into the groove that was lost after being involved in the accident and continues this or an updated version.

Review by Ms.Maidenform

Version reviewed: 012 on 01/22/2018

The State if this game is not too great but it's a nice idea. Maybe few things need to be changed because even resisting seems to make you starve but feeding only on that will not work. Maybe it would be a better story than a game

Review by latexkhaleesi

Version reviewed: 012 on 11/07/2017

Really good game so far, Theres a story and you feel like you really get to participate c: and be naughty. #kinky

Review by AeylinFaith

Version reviewed: 012 on 11/07/2017

Interesting, looking good so far!

Promising both in it's current (and future) features & writing.

As of now theres a good bit of content to give you a feel for the game but not enough to be actually playable, yet I highly reccomend you check it out to see if it's something your interested in or not!

Looking forward to seeing more of this ^__~<3 Sweet concept too :D

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