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Shards of Masculinity

Shards of Masculinity

Hosted at: www.molechtech.com

A text-based roleplaying where you play a knight attempting to stop an evil witch. However, your plans do not go as expected and you are forced into a quest to recover your lost masculinity and try to avoid unwanted sexual contact in the meantime.

To play this game I recommend Google Chrome. I am still struggling to get it to work on Internet Explorer and Edge - so I do not recommend using them.

This is my first attempt at making a game, so please leave me some feedback in the reviews section or the discussion threat.

The game was meant to be a cross between some of the classic text-based RPGs and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. It was made from scratch in JavaScript and is my first shot at trying to put a game together.

UPDATE - August 8, 2017

Some life challenges delayed me trying to update this game, but here it is. The usual galore of bugs have been fixed. The first dungeon is now accessible and can now be completed. The second area has also been added. Some small quests in the village have also been included, in addition to a few new stores. Since this is my first attempt at making a game, please leave me some feedback so I can make sure my future projects are better.

UPDATE - June 23, 2017

Bugs that were discovered were corrected. I tried to rebalance the enemies a bit, but it still needs some work. Based on the feedback of some people who played the game I added a chest to your bedroom. I wrote a lot of content for the next area, the Mine Site, which I will put out on the next update.

UPDATE - June 9, 2017

I completely revamped the UI, added a prologue, did some rebalancing, and resolve a lot of bugs. There are still a few things I have not implemented yet, like item storage. I tried adding some pictures. They will probably be swapped out for other photos at some point. I hope you enjoy the update.

You are a knight in a low-tech, fantasy world. A powerful witch, Fidelia Grimm, led an uprising of Ogres, people who have lost their humanity from curses and black magic. You were personally responsible for leading the charge against the Ogres and stopping them. Now you are on a mission to defeat the witch – however, the mission does not go as planned.

You lose your masculinity, and it is broken up into six pieces. Now you must search for your lost manhood and try to avoid being raped in the process by the creatures that inhabit the land. This game is about this recovery and stopping the witch once and for all.

Your first step is to create your character. Then complete the prologue. Then you will end up in the witch’s cavern. The door to the witch’s room is sealed by magic, so you will need to disrupt this. In the eastern/left most part of the dungeon is a run linked to the door. By disrupting it you will unlock the door.
With the door’s seal broken, you can now access the witch’s lair. Once you get there, battle the witch. However, she is too strong and you are defeated. You will then be ejected from her lair. Afterward, choose any option to eventually end up back in town.

Once you get back to town, you need to figure out where the witch has hidden the shards. Arnold, the bar-tender has an idea but he will not tell you while you are unarmed. You will need to get together 30 gold coins to pay for an iron sword and leather chestplate. You can talk to the odd man in the tavern for a job that pays 40, or work for Arnold for five days to raise the funds. Once you have at least 30 coins, buy the items at the shop, equip them, and speak to Arnold again. You have now discovered the Abandoned Village.

Go to the Abandoned Village and explore it until you find the Water Control Room. By turning the valve, you can disable the magic that provides water to the village. After it is disable, explore the village until you find the village square. The well is now empty. Climb down into the caverns.
Proceed through the well caverns until you make it to the other side. You will eventually come to the Monastery. The southern part of the Monastery is the barred door, and if you unlock it you can return easily. Proceed through the monastery until you find the hexagonal stone and use it to unlock the altar in the chapel. This will take you to the Catacombs.

Move through the catacombs until you make it to the boss’ lair. After defeating the boss, it will drop the first shard. 

Talk to Arnold to unlock the mines.

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Review by sathirran

Version reviewed: Prototype 4 on 08/08/2017

It's not bad. I like the premise, and it has a unique UI instead of the usual Twine setup. It can get a little repetitive early on when you're weak and can expect to lose quite a few fights. When that happens, you're sent back to your room in the tavern. I'm fine with that in theory, but navigating can be a little bit tedious, especially considering there is no map or anything to help you see where you are or where you're going. There is a quick travel map, but that only gets you to the start of the area. It might help to streamline the game a bit to reduce the number of unnecessary clicks


I don't think I have completed all the content yet, but my impressions so far:

As for the transformation content, so far all I've found is the initial transformation, which is brief and lackluster. Not much sexual content so far outside of rape when losing fights, random encounters with bandits, and one bit of prostitution to get you a headstart on your quest.

Review by kithrin

Version reviewed: Prototype 1 on 05/20/2017

the good:


Ok start to story, and no offence, so far that's it, but it's still in alpha so there's hope.

the bad:

1. the comment about it being a bit of a knock off of CoC is kinda true, but you have plenty of time to diverge.

2. WAY to slow to level.  fihting dozens of rats and if your lucky to defeat them, dogs is not terribly fun.

3. no save system.

4. tone down the appearence of the well area, or book mark it and stop it from apearing.  nothing like trying to scrounge some decent armor and weapons, find money, or fight to level when you hit same area five times i a row.

5. add some storage for stuff you want to keep but not carry around.

thats it for current content.

Review by IonaItova

Version reviewed: Prototype 1 on 05/20/2017

Totes just me being Derpy. Still looking forward to playing this when the UI gets better and there's more content.

Review by fixsxd

Version reviewed: Prototype 1 on 05/19/2017

Hi review time:

I have to disagree with the review below in 1 point: thegame idea is fresh=> for newborn babies to this genre.

As for  the engine 50%-50% that this is a rewriten old COC engine. Or its poor imitation.

If the author learns to write the transformation scenes or the porn,then it can be a great game in the FUTURE atsome point.

But right now its a poor COC clone.

Review by Tyamor666

Version reviewed: Prototype 1 on 05/19/2017

The concept is fresh, the writing is solid, and the user interface is fairly good. Personally, I'd like to see more detail in the transformation scene, but that's just my own opinion.


Looking forward to updates!

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