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Version: 0.0.4

Version: 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.2

Chains of Society


Welcome to Chains of Society 

This is a world where a new miracle drug becomes available that can change the life of the user forever. It acts on the

perception and mental state of the user to change their physical appearance. Society is experiencing dramatic

changes after the introduction of this catalyst to a new era. How will you and the people close to you react as well?

Will you choose to take fate into your own hands... or will someone else decide for you?


Thanks for checking out the page for my first erotic game! This synopsis page is a work in progress.

This game is currently only being worked on by myself. I plan to include more of my own art in the game, at least for the characters. I've used photos for the locations and backgrounds. The project is planned to have many divergent paths and choices- with day-to-day time management for choosing to spend time with characters and other activities. The mechanics are heavily inspired by Perverted Education, so if you've played that, you know what I'm shooting for. It may take a while before it hits that level though.

Current Build: 0.0.4

Featuring: Only the introduction section and Eric and Taylor's first event. This is the first day of the game that sets up everything and most of the characters.  No sex content yet either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New in this build:

- Added daily game mechanics (sleeping/daily task management, visible and hidden stats, and skeleton structure for events to trigger on)
- Changed Ms. Chase's character image/upload.
- Added Eric's first event. Trigger this by calling him after school and going to work for the first time
- Added Taylor's first event. Trigger this by finding her after school and volunteering at student council for the first time
- Added walkthrough on the game's page, most of it not being necessary for the current build

Twitter/Patreon Feed

July 31st - The OFFICIAL LewdHeart Discord server launches today! Anyone can join at <3

July 30th - NEW BIG UPDATE that includes Eric and Taylor's first events is up NOW on Alpha 0.0.4

July 25th - Ms. Chase EXPOSED! Do you like em thicc? ;) Patreon supporters can also get a sneak peak for her nude version at https://www.patreon.com/lewdheart 

chase clothed   chase nude patreon censored

Coming Soon! - Check the synopsis/characters for all you'd want to know.

Player Character - That's you! Will you choose to take fate into your own hands... or will someone else decide for you? The default version is an average white teenage male. But characteristics will be able to be customized in a future update! 

Eric - Classic childhood best friend. You share the same part-time job and hang out after school quite often. He has been your trusted pal through thick and thin. What kind of hijinx will he get you into this time?

Taylor - The girl you've been crushing on. She is cute, studious, kind... and this year you share a lot of classes together. Will you finally make your move on her this year?

Mom - The perfect mother. She's raised you on her own most of your life. She has been getting pretty anxious about seeing her boy growing up each year. Will she be able to let you have your independence finally?

Ms. Chase - Your hot homeroom teacher. There are plenty of rumors about her getting frisky with students, but who knows if they are true. She seems to be taking an interest in you, are you interested in her?

(More later)

Coming Soon! - The game currently only features a linear introduction, no walkthrough necessary.

Basic Mechanics

The main characters in the game all have stats that determine your progression. Depending on these stats and your interactions with other characters, will determine which path you take. There WILL be endings in this game- as in it won't be a complete sand-box type game. There are dominant and submissive paths to each character, primarily. There will be other branching ideas and fetishes included with some. In addition, some character paths are locked out until you progress enough in another's. I will do my best to describe the method for each path as it develops. There WILL be spoilers in this section.


This path is the easiest, doesn't require anything, and can be started with any character at any time. There are points-of-no-return with each character, locking you into an ending with them.



Go to work(continue this to activate events). Hesitate with the key. Let Eric get promoted at work (don't go to work for the next 3 days). TBC~


Go volunteer at student council(continue this to activate events). Give her the key. Let her ask you out on a date first. Tell her she can dress however she wants. TBC~


Clean up around the house(continue this to activate events). Go into her office. Promise to not stay out late anymore. TBC~

Ms. Chase:

Visit her after school in her office(continue this to activate events). Turn in the key. TBC~




This path is the hardest and requires the most focus / least amount of straying. It can only begin by dominating either Eric, Taylor, or both.



Go to work(continue this to activate events). Don't give the key back. Get promoted at work (work 3 days in a row). Discipline Eric as his new manager. TBC~


Go volunteer at student council(continue this to activate events). Don't give her the key. Ask her out on a date first. Tell her you prefer her dressing cute. TBC~



Clean up around the house(continue this to activate events). Go into her office. Scold her for being messy. TBC~

Ms. Chase:


Visit her after school in her office(continue this to activate events). Drug her. Confront her the next day. TBC~


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