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Version: 0.1.5

City of Desire
by Viron

Hello guys!

This is my first game in Twine, so please don't go hard on me.  I\'m very open to constructive criticism, so feel free to point out the mistakes I've made, and things I could've/should've done better.

About the game

The game will feature 3 main storylines:

  • Working in the City Centre
  • Babysitting in the Suburban Area
  • Going to university

Currently, the only playable storyline is the City centre. Please note that it is still in early ages, so I'm sure there are many misspellings and grammatical mistakes.

Current version: v0.1.5

What to expect in the future?

I'm planning on featuring M/F and F/F content. Nicole is an innocent girl at the beginning, and the main concept is to bring out her slutty self. Therefore it is more of a mind control and corruption game, however, it features mental changes/transformation, and I'm planning on adding more.

Thank you for playing this game, and let me know what you think!

You play a girl who has decided to take her life in her own hands and leave everything behind. Your family was everything but supportive, so it was about time to start a new life. Surviving in a big city full of strangers is not only difficult, but dangerous as well. Will you choose the right path? Can you resist corruption? It's all up to you!

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Review by nia

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 03/31/2018

Decent start to the game, but it is early in the development and the content is pretty short.  Formatting is nice and the accompaning pictures/gifs work well.  Interested to see where this one goes.

Review by RainbowSpirit79

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 01/27/2018

Defenetly needs more develiopment however I can see this going places if the author keeps up on it.


Review by Demento56

Version reviewed: 0.1.5 on 10/01/2017

It's off to a good start, but don't expect much. This game is VERY early in development, but I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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