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Version: 0.0.01

Structure of the Workplace

As an upper manager you develop a relationship with your assistant as she transitions to a man while you find encouragement to transition into a woman.

The game\'s goal is to play around with the notion of who is in charge and what gender roles fit into this situation. While mainly this will revolve around the 2 main characters, other options may arise far down the road. Currently in alpha status to get feedback about the gameplay and setting design.

Initial gameplay gets you past the long intro and into the start of player interaction and development at the office with your assistant.

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Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.0.02 on 11/27/2017

I found this game...confusing.  Not sure what the heck you're supposed to do.  It seems more like an exercise in pushing buttons than in telling a story.  Hopefully future updates will improve things.  Right now, it elicits a "Okay, this is weird...time to delete this one and move on..." response.

Review by subsophie

Version reviewed: 0.0.01 on 11/25/2017

So I've played this through the first evening and into the next day.  I have just a couple of comments.

User Interface:

  • I agree with the previous reviewer about options not going away.  It gets pretty confusing to see multiple similar options in the list, and accidentally using old options seems to make the story flow strangely as if the plot had gone back to when that option first appeared.
  • I am intruigued by the left colum buttons/menu, but they don'rt seem to relate to the story much yet.  It is fun to play with outfits and have them appear on the charater image in the right column, though.


  • The story I've seen so far seems very sweet and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  • I haven't gotten a feeling that the choices the player makes are affecting much of anything.  So far, just a slight change in the 'Acceptance' number.  Perhaps if the choices were clearer, this would not be an issue.

Overall, a good start.  If you get the player choices figured out, then you should be doing well. Implementing the outfit picker seems a bit premature, but if fun items like that are what keeps you interested in the project as a whole, then go for it.

Review by Umaro

Version reviewed: 0.0.01 on 11/25/2017

I like the gist of it so far, but some options currently don't go away from the bar once you choose them, causing your whole screen to be filled with the choice bar after a while. 

I'm excited to see where this game goes. 

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