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Wicked Gods
by Nerzury

Whats the game about?

Wicked Gods is an erotic game developed in Twine, it uses a fantasy setting and RPG gameplay and its intended to have many endings and focus on replayability. There are many themes that I want to add and develop, transformation, sex change, submission, etc. Also, I want the game to have lots items and clothes to customize the main character.
Although a great part of the game is text-based, my main hobby is drawing and, the game is meant to have illustrations for most passages and all the characters.

I want the game to have an epic feeling and look, like in Final Fantasy and Shadow of the Colossus, and also the enemy design to have the mystery and uniqueness that beings from  Silent Hill and H.P. Lovecraft have.

Features I would like to add to the game:
Many endings, each one unlocking something to make the next playthrough different.
More in-depth transformation of the main character, including mental changes, which affect the gameplay and events.
A fully developed main story, with side stories that expand the lore of the world and clear some of the mysteries.
Addition of more system to enrich gameplay and combat, for example, spells, leveling up, a time system and events, lust, etc.
Improvements in the UI and overall look of the game, right now it uses the default of the SugarCube engine, which isn't the best for a game like this.
Expansion of the storyline and events related to each character, this would include endings and items.
More content in general related to customization, more armors, weapons, hairstyles, accessories, etc.

 If you liked the game, and want to support its development please leave a like, comment or review. If you want to further support the author and unlock extra rewards for doing so, you can check the link to my Patreon account. 

There is a small event when you talk to the Alchemist and 3 simple quests from the Wizard, most of the transformations happen when you are defeated by enemies, right now there isn't any downside to the transformations and lust doesn´t do anything.
You can restore your health an energy by going to sleep, for now, this the way for the story too advance.
Leveling up increases your health and protection reduces the damage taken.

You are able to buy armor in the clothes store and health potions from the alchemist.

Remember that this game is in an early stage of development and some features could have bugs or not work at all.

1a First release of the game.

2a Second release
-Redid the whole story and changed the setting to a darker one. Now there is a lot more plot, including a prologue and the story lasts until day 13.
-Reworked the whole combat system to be more clear and polished. Also, the accuracy system is now implemented, allowing you to miss or get critical hits.
-Added text for every part of the combat.
-Added a new enemy although it can't be found normally.
-Balanced almost everything and fixed the bugs and issues that were reported from the last update.

2b Fixed bugs from the version 2.a.



Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 2b on 04/18/2018

Interesting start and nice drawing for main character. Excited to see more :)

Review by rohgahh

Version reviewed: 2a on 04/18/2018

Has a lot of potential to be great, but obviously very early in development. I assume the slime sprite appearing at the bottom of the screen when you're in your room is a glitch? Also there's an issue with counting feminization potions in the inventory.

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 2a on 04/18/2018

Not bad.  But the words to click on and where to click are not aligned. Could not turn in the slimes to  the wizard because of this. In shopping for clothes had to click about 5 line below to get to the part of the body to buy things for. I bought the plate for the chest but never showed up in the inventory.


Review by DarkSinfulMage

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/18/2018

Very early version. Veryt rough cut of a RPG with more grindy elements. Has pictures, so that's nice.

The pictures should be scaled or the pages/passages formatted in order to present all of the options in a given scene without scrolling. It's nice that's there's pictures, but they're very large.

There's a lot of clicking in this game. As a grindy RPG it'll quickly become exhausting unless there's genuine payoff with the way you affect the game or the way the game starts to affect you. The game should be doing things in response to your actions and progression.

Like the Godhood Chronicles or Remaker of Solinera, games like this should have a serious payoff in terms of progression or have the grind be rewarding to the player. Potion spamming is pretty much not fun, it's grindy and obnoxious. If this remains this way, I'd reccomend a cheat menu.

Looking forward to see whre this goes, but "Remaker..." was really good because M'gora and other key characters were very loyal and you got more and more involved with them as you progressed. The Godhood chronicles was good because your powers and abilities grew and you were probably influencing the game world as you kept ascending - it was only missing more development to push a bit back to reward you.



Review by Uie

Version reviewed: 1a on 03/13/2018

There is a good basic structure but still needs worked on. There isn't exactly a ton of content but what's there has some real promise, especially the character screen that has custom artwork.

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