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Version: 1.0.3

Version: 1.0.2

72 Hours

In 72 Hours, you play from the perspective of Will, a human man on a futuristic space station. Will has been infected with a virus that will transform him into a feral wolf in 72 hours. The only accessible cure for the virus is to have the virus attach to the DNA of another species, and to do that, Will must have sex with them. All sex contains TF and is M/M.

In the game Will can have sex with and subsequently transform into 7 species of anthropomorphic animals: Otter, Deer, Fox, Panther, Dragon, Bird and Horse. There are 11 endings, 9 of which are sexual and 10 of which contain transformation.

I may return to add more scenes, but for now I consider it to be complete, and will be starting other projects. I will however update with fixes.

Walkthrough is available on my blog, accessible here.

Version 1.0.3

Visual improvements. Buttons to replace text links around the space station and a map on the sidebar.

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Review by Stashar1

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 12/28/2018

A short, well written game. Though I normally do not play/read content that is only M/M (what can I say, I like variety), the game kept me interested enough with it's well written story to keep trying to find all the endings without going to the walkthrough for hints.

Review by Naitiroc

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 03/21/2018

Glad to see a game which not only has a lot of content already available (Anthro and actual M/M content, which this site barely has), but also that you can reach satisfying endings. It's simple and straight forward with good writing on the scenes. Just find someone to fuck (or figure out how to fuck them), transform, get an ending.

Good work and hope to see more games from you.

Review by SilverS

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/17/2018

I have to say, for such a short and simple game, it's really well done. The writing is good and fairly detailed, along with the sex scenes being varied. You get different types of characters and body sizes both topping and bottoming, so everyone's preferred type of character interaction sex can be found. 

And we honestly needed more M/M content on the game list anyways. It's a pretty lacking area on this site. 

For what the game is, I love it. And I look forward to the future works I assume you'll be putting out. 

Review by Leymoon

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/17/2018

Short and nice game, very well written and very interesting personalities of the character to play with. Couldn't find any obvious grammar errors from the scenes I read either, which is 4 at this moment.

Great game, and definitely worth a try. And that's from one who usually isn't very into m/m in the first place...

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