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Version: 0.1

The Perfect Girlfriend

A fun little M2F game I work on and my first try using twine. Right now it contains the introduction, which leads to the transformation, and some content at the Gym and some content with Jeff. More places and stuff to do is planned, as well as a lot of different endings.

This is only one of my side/fun projects so updates won't be as regularly but I definitely plan to finish it!

Your best friend finds a spell book and tries to use it to create his perfect girlfriend but something goes wrong and it turns you into a girl instead! Will you find a way to turn back into a guy or will you end up as his perfect girlfriend?

v0.1 - Initial release

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Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/07/2018

Interesting setup and pretty good mechanics so far. Not much content yet; good for about 15 to 20 minutes' play before it becomes repetitive.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Here's hoping the author gets a lot more interested in it than he sounds right now!

I do have one critique. It's not about the Insta-change, but it's related. The  MC gets AWFULLY comfortable with sucking c*ck AWFULLY fast for someone who was a presumably heterosexual guy a couple days/weeks ago. It's just ... disconcerting if you're looking at a game from a characterization point of view.

Review by beccara

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/07/2018

As already mentioned by exprmntle Instantgirl-Games all lack a lot of things.

For example the biggest difference between female and male. The Mindset. Sure there are some women who like even love to suck cock. But most are keen to behave appropriatly. Since this is a porn game though, well eh..... for most users here it is a cheap quick flic with no depth, no heart and no soul.

Given it is an initial release you might say the only thing done is a mere initial release. In my opinion there is not even a foundation to build something up. There are hundreds of games like this on the website where you can also find at least some story, some care and some innovative thinking.

If the author doesn't pack it with some life soon this game is and will stay nothing but a waste of everyones time.

Review by BeingAGirl

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/05/2018

I really like this game and love the speed of the plot as well as the images.

Aaaaaand because I'm dumb as a nut sometimes, I kept and kept on playing, waiting for an ending. 'til I saw, that there is none yet. haha. stupid.

Keep it up!!

Review by ultimate_elephant

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 04/01/2018

I don't normally post reviews, but I thought it would be helpful to balance exprmntle's review. I do like instant MtF games, I do like it when women do sexy things to please men, I don't think it means I hate women, and I don't think having power fantasies makes me a bad person. That's where I'm coming from, so here's the review.

The game is very quick and bare-bones at the moment. The intro kinda feels like it was written in a rush, like the writer just wanted to get to the porn. The characters have practically no background and are all one-dimensional. I know it's just a porn game, but there isn't much to differentiate it from a lot of very similar games, except the use of images of specific porn stars. So the enjoyment you get out of the game probably depends on how much you fancy those women. This is one for the Piper Perri fans out there. I think the game would have broader appeal if the player is given a choice between different girls when the transformation happens. And I think it would benefit from having more sense of direction, beyond repeating daily activities for a set amount of time.

If anyone wants to disagree with my take on the game, I suggest posting in the discussion forum instead of the review section.

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 03/30/2018

Full disclosure:  I don't like Insta Girl games.  So, if you like those, you may disregard my review.

Technically, this game is fine.  It's simple but well executed, with decent dialog and few typos, spelling errors, and grammatical problems.

Insta-Girl games all have a common problem: They are profoundly misogynistic.  It seems like the only way the main character ever interprets the involuntary change of gender is that it sucks being a total slutty female who can't control her bodily functions.  The MC finds himself perving on his own body, in a creepy way, too, playing with the new body in the shower, for example, which is even creepier during body swap games.

Being a woman starts off as a problem or punishment until the slutty boy inside the girl starts driving the girl chassis around, making her engage in pretty vanilla sex, kind of attenuated with some lesbianism as though the body were distinguishable from the brain in ways that preserved the consciousness while also overwhelming it with "hormonal" or "lust" impulses from the "body."

It often seems that the only thing the MC wants to do is suck cock, although, as anyone with a clitoris or experience pleasing a clitoris knows, cock sucking is sexy but it's not super satisfying for the cocksucker.  It's like giving a massage.  It feels amazing for the receiver, it's just WORK: possibly pleasurable, in the sense of doing a job well, but work nonetheless.  I always wonder about the appeal:  Maybe the male player wants to imagine that the thing they really, really want their female partner to do is somehow the most natural or involuntarily sexy thing for the female partner.  Again, I don't care for this sort of game, so don't mind me.

Meanwhile, I didn't feal a great deal of sympathy or desire for any of the characters and I never felt connected to their progress in the story.  Maybe a clear intention to create a sympathetic central narrative voice would help?

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