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Version: 0.22,2

Slaver's Game CH. IV

Hi there,


and again I make a new game this time inside a hospital setting.


Contains small puzzles, lesbian, latex, bondage, latex, syntax errors and more latex.


All 4 paths are playable now. 
Path one goes until you switch to path two or three and path four can be accessed from the name choose option right after the intro.
You can clear path 2. Path 3 has some new stuff and path 4 ends if you find a way to remove your nighty night gift.

and yes I m still no nativ speaker so please don t blame me for my spelling errors and syntax failures.

Every help, find bugs correct the sentences creative critic would be appreciate from me. Please spare me with sentences like Fuck you XY still not working, that would be nice

There is a RAGS and a HTML version now. Thanks to Strateg it finally worked with regalia. It isn t really tested by my side but it looks like it work



Nancy looked for a new job and to her surprise she found one on the net. Becoming a nurse for the newly founded Sunny hospital. But sometimes the first isn t the best...

Look for yourself

For the whole walktrought thing...

The game have now over 10k downloads through the different forums I posted it maybe the community should work together to assemble something more brains more possibilities etc.

I can overlook after the walkthough is finished for the current version and maybe I have a little present for the one who publish the first complete one for the current version.

v 0.22

Bugfix for the third char. Now you can really proceed beyond the point where your Units get kidnapped

v 0.21 

Don t ask exactly how many I added... I has more than 30 mb more and no new zones After I can compromise the pictures better now... There are a lot of pictures. The biggest part of them scattered around path 3 & 4 town and nancy have a nice time now.

v 0.20 c

The bug that you can t open the box with the chip is now solved

v 0.20

Added some endings... 8 I guess
Added some new secret scenes 4 I guess you can see a hint if you directly click on the refresh option it shows what you re missing
Added your own shop for the city 1 scene for one shop right now but it work
Added a secret room where you can re-watch the endings you found. They aren t named only there numbers


v 0.18
added endings up to 44 & 50
added 2 new secret scenes one for the third and one for the second char
open up the path for the third char

v 0.18 bug fix
The pc on the third floor work now
the ropes should appear again if you search them
Now you can play with Jacky and reset the timer for your wrist if you sleep or let the time pass

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by StacieMeier

Version reviewed: 0.18_B_1 on 01/29/2019

Love style and playablity of game. It is worth playing.

Review by LiaoHua

Version reviewed: 0.13 on 07/21/2018

Just have to say that I love this game and this entire series as a whole, they are well made and definitly for latex lovers like me

Review by Abbey Chase

Version reviewed: 0.10 on 07/03/2018

Really enjoyed the game, definitely for latex lovers. I used the syringe on one of the nurses once I was wearing the latex catsuit and had her dragged off by another nurse thinking I was 'the mistress'. Anyway, once the scene ends, the nurse I syringed apparently drops a security chip which the game says I take with me, but no new security chips show up in my inventory. Once I have syringed that nurse, I can't find my way back to the first floor to sleep and recover.

Review by Unicron9999

Version reviewed: 0.09 on 06/10/2018

Really fun and the puzzles are straightforward enough that I can figure them out this time! Haven't seen any bugs so far. Great work!

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