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Version: 0.0.4

Version: 0.0.2

Version: 0.0.1

Learn to love it

Learn to love it.

LTLI is an erotic game in which the main character, you are played as a young but still legal boy.

The boy has a couble of people in hes life. Mother, Teacher and a exchange student that just moved in with you.


Go see where the story leads you.




The game themes are:

Forced Feminization, Corruption, Humiliation and Submission. A range of other fetish content will be implemented.


This game is in it's early steps and there is a lot more coming soon.

First path is just story:


0.0.2 introduces couble new mechanics as well as little story.

Added a pyjama in list of clothing.

This patch is more of a set up for some of the mechanics so not much story.

I will be adding choices and other stuff later this is just a core.



There is now 2 major paths:

First one is on the rails story that you can enjoy reading.

Second one is more of a date sim style.


Added new character sprites for Mother, exchange student and Roxy.

Some background images changed.

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Review by Jarwellis

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 12/21/2018

Pros :

This have huge potential.

Cons :

Choises are illusionary. It's just next, next, next, game ended.

There is no wasy to look on character's clothes. Got chastity? No way to take a look.

Bought pair of panties with mother? There is no action to wear them. So much stuff is skipped.

Walls of text.


Update. Seems like I've skipped majority of game just by "wrong" choice at the start.

Oh, and it's even worse. It's a huge placeholder. Whole game.

To be able click sleep you need to wear JEANS and TSHIRT.


I know that this is alpha. It just can get so much support for being a little bit more playable

Review by Nightdrop

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 12/17/2018

Great game! Love the update and your graphic style. I don't understand why you have some horrible reviews below, really not deserving of them at all. As far as content goes, this is still very much in the works but there's a lot there to get you into the story and wanting more. I hope you decide to keep going with this and ignore the haters.

Review by TinaB

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 12/16/2018

I am enjoying your game thus far!  Some choices with a more significant impact on the story would be great, but I'm really enjoying what you have so far and look forward to more!


-Tina B

Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 12/15/2018

Game is horrible, but not unsalvagable. Not plot-wise horrible as some others claim (I didnt actually notice any plot because nobody forced MC into anything lewd for the whole two weeks in which I played), but gameplay-wise. I can easily imagine it becoming quite enjoyable if the author fixed some things which ruin the experience now.

1) I am not a native speaker of English myself but your writing is the worst I've ever seen. Every fifth word or so there's an orthographical, punctuational or some other mistake like a missing space between words. Just some examples:

As you enter the school building you phonder witch classes you should enter today.
nessasery, Sience, the'se, choosee, allovance

I've considered that it might've been intentional because apparently MC hates English and there's a small rant about grammar nazis in English class description, and that the text might improve as you study English and improve some hidden stat, but no, the first thing your English teacher says is

I have decided to give you a little reward since youve been suchs a obedient little puppy.

Get a proofreader if you cannot spell properly.

2) Bugs. Many actions can be repeated indefinitely, e.g. while using mirror in the bathroom uses up energy nothing stops you from going into negatives. You even have infinite time because when its 22:00 you can nap tilll 21:00 which somehow turns time back, you can spend whole day shopping and doing shit and then go to school and its 7:00 again, etc. Prices in the shop are different from the actual cost of the item (it does say at least that mall is a work in progress).

3) Nonexistent plot progression. Plot is probably not horrible but there's no incencitive to progress it. Yes, you can do makeup in the bathroom, but why would you do that? I've diligently studied at school and at home for a week, I've skipped and slept in classes for another week, and I got nothing other than vague threats from teachers. I just lost interest afterwards.

Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.0.2 on 10/12/2018

OK, I have mixed feelings about this game.

First, as it's an early release, there are typos and grammatical errors but I know those will be fixed as new versions come out.  

It is a pretty good looking game.  I like the art (although drawings of the other characters would be nice!) and I like the paper doll system for putting clothes on.  Now, you just need to add underwear as a layer of clothing under your shirt and jeans.

As other reviewers have noted, the game runs on rails with very few choices you make impacting more than your energy, which seems catastrophically low.

If I have one real criticism of the game, it is that the main character seems to be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or narcolepsy.  He barely makes it home from school before he's unconscious in bed.  Since there aren't things for the main character to do, it makes the game a grind.  

I have confidence that future releases will add much more content and variety and I hope the fatigue system gets a little love, too.  

TL;DR: Keep an eye on this one but maybe don't play it just yet.

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