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Version: 0.043

The Essence of Gender
by ugre101

Hello agian.


Finally my Unity build is starting to become a playable game, still a lot that needs to be done but my speed is picking up as I have goten quite good at using the unity editor and acustomed to c#.

Right now I would call the game a sandbox transformation rpg game with some home management, containing fetishes such as vore.


Planned to contain fetishes such as scat, furry, size play and more as development continues.

When I’m coding in unity I spend quite some time learning and implementing custom editor stuff and trying to build the game in a modular way so that hopefully anybody that wants to should be able to add/mod to the game without breaking anything/everything.  

It's a big goal of mine to try and make it as easy as possible to mod the game.


Dialogs and text are a mess at the moment as I mainly focus at getting techinal aspects of game working right now. 

Currently UI and sprites are stanard assets or assest I had(mainly from humblebundle), in future I hope to get custom sprites & UI assets.


The Essence of Gender is an 18+ game where the core game mechanic revolves around taking and losing essence of masculinity and femininity. 

The game is a (text?) rpg with support to add a image pack.

I am new to writing as I am more of a coder guy, so until I get more experienced text/dialog or get help text & dialog will be lacking.


The game is still early development so there is much to be done but getting opinions will help the development a lot.
Opinions on design(UI) and balance are greatly appreciated. 
And please report any bug you encounter.


Main development focus right now

  • Fixing bugs.
  • Looks menu.
  • Dorm: sorting & basic interaction.
  • Home: Upgrades
  • Events



Github for Unity source code 



Github for old HTML source code:



I'm really happy for the suggestions & feedback, if possible post a copy of your feedback/suggestions in the Discussion Thread so that I can comment on it for clarification etc. 


Magic world.

TEoG v0.043

Big stuff

  • Separated BasicChar from Monobehavior: This should hopefully solve a lot of bugs as characters doesn't need a body in game anymore, making vore & dorm much easier to handle & save. 
  • Event queue: queue events if multiple is called at same time.(still need to add more events)
  • Editor version: as 2019.4.0f(LTS) version has come out I will now stop updating my unity version, so anybody that wants to mod doesn't need to worry about me changing version all the time.


  • Added more essence perks: Auto drain & Auto give.
  • Added drain changes from old game: Still needs to be fully tested and proofreading though.


  • Essence: instead of checking all the time if organs can be grown, now all the not stable essence will be used when added.


  • Enemies are now scriptable objects.

Know bugs

Lose crashes game, have fix but started working on other before fixing so need to finish up that before releaseing fix.

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Version reviewed: 0.043 on 08/26/2020

bit rough around the edges but very promissing,idont understand why people  are making such a fuss.

Review by TenbatsuNo

Version reviewed: 0.043 on 06/14/2020

I played the game about a year ago, and the graphics were very basic, you're a square, but the game was easily understandable. Now, you're just a picture of some random character sliding on the map, attacking other pictures, and the game is less than understandable because of aforementionned graphics and also because the code is broken, making the sentences into pure gibberish.


I had a good amount of time before playing that game, just getting as much essence as possible and molding people into what I want. Now it looks just ugly, and I don't wanna spend more than 5 minutes on it.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.041 on 05/28/2020

I find this game to be terribly boring. It has almost 0 narrative. It has graphics which are less advanced than pong and it lacks any meaningful consequences or mechanics to create a memorable experience for the player. The system is rock solid. The "game' is non-existant. I would suggest partnering with/hiring an animator and a writer as those seem to be the areas of game making which elude the creator.


Review by Zodiac

Version reviewed: 0.038 on 04/20/2020

The games framework is there, and while at the moment the Unity version lacks a large amount of the content the original had im sure its going to be getting there. The main part is that it can be built upon and that the game has a foundation that works. I will say there are some things that need polishing but for now its a great start on a new engine and I hope it will continue being built upon.

Review by Loreweaver

Version reviewed: 0.285 on 04/11/2019

This game is surprisingly enjoyable, even in this very early form. Having looked at the Javascript source code, I can tell a lot of work went into this game, even though it doesn't show on the surface. There's thousands of lines of source code. Like most TFGamesSite games, this game is incomplete, but it's certainly worth a look.

Graphics: 2 (Very simple 2D pixel graphics, with no animated motion. At least it's not another pure text-only game.)

Gameplay: 6/10 (This is where the game really shines. It reminds me of Corruption of Champions combat, except without the wall of text after each action. I'd like to give it a higher score, but the game is still very early. I'd like to give it a higher score here, because this was all done by one person, but I just can't.)

Story: 1/10 (You roam across the small game world freely without any pesky story getting in your way.)

Sound: 0/10 (No music, no special effects, no sound)


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