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Version: 0.41.100

by Hizor

You play as a female protagonist, a girl whose fate is entirely up to you. Much like a date-sim game, you'll attend school, walk around, take on a job, etc etc. As this game goes on you'll be able to put her in different situations and experience different storylines.

The game is still in development of course, and there is always a new release at the end of each month for our patrons, while the public version will be updated every 6 months.


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Trailer of Uni:

$6 Backers - Latest Version as soon as it's released
$3 Backers - Latest Version one month after release
Public - Every 6 month one version behind the latest version 6 months from now.

Your support truly helps as almost all the money we make goes back into the game. Every bit helps.
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Provides examples of the following (at the moment):
  • Girl-on-Girl (Yuri, F/F)
  • Female-Male Pairings (Hetero, M/F)
  • Groping
  • Blackmail
  • Corruption
  • Submission
  • Voyeurism
  • Rape
  • Prostitution
  • Bimbofication
  • Foot Fetishization

Current Plans / Work List

Main Character:
Main Character

Lisa The Bakery Assistant:
Bakery Assistant
Kate The Cafe Maid:
Cafe Maid
Violet The Girl Friend:
The Girl Friend

Uni 0.41.100:
-The Giraffe tongue during the Kate Zoo date is now the correct color.
-Small fixes to all of Violet's Car CG scenes. (Seatbelt placement and small details)
-Small fix to the homework bullies to prevent them from showing up too early.
-Cheer Practice CG Scene Fix (Chelsea's hair is now in a ponytail.)
-Cheer CG with Coach Clayton has been fixed to include Chelsea's ponytail.
-Cheer CG with Damien under the bleachers has been remade.
-Ryan is now much more expressive (Additional Expressions added)
-Removed the Stats Screen when using the laptop to prevent errors.
-Fixed Stripclub event progression.
-Fixed Matt Blackmail Bad Ending from not triggering in certain scenes.
-Added an additional dialog branch in the case that you did not play S&M (Swords and Magic) with Levi the first time.
-Added Basic Mod Support (Example mod can be found in the mods folder. Modding Guide to come later.)
-Added Fancy Restaurant Background to Violets dates.
-Added Track Meet Background for Track Meet events.
-Added a Violet CG Scene when you're putting on the blue dress.
-Added a Violet CG Scene when you're on the way back from the restaurant.
-Added larger tips in both Cafe and Bar.
-Increased final Bakery payout.
-Added Matt Lending CG Scene.
-"Blowing" rent now gives corruption for doing so.
-Tracy now has toes in her Bikini outfit.

Uni 0.40.99:
-You now have 3 extra tries to win at the lottery stand in town.
-5 New Lisa Texting events (Images WIP)
-6 New Club Events.
-Updated Dress Reveal CG scene with Damien.
-New Cheer events have a peer pressure mechanic which effects your choices.
-Fixed Matt showing up in other conflict events despite dealing with him in a previous one.
-Fixed Damien remaining in his casual clothes after visiting you at your club
-Fixed Violet showing up in events despite not dating her.
-Added a message concerning CG Scenes at the start of the game.
-Added New Olivia Casual Outfit.
-Added New Tracy Casual Outfit.
-Added Kate Apartment Background.
-Added a message that displays if you load an old save file. Warning of possible errors.
-Fixed Matt showing up beaten up no matter what you did.
-Fixed a Violet Dom event from triggering properly.
-Added Carly Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Ashley Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Megan Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Parker Cheer Sprite + 2 Outfits.
-Added Olivia Swimwear Outfits.
-Added Chelsea Swimwear Outfits.
-Added New Cheer Girl sprites to older scenes.
-Updated Damien Cheer Club vist CG for consistency.
-Added Damien Board Game Stripping Scene + Damien Winning CG
-Added Homecoming Background

Uni 0.39.98b:
-Fixed a Priority issue with the second Matt event that could potientially cause it to not occur.
-Fixed a missing Yearbook Club Background
-Fixed a bug with Matt-Violet conflict event trigger.
-Fixed a bug with Matt shown beat up despite the events of the Damien-Matt conflict.

Uni 0.39.98:
-Fixed Bar-Violet Event overlap.
-Increased Alice Event Chances.
-Consistency issues with Damien during club visit fixed.
-Reworked Mia's face.
-Added Aquarium Background.
-Added School Hallway Background - Still a few areas needing it.
-Added 2 Violet Selfies depending on which route you're on with her.
-1 New CG Scene Matt Sex Scene after Aquarium
-2 New Alice/Kenzie Events.
-2 New Kate Conflict Events (Violet & Damien).
-Increase Bakery and Cafe Payout.
-Fixed Conflict Events overlapping Bar events.
-Fixed being able to enter the stripclub without doing a certain choice.
-Fixed Damien Dating Error.
-Lowered inital karaoke event trigger chances.
-Removed Default Clothes button and added the Default Casualwear to the wardrobe.
-Refusing to go to the Mall with Damien no longer breaks his route.
-Fixed final MafiaMatt favor event from immediately triggering when waking up.
-Fixed Matt-Damien Conflict event not triggering.

Uni 0.38.97b
-Fixed clothing errors with Damien Homecoming.
-Added missing CGs to Damien Homecoming
-Fixes the scene black problems covering events.
-Fixed Kate conflict event triggers.

Uni 0.38.97
-Increased Homework Chance.
-Tweaked Event trigger priorities.
-Phone System Updated.
-Fixed Violet Text inconsistency with party choice.
-Fixed Matt-Kate Event Trigger conflict.
-Fixed Matt-Violet Event Trigger conflict
-Added Kiss Violet CG to a scene missing it.
-Fixed a few Background problems. (Should remove a few black backgrounds)
-Fixed Kate Zoo bus ride scene so that it will account for the multiple other people that you could be dating.
-Fixed Kate Zoo Date Sprite problems
-Fixed a bug with breaking up with Kate
-Fixed Indecisive Decorator Achievement from not properly unlocking.
-Fixed a bug during Damien's homecoming event where the wrong club dialog would play.
-Fixed a bug during Damien's Aquarium date where the exhibit choices would repeat.
-Fixed a few clothing inconsistencies.
-Locations now properly fade out when clicking on them.
-Fixed a Levi Sprite issue.
-Added a Corrupted School Uniform as a reward for unlocking the "Corrupted" achievement.
-Added Clearer tutorial instructions and new tutorial messages.
-Added jump to map shortcut from bedroom.(M key)
-Tweaked Texting chances.
-Added 5 New Kate Conflict Events.
-Added Violet-Damien event.
-Added New Dialog branch for Dom Chelsea in Violet-Matt conflict.
-Reworked the introduction scene.
-Added Kenzie Sprite.
-Added Mia Sprite.
-Added Simone Sprite.
-Added Samantha Sprite.
-Added Alice School event rewrite.
-Added 1 New Kenzie event.
-Added 3 New CG Scenes to Damien's route.
-Added Damien Suit outfit
-Added Alex Suit outfit
-Added Homecoming Dress outfit.

Uni 0.37.96
-Minor image fixes to Track Outfits
-Missing Sprites added to Damien events
-Fixed sprite overlap on Damien's movie date.
-Fixed a background issue in the Cafe Raise scene.
-Fixed an event trigger conflict between MattMafia and Violet events
-Fixed an event trigger conflict between Damien and Violet events
-Fixed background issues in Damien's events
-Fixed Damien Aquarium Date trigger
-Rearranged Damiens Club Appearances (Haven't tested with yearbook yet)
-Added 3 New CG Scenes for the Damien Aquarium Date
-Added 3 New Conflict events with Kate.

Uni 0.36.95b
-Fixed a missing comma in the event triggers causing errors.

Uni 0.36.95
-Fixed Damien route progression passed homecoming dance.
-Fixed Violet-Damien event trigger conflict
-Fixed Alice clothes in her second event.
-Fixed missing dialog during the homecoming dance in Damien's route.
-Fixed Sprite Placement in Cafe.
-Fixed Clothing error in cafe.
-Can now trigger Damien's mall date by going to the mall.
-Fixed consistiency with a random cheer event should you have a cat.
-Fixed inconstiency caused by the first bar event triggering too early.
-Removed Minigames icon in the laptop menu.
-Fixed an odd background change when going to bed.
-Fixed Matt Bar conflict appearing even if he had been dealt with.
-Added Coach Rudy Sprite
-Added Coach Clayton Sprite
-Added August Casual Clothes Sprite.
-Added Cheer Practice CG Scene
-Added Coach Clayton CG Scene
-Added Mr. Davis Photo CG Scene

Uni 0.35.94b
-Fixed a dialog typo in the cafe route.
-Fixed Matt Mafia CG Error
-Added Matt-Bakery Conflict CG Scene
-Can no longer bring up the phone when going to bed to prevent potential breaking of the day system.

Uni 0.35.94
-Increased the frequency of Karaoke events.
-Added 9 new club events.
-Added Damien Aquarium Date Sea Turtle CG
-Added Matt-Mafia CG Scene
-Removed duplicate cafe events.
-Fixed spritework during cafe.
-Damien Movie continuity fix.
-Bar Grope CG Continuity fix.
-Set the final Mafia event to trigger after day 18.
-Fixed Cat Food notification messages.
-Fixed Matt/Cafe event Overlap.
-Fixed a Error that occured on Kate's romance route.
-Fixed Matt still being taken out by the Mafia even if you hadn't met them.
-Fixed a Matt bug where he could still appear after using the mafia favor.
-Fixed a Violet Dom Event Trigger.
-Fixed a homework notification bug.

Uni 0.34.93b
-Added Android Cheat Menu Support
-Fixed a Cafe Error
-Fixed some sprite weirdness
-Easier to get the Matt-Mafia Favor Option
-Fixed a day skip bug with Matt-Mafia
-Fixed options involving Matt from appearing in other routes.
-Fixed Alice's second event appearing before the first.

Uni 0.34.93
-Added use of Mafia Favor to get out of the Matt Route. 3 New Events.
-Police Officers and Warehouse Worker silouette sprites added.
-Added 3 Character Sprites of the other Cafe Girls.
-Slightly increased the sprite height of Matt.
-New Matt Sprite Variant
-Kate Sick CG has been revised altering a few things about the CG and updating it.
-New Alice Event at school.
-Kate Sex Scene CG Added
-Kate Locker Room CG Scene Added
-Fixed the Domtitle bug that used the default Chelsea name during Sub Violet scenes.
-Fixed Damien-Matt Dream Trigger conditions

Uni 0.33.92
-2 New Dream Sequences
-Increased Bakery Payout
-Increased Cafe Raise amount
-Added a Cheat Mode option to the laptop (Bottom Right)
-Fixed a Violet route event trigger bug
-Flipped the order of the choices when Violet asks you to the spa.
-Redundant images deleted
-Cafe Intro CG Updated
-Added Stripclub Background
-Added 3 Kate Zoo Date CGs
-Added Kate Makeout CG Scene
-Added 2 Bar CG Scenes
-Due to conflicts with other events Matt-Violet conflict has been moved to day 71.
-Same as above for Matt-Damien conflict has been moved to day 72 & 73.
-Game now ends on day 75.

Uni 0.32.91
-Fixed a route conflict with Violet, Matt, and the Bakery.
-Typos fixes to Alice's events and a few periods added.
-Background fixes with a landlord event and a Matt event.
-Fixed Violet-Matt conflict scene trigger. (Damien-Matt should trigger as well)

Uni 0.32.90
-Wardrobe and Outfit Shop Fixed
-Sprites added to Matt-Damien and Matt-Violet conflict events.

Uni 0.32.89
-Your dream settings selections will now be remembered.
-A New Character Alice has been introduced.
-Added Hotel CG Scene
-Added Violet Dom Bar CG Scene
-Hair will now revert to previous style you had in the Cheer club.
-Altered the cafe car scene payout to be direct cash instead of being added to tips.
-Typo fixes
-Increased Bar prostitution payout to $1200
-Added prices and rewards to the book store choices
-Added phone vibration sfx to scenes that did not have them.
-Added 5 new hairstyles
-Buying outfits is semi-functional at the moment
-Added Violet Bedroom Background.
-Added Restroom background to scenes missing them.

Uni 0.31.88
-Town Map code overhauled and reworked
-Town Map images have been resized properly
-Added Bar Grope CG Scene
-Added Bar Daniel x Chelsea CG Scene
-Added Bar Kate Restroom CG Scene
-Added Bar Muscle Guy CG Scene
-Added Bar Restroom CG Scene
-Fixed a few typos
-Date Icons are no longer used and date events now fire automatically on the specific days.
This is to prevent people from accidentally missing certain date events and breaking the routes.
-Earnings at the Bakery have been tweaked you'll now make more at the bakery.
-Tweaks to sprites and day progression during some events.
-Bug with the price changing on the Slit dress fixed.
-Added more corruption gain in the Bakery.
-Tweaked corruption gain in Cafe.
-Added a little more wage gain to the Cafe job.
-Fixed a Violet continuity error with the Bar job.
-Fixed a corruption bug in the stripclub.
-Fixed the startAlign bug.

Uni 0.30.87
-Added extra dialog if you have the same name as Violet or Kate
-6 New Club events (2 Per Club)
-3 New Farmers Market Events
-3 New Stripclub Events
-Fixed Bar Sprite staying on screen
-Fixed Violet picking you up at the bar regardless of your choice
-Fixed Not being able to walk around after the Violet Spa event
-Added Bug Report button to the phone menu (Removed the previous button)
-Added Damien Selfie Image
-Added Violet House Background
-Added Violet Dom Dinner Date CG Scene
-Added Violet Dom After Dinner CG Scene
-Added Missing Levi Sprites
-Added Missing Lisa Sprites
-Fixes for the Stripclub events

Uni 0.29.86
-Gallery Fixed and overhauled
-Stripclub event trigger fixes
-New Blue Dress from Violet Submissive route
-School Restroom Background added
-New Kate Selfie CG
-Raised Text event chances
-New Sub Violet Dinner Date CG Scene
-New Violet Sub Bedroom CG Scene
-Dialog Changes to a few scenes such as the catcall events and other random events.
-Fixed a bug with Matt where the route would continue even if you went to the restroom and refused his advances.
-Fixed a bug where you would not receive your paycheck during the Kate Sleepover event.

Uni 0.28.85
-Phone System Overhaul.
-New Bakery CG Scene during the final scene.
-New Matt CG Scene during bus ride to meet Kate.
-New Kate & Chelsea Picnic CG Scene.
-New Violet Car CG Scene
-New Violet Dom CG Scene
-New Violet Sub CG Scene
-New Violet Casual Outfit
-Fixed a few parts of the gallery that was broken. (Index Error still there)
-Broke the Gallery...
-Fixed Goth bedroom having a corruption requirement.
-Fixed CarWash CG Unlock
-Fixed a bug where your grades would go down every time you clicked on the school even if school was out.
-Fixed Event timing bugs with the Bar job.
-Fixed a bug with the Honor Roll Achievement.
-If you have A's then doing homework will no longer take up a time slot.
-5 New Violet Dom Events
-5 New Violet Sub Events
-Matt & Carrigan Sprite Fixes
-Cafe raise for pure (non-corruption) playthroughs.
-10 New Text Violet Scenes
-2 New Violet Selfies
-5 New Text Damien Scenes
-5 New Text Kate Scenes
-5 New Text Matt Scenes
-Mr. D Coffee Shop side route completed.

Uni 0.27.84
-Fixed Gallery not updating.
-Matt Sprites added to latest scenes.
-Fixed multiple typos.
-New sprite transforms added.
-Corruption balancing + adding several more corruption gain or loss based on choices.
-New Kate Makeout CG Scene
-3 New Matt CG Scene + Matt, Damien, Chelsea Scene.
-New Damien CG Scene after homecoming.
-Several other smaller bug fixes. (Sprites, transitions, gallery problems, etc.)

Uni 0.26.83
-Added a New Dream.
-Fixed Getting out of Matts route via not showering off spilled milk.
-Fixed Violet Party even not triggering in her route.
-Fixed Damien Map icon showing up when it shouldn't.
-Fixed a few sprite image size bugs.
-Fixed the salon background to be 1080p instead of 4K.
-Added Damien Mall Event Dressing Room Selfie.
-Added Damien Yearbook CG Scene.
-Added Damien Cheer CG Scene.
-Added Damien Track CG Scene.
-Added Kate Puppies CG Scene.
-Added 5 New Damien Scenes.
-Added 5 New Matt Scenes.
-Fixed a Kate Sprite problem during the flower festival.
-Fixed Matt's Smirk Sprite.

Uni 0.25.81b - Patch
-Fixed Violet/Matt event conflict, Matt's latest events will happen a few days later than previously.
-Fixed Matt and Ryan staying on screen for a CG.
-Spelling Fix
-Added Violet Bar CG Scene

Uni 0.25.81
-Fixed some weird background transitions.
-Changed a few black backgrounds.
-Added Kate Date CG Scenes.
-Added Emilia Sprites to final Kate Event.
-Added Android Hide Button to PC version.
-Removed Damien Sprites from Festival Rejection choice.
-Can no longer rewind back to a prior day.
-Fixed Certain CG Scenes not unlocking in the gallery.
-Added missing Mr. Davis Sprites to the yearbook club intro.
-"Report a bug" button added underneath the version number on the main menu. (Still needs some work to look better.)
-Added Ryan Sprites to Track Team.
-Added New Damien Casual Outfit
-Added Damien "bootylicious" images
-Added New Lingerie for Chelsea.
-Added Levi Sprites to Yearbook Club.
-Fixed some outfit cleavage being missing.
-Violet Dom/Sub option is now dependent on your previous choices with her.
-Added Landlord Sprites.
-Added Missing Chelsea sprites to rent scenes.
-Added Alex sprites.

Uni 0.24.80
-Delete Save button added in the Load Screen.
-Added an "X" to the quick menu to hide the interface on Android.
-Fixed a window bug for free mode on Android.
-Adjusted Cafe and Bakery payouts.
-Linearized Kate's Romance events.
-Added Matt Doggy CG Scene.
-Added Damien Bar CG Scene.
-Added Matt Bar CG Scene.
-Added Nate&Co. Park CG Scene
-Added Chelsea x Daniel Cafe CG Scene
-Added Hair Salon Background during Bakery Route.
-4 New Damien Events

Uni 0.23.79
-New Matt Casual Outfit added.
-Expanded Mall Outfits writing.
-New CG Scenes for picking out clothes at the mall with Lisa.
-Gallery overflow bug fixed.
-Gallery now shows locked CGs Scenes
-Android version now skips the Hizor Games splash screen to prevent the game from crashing on startup.
-Several bug fixes.
-Some dates for Damien and Violet when eating out now have CG Scenes.
-Nate & Co. Bar CG Scene has been re-added. (Version mix-up problem)
-7 New Kate Romance scenes.

Uni 0.22.78b
-Fixed the top layer for the new outfits.
-Fixed Matt Event timing.
-Updated Android Compatibility.
-Small event fixes.

Uni 0.22.78
-Fixed a Dream Sequence requirement.
-Fixed Background transition in intro.
-Fixed Android Background Loading problem.
-Fixed a hair display problem.
-Skipping work or school has been removed to prevent breaking the game.
-Fixed Fake ID bug.
-Background bug fixes.
-Event timing fixes with Damien, Violet, Homework bullies, and English Class.
-Fixes to the Matt Bad Ending triggering improperly.
-Fix to the Damien Mall event being able to buy the lingerie without having the money to do so.
-Final Karaoke Event added.
-3 New Kate Romance Events.
-2 New Matt Events.
-5 New Conflict Events.
-Hotel Background Added to the bar event.
-Matt & Alex Alley CG Scene Added.
-Damien Movie CG Scene Added.
-Violet Couch and Face Mask Scene Added.
-4 New Outfits Added to the shop.

Uni 0.21.76
-8 New Bar Scenes
-Edited Cafe Map Location
-Return button added for cat shop
-Edit to dialog if you slapped Matt
-Edit to times of day naming to be more clear
-Small changes to event timings

Uni 0.20.75
-Corruption no longer goes above 100.
-Second Cash Wash events spread out between each other so you won't get it back to back.
-Fixed a grades bug.
-Cash can no longer drop below 0.
-End day re-adjusted to end on day 72.
-Spelling fixes.
-Fixes to a few Kate relation conditionals.
-Fixes to Damien events continuing into other events.
-New Sprite System implemented. Blonde Hair, Breast Implants, and Makeup changes now in the game. Chelsea's expressions have been redone.
-Cat Adoption Added.
-Rent & Landlord events added.
-Town Map Image resized and re-configured to fit the game screen. Can now properly see the full map.
-Outfit Shop overhauled to work with the new sprite system and given a new look. Finally ready for more outfits.
-Several bug fixes to Damien events which prevented certain scenes and content from being seen.
-Gallery display bugs have been fixed, new viewable scenes, and final two categories added.
-Wardrobe updated to work with the new system.
-Similar to the town map the city backgrounds have been re-adjusted to fit the screen.
-Cafe Alley Second Variant CG Added.
-Nate & Co Bar Scene CG Added.
-Cafe Threesome CG Scene part 1 & 2 Added.
-Two New Dreams added.
-Cafe & Kate events linearized. No longer trigger based on RNG.

Uni 0.19.72b
-Removed "Calendar" button
-Fixed Kate Grope CG Error
-Downscaled Alley CG down to 1080p
-Sprite Fixes
-First Track Event Transition fix
-Fixed Damien event triggers. (Starts on day 35)
-Fixed Violet/Kate Dates overlap.
-Game end Date changed to 43

Uni 0.19.72
-Added 4 Large Damien Events
-Altered Achievement Checks
-Added Coach Carrigan Sprite
-Added Car Wash CG Scene
-Added Cafe Bathroom CG Scene
-Added Cafe Alley CG Scene Kate Variant
-Added Cafe Grope CG Scene

Uni 0.18.69b
-Fixed Matt Route not progressing if you took a shower.
-Spelling Errors, Continuity fixes.
-Added Missing Emilia Sprite to one of Kate's Events.
-Added Locker Room Background to shower scene.
-Split up longer text to display better on android.
-Matts Event Trigger days have been moved up earlier.

Uni 0.18.69
-Added Violet Striptease to Gallery
-Added New Matt Scenes and Edits
-Added New CG with the Matt Content
-Added Bad Ending 01
-Added New Car Wash Walk around event
-Edits to Homework Chance and Grade Decay
-Karaoke Event will play multiple times if you decided to leave
-Added Restaurant background to more areas

Uni 0.17.67
-Added Restaurant/Café Background the food dates.
-Added New Achievement "Dominant Girlfriend."
-Added Mr. Davis Character Sprite
-Added 5 Bar Events + Sprites
-Added Kate Hug & Kate Kiss CG Scenes
-Added Violet Sub Striptease CG Scenes
-5 New Kate Romance Route Scenes

Uni 0.16.65
-Now have an extra two chances to open your neckline in the cafe route
-Damien Festival Kiss CGs added
-Added Keith X Lisa Scene 2 CG
-Added Laptop U.I
-Added CG Gallery.
-Added Matt Blowjob CG
-Added Dr. White Sprite
-Several Bug fixes
-Damien Movie Handjob corruption requirement lowered to 10.
-Added New Matt Phone images to Locker room scene
-Added Emilia Sprite
-Council Member list updated
-Added Achievements

Uni 0.15.64
-Beta Release

Uni 0.14.63
-Farmers Market Background added.
-Changes to Ending Credits. New Image added.
-Fixed Sprite Errors in the Cafe that were missed.
-Edits to dream sequence chances.
-Made the Bakery events fixed instead of random. Should help conflict event appearances.
-MC Sprite Size Edits.
-Lisa Phone Scene Added.
-Background fix in Violet Dom Route
-Fixed a bug where the Kiss CG wouldn't appear if you were any club other than yearbook.
-Fixed a outfit bug during one of the Violet dates.
-Tweaked corruption gain.
-Added Mall Make-up CG Scene.

Uni 0.14.62
-Fixed a bug when you have homework on the first day and do the homework instead of walk around.
-Made a few changes to expressions in the intro day.

Uni 0.14.61
-Added three extra CG Variants to the Kate sick scene if you hadn't told her about your family previously.
-Cat Sprite Added
-Added Karaoke Backgrounds
-Added Harley Sprites
-Added Cosmetic Surgery Background
-Can now wear outfits bought at the mall when shopping with Lisa
-4 New Cafe scenes. Different scenes based on corrupted Kate or not.
-Fixed a bug that would prevent Damien's Festival date from triggering.
-Added Date Icons
-Fixed a major problem where the last three track events were never added to the event trigger list.

Uni 0.13.60
-Custom cursor Added
-Kate Sick CG Scene Added
-Keith & Lisa CG Scene Added
-August Sprite Added
-9 New Bakery Events
-Matt Conflict Events Added
-Damien Conflict Events Added
-Violet Conflict Events Added
-Title Screen lightly Animated
-Day limit increased to 80

Uni 0.12.58
- Dozens of bug fixes

Uni 0.12.57
- Beta Release

Uni 0.11.56
- Lisa Sad Expression Added
- Bug in the dream after the festival with Damien fixed
- Kate repeating an extra line fixed.
- Time advancing properly after coffee date with Damien.
- Books at the book store will now increase your grades by a bit
- Route Completion % Page created for Patreon (Only pertains to routes currently in the game)

Uni 0.11.55
- Added Violet Party Background
- Added Community Outfits to Outfit Shop
- Small edit added to Lisa's Bakery Outfit
- New Lisa Casual Outfit
- Optimized the bedroom backgrounds for Android & improved background image quality
- Edits to Matt Lockeroom Scene
- 3 New Dreams Added
- 11 New Bakery Events

Uni 0.11.54
- Outfit bug fixed.
- Fixed an event bug.
- Corrected Catalog positions
- Added Bakery Office Background
- Added Silhouettes
- Correction to Bathroom CG.
- Phone Image added to Matt Lockerroom CG if you try to go home.

Uni 0.11.53
-Beta Release

Uni 0.10.52
-Massive event tweaks
-A "End of Route" text will appear once you've reached the end of the Main Routes.
-Fixed Violet Black Screen Bug
-Fixed a multiple backgrounds and sprite bugs
-Changed Night to Dusk and changed Late at Night to Night.
-Added Bedroom styles shop. (You can now purchase different styles for your bedroom. Warning: Not cheap!)

Uni 0.10.51
-Keith Sprites added
-Sophie Sprites added with updated expression transitions
-Violet Sleep CG Scene added
-Number of playable days increased to 70
-Free Mode now unlocks after reaching the end of the game at least once.
-Skip Intro option now unlocks after you've seen the intro at least once.
-Skip Club Intro option now unlocks after you've seen the intro at least once.
-Version Number now appears in the bottom right of the main screen.
-When on the Town Map screen you can now "Fast travel" to the bedroom by pressing "b"
-Default button added to wardrobe to change back to the original casual outfit
-Doing your homework will now give different dialog based on your grades

Uni 0.10.50 (Adukan Update)
- New Submissive Violet Expressions
- New Damien Casual Outfit
- Free Mode Added
- New Title Screen Music
- New Title Screen
- Deleted Arcade
- New Cafe Intro CG Scene
- New Bakery Intro CG scene
- 18 New Backgrounds (More if you add in the morning and night variants)
- Transition fixes and additions
- 2 very large Damien Events
- U.I Overhauled
- Town Map implemented.
- New Outfit Shop with 4 New Buyable Casual Outfits
- New Matt Bathroom CG Scene
- New Matt Locker Room CG Scene
- New Car Blowjob CG Scene
- New Violet Kiss CG Scene (Sub and Dom version)
- 29 New Events for Walking Around
- 4 New Violet Events
- New Cafe Lap CG Scene
- 9 New Club events (3 for each club)
- New Wardrobe system for wearing the outfits you buy!
- New Violet outfit.
- 12 New Events for School.
- 3 New Dreams

Uni- 0.9.43 Violet Fever
Beta Release

Uni- 0.8.42
-Worked on the RNG more
-Increased Days played to 55
-4 New Violet scenes. 2 Sub Route 2 Dom Route.
-Damien School Sprite added to his scenes.

Uni- 0.8.41
-Edited Matt Scenes
-Added Tracy Sprites
-2 New Kate scenes
-Edited each work intro scene a bit, added more detail.
-During the intro, you now go straight to bed.
-Updated Shadow Council listings.

Uni- 0.8.40a
- Fixed Matt Smirk Sprite
- Fixed scene transitions
- Corrected some spelling
- Corrected Sprite placements including outfits "sliding in".
- Added more sprite expressions during some scenes.
- Tweaked RNG by about 5 - 10 % to have scenes appear more frequently.
- Added Credits to Shadow Council.
- Fixed Cafe Events skipping over kate events
- Fixed an infinite loop with a phone scene
- Going to the clubs after the apartment scene with violet now plays correctly

Uni- 8.40 Lovey Dovey
Beta Release

Uni- 0.7.40
- Edits and bug fixes
- 4 New Violet Scenes
- Sprites Added to scenes

Uni- 0.7.39
- Added Three Phone Conversations with Violet.
- Edits to Matts scene, now blackmail is involved.
- Added Olivia Sprite
- New Matt scene

Uni- 0.7.38
- Violet's intro has been added onto
- Set certain trigger points to check for phone events
- Damien Phone Events have been added
- Kate Phone Events have been added

Uni- 0.7.37 In Character

- Beta Release for 0.7.37

Uni- 0.6.36
- 1 Bakery event added.
- Sprites added to new Cafe Scenes & Bakery Scenes
- Bug fixes with events not appearing as well as event timings.
- New Kate Casual Outfit

Uni- 0.6.35
- Intelligence has been changed to Grades
- Alterations made to more appropriately affect grades
- Added Matt Sprite and CG Markers
- Stats and money should no longer drop below 0
- Five New Cafe Events involving Kate

Uni - 0.6.34
- Edits to the naming screen, Default name now displays.
- Image variable changes to make transformations 100 times easier.
- Three new Bakery scenes involving Lisa.
- Track outfit has been added.
- Cheer outfit has been added

Uni- 0.6.33 Clubs expansion
0.6 beta release

Uni- 0.5.32
- New Matt scene that occurs before the bathroom scene.
- More bug fixes since we've been messing around with the code.
- Added Sprites to Club intro and Cheer events
- Splash Screen now has audio

Uni- 0.5.31
- Heavy Changes to dialogue in all current routes, so the next time you play you'll notice a few changes in dialogue depending on the club you're apart of.
- Changes to naming screen to make it clearer that you're supposed to name the character.
-Fixed the bug with the dream settings crashing. (Side note: If you turn on and off Femdom constantly you'll notice the 'o' moves slightly back and forth. Very Odd)
-Fixed errors caused by variables and image overlaps.

Uni- 0.5.30a: Patch
-Patch: Fixed Violet overlapping bug, fixed Kate remaining on screen during car scene, fixed time progression during clubs and events with Damien, fixed a bug with tips not being received, fixed background during Violet's visit. -Bonus Content: Dream Settings have been updated with new settings. New Dream Sequence involving the player femdomming Violet.

Uni- 0.5.30: Clubs Update
- Beta Release for 0.5.30

Uni- 0.4.29
-Club introduction
-ASEngine Updated to incorporate club events on weekends
-Credits revised
-9 Main Club Events added
-18 Random club Events added

Uni- 0.4.28
-Hunger stat has been removed from the game.
-Bug Fixes
-Sprite placement fixes
-Added Sad Expression
-Deleted unnecessary files to reduce game size.
-Added more phone events to current scenes

Uni- 0.4.27
-Added Phone System
-Phone U.I Edits
-Removed Lust stat from the game
-Edits to the stat screen
-Added initial introduction to clubs
-Reconfigured the corruption stat to account for new balancing
-New phone scene in the intro
-New random school event
-Stat balancing across all routes (Some scene variations are now accessible)

Uni- 0.4.26: Girlfriend Update
-Beta Release for 0.4.26

Uni- 0.3.25
-Added Airi to Patreon Splash Screen.
-Edited a few older events.
-Event Tweaks
-Bug fixes
-Updated Credits
-Edited New Events
-Added Violet Sprites
-Added new Cafe/Bakery outfits

Uni- 0.3.24
-Bug Fixes
-Added Default name if one isn't made
-CG added for the Threesome scene
-7 Violet events added
-1 School Event involving Violet if you've met her or not.
-Added extra functionality to the ASEngine for a scene with Violet.
-7 New variables added
-Patches to other event routes for conditionals and branches in other routes.

Uni- 0.3.23: Coffee Update
-Beta Release for 0.3.23
-Editing and corrections
-Bug Fixes
-Added extra menu if you skip the intro. (To decide if you slapped Matt or not)
-Tweaked event chances
-Added additional stat increases in certain scenes

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by renenarciso

Version reviewed: 0.37.96 on 04/30/2022

This is a superb game! Very sexy, very enjoyable. Just be warned that it isn't a transformation game. You play as a woman from start to finish. And that is okay with me. 

It's very immersive, as it's written in the second person voice, and it allows you to input your own name. So, if you're a male player, the transformative aspect exists, but only in a meta-sense. 

At first, it looks like a sandbox game, with school, work, money earned, etc. But it's actually more of a light novel. Thankfully, because I'm not into sandbox games. You meet many NPCs, and each of them is a story you can follow, with multiple scenes. Your reactions and choices with the NPCs allow you to follow different paths. 

One cool thing is that each NPC/story is more or less separated from the rest. There aren't PC stats, apart from Corruption and Money, and those two stats aren't really used much. What this means is that you can play as the submissive slut of NPC 1, as the dominatrix of NPC 2, as the supportive friend of NPC 3, and as a total bitch with NPC 4. I like it better than games with a more centralized PC state that locks you up in a single role with all NPCs.

There are modest attempts to make the NPCs slightly more well-rounded than usual. For instance, you may eventually discover that the boy that turns you into his personal whore has a family and a life outside of his interactions with you. 

Pretty good. Recommended.

Review by burnin8trxx

Version reviewed: 0.31.88 on 06/08/2021

Yo I wish that dude would fire me from the bakery for not being pretty enough, id sue his ass for wrongful termination and that's on god.


oh the game, yeah pretty sexy and engaging if you can get over like everyone in the town is just an asshole

Review by TheMartial

Version reviewed: 0.20.75 on 06/02/2020

The game is well-written, and nicely polished. It's just not much of a transformation game. AFAIK, you can dye your hair blonde and get a boob job. They do affect the character's appearance in-game, which isn't always true for these games, but they're so mundane that it almost feels wrong to call them transformations. It's obvious that there's a lot of talent behind this game, it's just not a good transformation game. If you're looking for TF content, steer clear. 

Review by efindumb

Version reviewed: 0.17.67 on 01/01/2020

This takes a while but the options leave so many chances for different outcomes so you can play multiple times and have something new each time.

Review by Freewill

Version reviewed: 0.9.43 on 05/01/2019

There's some good writing and some potential in this game, but the mechanics are too opaque. What does corruption do? Is it important? Why is the only way to reliably raise it either a specific set of choices or save scumming for a random town event? Are there trigger conditions for events? Are they completely random? If so why, when it means you can randomly miss content you might be looking for?

It either needs to be clearer as to how it works, or get rid of the redundant complications that right now only make it frustrating.

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