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Version: 1.0.3

Version: 1.0.2

Version: 1.0.1

Version: 1.0.0

Story of my Life

This is a TF game where you are a male student living with his mom and sister. You go about everyday life to try and figure out more about yourself and your feelings. This game is in its very first stage so there is still much to be done. 


you can dowload the game here Mega NZ Version 1.0.3

and you can also check it out the latest version of the game at my patreon page 

So far there are three character, You, Your Sister and Your Mom. Each character will have different reactions to what you do

Your goal is to walk around your house or school (when implemented), and basically increase your perversion. There are many things that happen during each phase of perversion. Perversion must be gained in a certain order to keep advancing. Your goal is to figure out the order

Update on 5/06/2019

  • Finsished All CLub Activities
  • Mom Room has some Story Line
  • Living Room has some activities

Update on 3/08/2019

  • Added Save Feature
  • Progression is slower
  • Added a little school content: Only Drama Club works
  • Added Random Hallway Events
  • Progression based on receiving points, (you get 1 perversion to get 1 club, then you have to get the next perversion point to move on)
  • Fixed Path Files for Images and Gifs (Should work now)


Update on 2/23/2019


  • Fixed a couple broken links with eating
  • Stamina and other bars now display on sidebar
  • Implemented a way to save
  • Created store to now spend your money
  • Created more events with sister based on perversion
  • Sleep time should reset eachday (in 24HR Format)

This is what I was able to get around to. Versions after this will have to be for my Patrons and will make free everytime after its been updated. Thank you!

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Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on 07/25/2019

This is about as bad as it gets. A solid example of how NOT to do things.

Writing - 1/10

There's almost NO writing. Mostly you get a couple of lines between images. And they aren't exactly well done either.

I've seen games that manage to properly direct imagination with as little text as this game has, but this is not one of them.

Does the writing combine to form some kind of plot that makes sense? Nope. We get some under-described MC with ambiguous sexuality and preferences seemingly voluntarily (no real source of pressure is described, no resistance is shown) going through some pervy motions as if it's all routine (both to him and everyone around him).

Is the plot itself original? Nope. Doesn't include any rare or interesting circumstances. Doesn't include any rare fetishes either (unless they are so rare that I walked by and didn't recognise them because I never knew that it's a fetish). Pretty standard (hereabout, nowadays) themes - a school kid says farewell to his masculinity and hello to his lifetime of humiliation and cross-dressing.

Images - 3/10

Compared to the amount of writing in this game there's a lot of them. Compared to other games with both decent amount of images AND writing, there's the usual amount of them.

Were they meticulously selected? Nope.

Do they fit a specific style? Nope.

Do they fit well with the story and describe it's elements (characters, places, props) with high precision? Nope.

Gameplay - 0/10

Less gameplay than in a linear VN. Doesn't (yet?) feature anything you couldn't fit into a typical VN format either.

This is presented in life-sim-ish style but actually isn't one. You do get to "click" through something that's supposed to represent daily routine but there's nothing ACTUALLY going on in that daily routine. PE had at least some of that. Many of it's clones trend followers had at least a tiny bit of that. This game has none.

Code - 0/10

There's no complex interface, no complex statistics or game mechanics, it's about as typical and bare bones as HTML games go.

And in that we get bugs. Missing images, missing passages - the usual minor stuff. Except... when games like PE get them it's excusable - those are huge and NOT easy to debug - lot's of code, many variable states the game could be in - the works.

This one is about as short and invariable as it gets. And it repeatedly hits it's releases with those types of bugs. For example in the current 1.0.3 we're supposed to find some content in MC's mother's room... which you can't enter once you've got enough perversion because it throws an error.

TF - 0/10

There's none of it (yet?). Neither mental nor physical. There are gifs with tits though and a Patreon page (already!?). Go figure...

P.S. [insert mandatory rant about how games that are a world away from completion shouldn't start their version number with a 1]

Review by avsa18

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 02/24/2019

Man, there are many mistakes, right at the beginning of the game I noticed several silly mistakes, such as wrongly typed file path and files without correct correctness in their path, I would try to correct it, but I preferred to warn that in the next update can be corrected those errors, because the problem of the images do not load if the game is not on disk C: it is precisely this

Review by master-ka

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 02/24/2019

Currently there is not happing very much so far as I could see (but I was stopped by bug while dressing panties) but I can already see, it is a nice start so far:

  • story seems not spectacular (nothing very innovative which was never seen before) but is set up with potential ("story of my life" opens a wide range of possibilities).
  • usage of pictures as always a plus (but some are too big which disturbs the player while clicking through the game)
  • cdoper2012 is very motivated and is keen on adding new content ... I always appreciate game-developers who have fun with this

But to last point I have a strong recommendation to cdoper2012:

Before you introduce new stuff and increase size/complexity of the game, please clean up current state and set up a cleat and working background (inventory,  clothes-mechanism, statistics, etc) or directory-system (now there are a lot of dead links).
You're game is quite buggy now (most failures are very obvious and not hard to remove) and if you keep adding stuff you will loose overview :(

So: please check your current state for bugs and then extend game ... but then (i'm sure) we will have a very nice piece of game here with great potential to be developed in any kind of direction.
I will wait for updates!!

Review by Bodyhunter

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on 02/24/2019



this morning i played this game for the first time. It reminds me a little bit of PE, there are even some similar pictures in it. In my opinion the game could have some potential to develop into something nice and kinky, but right now there isn't much content and unfortunately there is a ton of bugs, not working pics, really small pictures and many dead ends.

Once you start to raise your perversion level there are some encounters, but things develop like in lightspeed, from nice mom to "you wear a maid uniform with a plugged ass" in 3 minutes....there should be some steps in between...

Remove the errors, add some content that develops a bit more slowly, rework the size of some pictures and i bet this game can become a really nice one.


Keep up the work!





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