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Version: 0.0.1

Wanna Find Me

Bringing you "Wanna Find Me", the sequel to Wanna Kill Me. As the 2nd chapter, it's a Puzzle/Adventure game with a little less pure-puzzle element and more exploration. WFM takes you into the capital of the Dirt Empire, where the gameplay will revolve around the challenges it throws at you around town. Heavily steeped in mind-control/corruption and transformation elements, as well as typical staples of mine like assimilation/twinning/latex and inanimate. The game will feature numerous bad ends and different areas to explore that offer those endings, in a trial-by-fire sorta manner. 

Currently just the introduction demo with the intro, first puzzle and overworld playable!


2 of 4 Planned installments.

After quietly spending her usual afternoon practicing spells, Morgoth the Sorceress finds one day that once again her hut has been invaded by Moblins, pests of the Dirt Empire. In her fury she storms off to the capital of her home- only to find on her train that she's forgotten her wallet. After a puzzle and a bit of delay she'll talk to the Dirt Princess post-haste and get this all sorted out, if she can find her that is. Rest assured, as long as she's still here she swears she'll have her audience and get back her quiet peaceful life. Until then she's in town and not going anywhere.

Morgoth - Crafty, cheek sorceress who makes her trade in spells and little favors. She gets around- and will have to get around town using her wits and magic to find what she seeks.

Maddlynn - A close friend of Morgoth, the affectionate bubbly girl is a royal dancer for her kingdom and friendly spirit to all.

Dirt King - A king on his throne, belonging to his people. He's surrounded by his many sissie wives, his princesses.

The Dirt Princess - A heir on the run (She does this every week). Sick of life as a princess, she flees again- but to her family she'll always be daddy's little Queen.

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