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Ensign XenoFucker


To Boldly Fuck What No Human Has Fucked Before!


You're the new Morale Officer on an alien starship.  Your job is to fuck all the weird alien crew and keep them happy.  It's a great honor: you're the first Earthling officer allowed on a Coalition crew.  Ship's whore is also the only position they believe a primitive human can handle.  You'll show them when you steal all their technological secrets for Earth.  Right after you give this ball of tentacles—apparently they are an engineer—a titfuck.


Bioreactive Expansion (Jul 30 2019)

New Features

  • Alien body fluids trigger transformations & other weirdness
    • expansion tf
    • shrinkage tf
    • color change tf
    • surface change tf
    •  lactation tf
    •  heat tf
    • stimulant effect
    • depressant effect
    • hallucinogenic effect
  • Shower to remove alien body fluids before they work their magic on you
  • Weirdness Slider can make new aliens tend to be more tame or more bizarre
  • Character status displayed: Arousal, Bliss, Health (incl Toxicity, Injury, & Deprivation)
  • Lips size
  • You can strip in front of your mirror and examine individual body parts
  • Games can save and load

Bug fixes: 

  • Chatting and flirting properly advances the clock
  • Removing clothing no longer happens instantaneously
  • Looking in the mirror returns a description using 'you' instead of 'she/he/they'
  • So many back-end refactors I've lost count.

Inital Proof of Concept (Jun 29 2019)

  • procedurally generating weird aliens
  • fucking weird, procedurally generated aliens

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by BungeeLover

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 03/28/2020

At the moment the game dont have as much content as one would like but is pretty good and promissing. The sex system has a few problems that need to be fixed but most of them were minor on my playtrough(Problems finding where your char was and such). In general is pretty promissing and I hope to see more of it

Review by AnnaKendra

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 09/01/2019

Interesting concept,though the menu system is currently broken as well as invisible until highlighted. I will check this out again once it’s further along.

Update: The buttons are still invisible during play for me until I hold my finger over them,I’m using the Documents app on an iPad Air 2

Review by diskcd

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/11/2019

Game is extremely in the early concept phase at the moment (mine froze when it got to the body-scan as a male with a penis), but what's there right now is certainly interesting. It's a fun world building game even with as little as there is, and the game seems to be hinting at a lot of possibilities (you can choose your gender and then the aliens realize that gender is not always equal to sex so you can confirm afterwards what stuff you have 'down there', and the tags and scanner indicate that you won't necessarily be what you start as).

If I have any thoughts on what may make it better in future stuff, this is one of the times where I feel like art would really help more than usual. Not even in a 'character doll' kind of way, but I personally was having trouble trying to visualize the first alien you're properly introduced to. If you've got a good imagination and are looking for 'less human-like' games then I'd keep a watch on this game, I'm interested in seeing further updates once mechanics/scenes are introduced.



Review by fuckaduck

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 08/02/2019

Up and Cummer!
This alot of forethought and dialogue, choosing your sex is great.
Fun concept game. Good amount of erotica so far. I'll defintely be following.

Review by JoeW

Version reviewed: 0.0.1 on 07/31/2019

Interesting concept.  A bit too much options to click. One click an action but there is no description of the effect except the moving of bars for the MC or the npc. There isn't a written feedback of the npc responses and how the MC feels or is affected. All this may be planned for future update to be filled in as this is very early in development.


The main antagonist does come to check on the MC. Time doesn't seem to pass when having sex. Sleep as far as I can tell does do anything. Since there is a time limit to go get all the crew to be bliss marking of time seems to be important and needs to be shown. 

I get the actions needed to learn about the alien technology. But the game so far is a game to minimize ones use of stamina while putting the crew in bliss. But there are too many different types of crew to remember how to make each species to be one bliss in the shortest amount of time. Initially I thought the MC supervisor was going to assign crew members but one needs to go out and find 8 of them.

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