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Version: 0.1.2

Discovering Me

You are an irresponsible, disorganized, and just generally messy college professor in your early 30s. It is the last week before summer vacation and your choices can lead you to either become more masuline while maintaining your uncaring lifestyle, or a small 20 year old college girl in at the end of her sophomore year. This is my first twine game so I would love feedback. If you go to the dicussion thread I will have a list of future plans for you to browse. Presently their is no media. I plan on adding that in the next update. This is a Cyoa story game.  I am working on another project as this one felt wrong to me. I may come back at a later date to finish it.


Mr. Collins- A 30 something College Professor married a few years who undergoes some changes

Melissa Collins- a 20 something woman married to Mr. Collins

Ms Broker- The Secretary in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Unamed University in the Huoston Texas Region.

Reese Cambell- A textbook rep who visits the Department of Theatre and Dance. Mails Mr. Collins a gift.

Unkown Dream Girl- A very petite 20 year old college sophomore and Unamed University in the Huoston Texas Region.

v0.1.0 Initial release  11/07/2019

v0.1.1 edited typos and grammar errors which will hopefully improve readability

v0.1.3 Images Uploaded

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Review by sissymaid_louise

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 11/08/2019

Not lot to go by but it looks like if the dev keeps going with it may work out as good game.



Review by therandomestpersons

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 11/07/2019

From what there is to go off of (there isn't much), this seems like a decent premise that could be made into something solid. However, since there really isn't much currently any judgement will have to be decided later.


Oh, and by the by if you are seeing this poster dude you might want to check the file for typos.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 11/07/2019

The concept has me intersted just to see how one makes sense of this...but there's practically no content yet.


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