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Magic Wars

Note: This is an entry for the Game Night! contest (https://tfgames.site/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=12799), but that doesn't seem to be an option in the drop down.

Well, it seems your friend Charlie's done it again. He bought an old game from a mysterious little shop... which had vanished when he returned the next day. You'd say you were surprised, but Charlie has a certain track record with this kind of thing. In any case, your gaming group has decided to gather at his house and give the game a go, despite your misgivings. In any case, it should be an evening to remember!

"Magic Wars" is the game within this game - it's basically a version of Mafia or Werewolf, with a magic girl versus witches theme. Your magical game host insists it's all fun and games, so you might as well play along. You play as a member of a magical girl squad that has been infiltrated by witches. Each day, you vote off a girl you think is a witch - each night, the witches spirit away one of the girls. And so the race is on to catch all the witches before they catch all of you! The slight twist is that any girl who gets voted off will be transformed into a helpful item for the remaining team members. And the slightly bigger twist is that this is a magical game, and all transformations are real! Well, for one night onlym anyway.

You - a founding member of your gaming group, you generally serve as a voice of reason and useful supplier of crisps.

Charlie - your best friend and other founding member of the gaming group, who has a peculiar knack for landing you in all kinds of scrapes.

Bunny - the magical impartial game moderator.

You'll have to try and pick up strategies for yourself, though sometimes RNG will be against you and you'll be voted off round one. Don't worry if this happens; just enjoy the ride, and try again to hope for a different outcome. A few tips and tricks - admitting to a role might make some people more likely to believe you, but also paints a target on your head for witches. Bidding more gems than a magic girl could possibly own is a surefire bet someone is a witch. Each person has one or two traits that govern how they will react; see if you can work these out. If a person you've identified as purely Honest tells an obvious lie, they;'re most likely a witch! Some items make a really good combination - using the bracelet to charge up the earrings will make things very tricky for the witches.

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Review by Magistrate

Version reviewed: 1.2.0 on 01/03/2020

With the update the game feels much better. The rules are now clear to the new players and the introduction of the note & the improvement of AI's discussion makes it easier to gather useful info. It is still a problem to influence other AI players' choices given their different traits, but at least you know what you're doing. I would recommend this game if you like Mafia games. It is true that AI here does not employ the best strategy, but they still stick to their logic in usual cases.

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