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Version: 0.18

Version: 0.17

My Destiny (prev. Blowing Wind)

My Destiny Logo

My Destiny is a game where you start as a boy who will be starting to explore his sexuality due to an introduction to a website that his brother recommended to him.

The idea of the game is to make it a "Life-Sim" and make most choices matter in a way, from small details to path defining, focusing on making a different type of experience with each of the main routes that the game will develop in the future and the ones currently developed.


The main plot is the introduction, where after talking a lot with his brother, the MC finds himself getting involved with the world of crossdressing and feminization. However, the idea is to make many different choices, paths and branches possible to best fit the player's taste. Also, as of now, I have no plans to change the main topic of the game, that being Feminization. Maybe in the future I'll work more on making the "sissy" content optional.


So far, the game comes with 4 main routes to follow, 2 where you're the sub (Master and Mistress route), 1 where you are the dom (Noah Route), and an independent route (Freedom/Self-TF Route), which currently only has submissive paths.


If you want to follow my working progress I'll be using my patreon as a blog, explaining more in-depth about my thinking-process and ideas.


Any feedback is appreciated, and I will keep working on the game as much as I can.

Also, I have a Discord Server now, you can Join Here


6/09/20: Thank you so much for 300 likes, and all the support the game as been getting, it means a lot to me to see how quickly it grew. I hope to continue on this little project and continue to deliver more progress on it! Love you all

12/12/20: And now this game reached another milestone. 500 likes... I really never thought I would get this much support for this game, I'm really grateful for it all and always encourages me to keep going to see support grow. Thank you, thank you so much


Update notes:

0.18: This update was mostly focused on expanding main route's stories and making more plans for the future, along with starting a new Cheerleader side story on College.

0.17: On this update I followed a bit more on adding more compatiblity with more parts of the game to the last Surgery I added, plus a couple extra encounters for the post-ending content available.

There isn't a "main plot" (Besides Feminization being the main topic of the game), as the objective is to make the game feel as open as possible, however, there are a few main routes to follow:

Submissive routes:


The first one added, you start it by replying to the Anonymous Message you receive at some point



If you don't reply to the anonymous message, Katie will take interest in you and try to enslave you at some point


Dominant Routes:


You become your old friend Noah's Master by tricking him, however you can't start this route if you are on either one of the Submissive ones

Sam - Your Brother

Katie - A girl you meet on College

John - Another friend you'll meet

Noah - An old friend of yours

First Steps/Prologue:

The first few steps are pretty straight forward, as they are mostly there to let you introduce yourself to the characters and visit some places. After these four steps you'll be free to begin taking other routes and options, at the moment I only have another alternative route

1) Talk with Sam, the third time you visit him he will let you know about a site you'll have to visit

2) Visit that site Sam mentioned, you'll unlock the possibility to watch Hypnosis videos

3) Watch the videos enough times until the MC gets a little worried about them and decides to ask some questions on the site previously mentioned

4) After asking those questions you'll get the first very important choice of the game

a) Chickening out, which means you'll get the freedom on trying out other routes ( such as the "Mistress Route", and "Noah's Enslaving Route" at the moment)
b) Replying to the offer, which will lock you on the first route of the game ( the "master route" )


Starting the Mistress Route

1) You'll have to meet Katie at College, you'll have the opportunity to do so on Thursdays and Fridays, and also to talk to her on those same days.

2) Keep talking to Katie, the fourth time you talk to her she should invite you over to her house
( If she isn't interested, it's because you need to do the "First Steps/Prologue" first, I'll add an option to skip it in future updates if necessary )

3) After that you should be given the option to accept her as Mistress, at the time, the only option is to accept, and if you are already on the "Master route", she won't be able to own you, and instead, she'll just be a friend ( Expanding on this latter part will be added on future updates )


Starting the Noah's Enslaving Route

1) You'll be able to visit Noah on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Visit him and in the fourth visit, the MC will get an idea about how to pull a plan to enslave Noah

2) After visiting Noah enough times, check a new option on your PC to research

3) After that you'll be able to visit the Red Light District, in search for a Chastity cage, you will also need to visit the pharmacy and buy Sleep pills

Notes: If you start the "Mistress Route" before this one, you won't be able to enslave Noah.


Starting the Alone/Self-TF Route

- Alone Route

1) Skip Master's Route

2) Investigate more about crossdressing, will eventually find another partner who's also a crossdresser, since he didn't seem shady you believe him

3) He will invite you over to his place and give you a bit of an introduction into crossdressing

After these events, you'll make progress by watching more hypnosis, and trigger scenes and events by sleeping, doing investigation and so on.


1) Keep watching Hypnos, and then talk with Liam

2) Dream scene, you'll unlock a scene that happens when going to college with panties on, but progress is made by just having the Dream.

3) Dream scene, progress is made after it

4) You'll be given a choice to watch hypno again, if you do it, you stay on the route normally, but if you don't watch for a week, an ending triggers

5) After Hypno scene, you'll have to buy a dildo and try it on yourself (Have to wear a full girl outfit for it)

6) You'll be given another choice, to move out with your new friend, or stay home

7) You have to do a hookup (Have to wear a full girl outfit for it)


Master tasks:

To progress you HAVE to talk with him on the days that he's online ( Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays ), also keep watching hypno videos when you don't have a task to do, or report the results

1) You'll have to go to the Red Light District, you'll be forced into chastity. Later, you'll be asked to go to the beauty salon to get depilated, and report the results to him again.

2) You have to wear panties outside. You first have to go and buy them, return to your house, wear them, and go to the Park for the task to be done.

3) Visit the Red Light District again, you'll be going to the sex shop to buy a Dildo, after that, you need to wear feminine clothing and wait for the Master to use the dildo

4) After Moving Out from your first place, you'll be asked to put on a Cam Show, in order to do so, you have to wear Feminine Clothing and also wear a "Mask" you'll find in the Accesories Tab on the Wardrobe Section

5) You'll have to go out again to the Park, this time, fully dressed like a girl, and with a mask in order to protect your identity.

6) Do a Hookup, again, you should wear Feminine Clothing, no mask needed this time since these are random people and not so public.

Mistress Tasks:

Katie has less tasks for the MC, as she has a different way to handle her hypnosis and transformation, but sometimes she will ask something.

1) Wearing panties to College, you'll visit the Salon with Katie afterwards to get fully depilated and shaved

2) Using the dildo she bought you, she'll want to hear the experience

0.18 - Changelog

- Master Route

• MC/Noah Duo path finished

• Fixed some writing details on an early scene

- Noah's Route

• Added 2 more tasks for Noah during for the Rough path
- Extra scene exploring more knowledge
- New store unlocked, you'll be able to buy drugs and other items in the future

- General

• Fixed some small writing details

• Added introduction to a Cheerleading sub-story
- You'll unlock this after having sex in college as a girl a number of times
- Added cheerleader uniform

- Bugfixing

• Some small bugs fixed

• Changed the way some random scenes options where selected to a another one which allows to add more options more easily



- Self-TF Route:

• 1 more step now available to the Self-TF exclusive path
- As usual, watching the hypnosis videos before completing the other tasks usually triggers different results

- General:

• 'Glorious Satisfaction' gloryholes now are compatible with Sex Change Surgery

• Bar job now compatible with Sex Change Surgery
- 2 more scenes in the Waitress job

• Piercings now available at the Tattoo Parlor
- Similar to Tattoos, these have different locations where they can add some points to femininity/sluttines of your overall outfit. If they'd be hidden underneath some piece of clothing, they don't affect any stats.

• Cumskirt now craftable, made from 30 used FreshGoo condoms, only during the post-ending/corrupted stage

• More scenes added during post-ending/corrupted stage
- New set of random encounters with more interactions (The encounter related to fulfilling an event in the bathroom enough times has 3 different dialogues at the end depending on if you had a Master, if you still have a Master or neither)
- 2 new random encounter event related to wearing a Cumskirt (Depending on if you're on the Master's route or Mistress' Red Drink path, you'll trigger one or the other)

- Bugfix

• Fixed a scene popping up during wrong settings

• Made some 'requirement' checks less restrictive (like a revealing outfit requirement)

• Some code optimization to stop unnecesary variable updates

• Replaced variable's generalized "setters" to better individual ones to avoid possible bugs and improve optimization

• Replacement of several methods of updating variables to avoid certain possible conflicts


0.15 bugfixes:

• Fixed an uncommon bug related to the new way to track pass of time and update of daily variables. Now it should work in any situation.


- Self TF Route:

• Added a new path to continue the exclusively Self-TF route (Before, after turning into a girl, you'd have to choose a character to follow their story, and eventually choose them to help you transform even further)
- If you want to get the details, look into this pastebin, since it's too extend to explain here: https://pastebin.com/v6yZhFEG

- General:

• Finished up the Breeding/Pregnancy mechanic:
- You can get pregnant from anyone who has an available scene (This means that most of the main characters you meet won't have a chance to do so yet. This will come when the time for their sidestories to be developed enough)
- When counting up the possible suspects, if there was a group during the breeding, everyone in that group will count as 'possible fathers' (This is to represent a lack of proper memory)
- When in a group, only the creampies will count towards the chance of pregnancy
- Chance of pregnancy will vary depending on the given day. Right now, I only take the last 3 days of the cycle into consideration: Third to last day: 50% chance, Second to last day: 75%, Last day: 100%.
- Condoms will properly stop any pregnancy from happening if they're available to use
- As of now, there isn't a way to proper way to play during pregnancy, instead, it triggers an ending and you have the option to continue playing, but there isn't anything done yet to represent this (If there's enough demand, I'll look to work on it)
- If you want to look into detail how to get each possible ending and how the variables work, look at this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/v6yZhFEG

• Reworked some of the Time mechanics. Now it should dynamically detect the passing of days and update your values accordingly instead of only updating your variables when you go to sleep (This helps to avoid having to include a more restrictive sleep mechanic, which I didn't want to do)

• Added a couple new pieces of exhibitionist/risque clothing (Attachable Vibe, Buttplugs with tails, etc)

• Added a new event at The Club unlocked after Sex Change surgery
- You get to meet someone when dancing, the outcome will be slightly different depending on if you took the Sex Change surgery or not

• Added a new event at The Beach unlocked after Sex Change surgery
- If you wear a bikini, you can lay down on a sunlounger with a blindfold to relax. Outcomes differ based on the bikini and if you took the Sex Change surgery or not

• Added detection/compatibility for the Sex Change surgery in the next events:
- Bar Whore job (Now guys will be more likely to take your pussy instead of your ass)
- Cumdump bathroom (Same effect as before, but here it will also increase the overall number of 'clients')

• New outcomes when streetwhoring after taking the Sex Change surgery

• Added 2 scenes with the dog (One of which is unlocked after the sex surgery)

• Added a section in the end of the prologue of the game explaining each tab in the sidebar

• Added 2 extra settings to make the game a little more easy to get into:
- Dev tips: This will make clear what the most important choices are when they are shown to you, and also what you'd be expecting from each one
- Less Grind: Eliminates or lowers some limitations about the people you can meet on certain days

• Made a pastebin to enter a little more in detail about the added routes/paths and the variables that may play out in the more important things I added on the current update: https://pastebin.com/v6yZhFEG ( The idea will be to make one for every update coming from now, but I can't promise I can keep this up )

• Polished the writing in the Sex Change surgery, fixing a couple mistakes and making it a little smoother to read

- Bugfix:

• Found a couple of bugs that could make some clothing appear in the wardrobe more than once. I fixed this and added a fix for you savefiles in the Help tab that you could use if this happened to you before.

• Code optimization to avoid repetition
- Also, added proper indentation to different parts of the code and passages to improve readability

• Fixed small bug where an item from the clothing shop wouldn't update correctly as "bought"


0.14a bugfix:


- Fixed a couple details related to the sex surgery. Now it shouldn't let you masturbate and remove any cage you might be wearing (This will be changed later, it's mostly a result of the fact it's still in a pretty early stage).

- Now if you wear the correct uniform for the bar job you should trigger the job event there immediately

- Now text for Achievement's titles that you unlocked before should be highlighted in green. Thanks for the suggestion!


0.14 The Third Hole Update

- Self TF Route:

• More scenes with Liam

- Mistress Route:

• 2 more scenes for the Red Drink path

• One special scene after the events of the last added scene
- You will just have to walk outside the house to trigger this scene

- General:

• Added new random events when travelling to a location while wearing revealing outfit
- New random events are based on which tattoos you have. So far, there are 7 unique events
(Facial "Free Whore" Tattoo, "Whore Stamp" Tattoo, "Fuck Me" Tattoo, "Slut Life" Tattoo, "Must Be..." Tattoo, Cum Dumpster Drawing Tattoo, and "Fuck Hole" Tattoo)
(Warning: If you have any other tattoos than this it will add to the list the code checks for. Since some of the tattoos aren't added yet to have a proper scene of their own, they will lead to another "default" scene not related to them, so if you don't get any of these new scenes when you feel like you should, it could be because of this.)

• Added introduction for the College Proffessor for the girl stage
- 2 different introductions depending on how much you talked to him prior transformation (Only triggered if you've "hanged out" with him before)

• Added new Surgery: Sex Change.
- This feature's still in a pretty early stage, mostly what it does at the moment is open more opportunities for new scenes, but still doesn't change much any of the older scenes
- New scenes may be found in these places: Random events when dressed with exhibitionist clothing, Whoring at the Red Light District and Camming.
- Pregnancy is half-done at the moment, so it isn't possible to get pregnant yet. However, most stuff related to this feature is already explained inside the game.

• One new event you can unlock after reaching one of the endings (I'll start calling this the Corrupted Stage)
- You will have to go to any men's bathroom to unlock the event (The MC will get an "idea" there)

• 1 New piece of extremely risque clothing added (As of now, it's exclusive to the Mistress' Route Red Drink Path, but it will have a method of unlocking it in the future)

• New achievements added.
- "The Virgin Killer" : As of now, the only way to get this achievement is in one of the random scenes that'll trigger when travelling around in exhibitionist clothing while having a pussy
- "For Public Use" : The only way to get this as of this update is the event in the bathroom mentioned earlier
- "Popularity: Town" : This will be a part of a series of achievements of 'Popularity'. Right now, this one can only be unlocked by going through the new events in the Red Drink path of the Mistress Route

- Bugfix:

• Jobs should now be working properly and be accesible

• Self-TF route option for not wearing a cage should be working correctly now

• Minor bug fixes regarding the wardrobe's sets

• Fixed wording and writing details on some scenes

• Nick's introduction should be showing up now


0.13 Old Friends Update

- Noah Route:

• One more 'stage' with different outcomes
- This 'stage' is where your past choices come mostly into play, as you will either fall on one path (Rough Master)
or choose between two in another scene (Gentle Master or Neutral Master)
- The scenes and tasks availables will vary depending on the path you're on

• Noah's greeting on the menu changes depending on the stage and path you're currently on

• Around 12 new scenes distributed around the different paths + some extra scenes of 'investigation' when you're on the Rough Master path.

• Minor changes to the writing on early scenes

- General stuff:

• A few new story scenes for John and Friends
- After the first new scene, you will have to had make some progress into the game, usually, past the first sex experience or hookup.
- Last scene requires you to buy a nurse outfit found at the Fantasy Store at the Mall
- Also, some text added and changes in writing in the early scenes

• Added a few new scenes for the professor at college during the early stage of the game (Girl stage doesn't have any scenes atm)
- Triggers for these scenes should be unlocked about after the first available sex scene on any route.
- These scenes will trigger at random after any class if you're still caged and have met the professor before (From using the phone too much during class)

• Added second part for the tendons shortening treatment (it will lock you to only using stripper heels or ballet heels)

• Watching Hypnosis videos now increases hornyness

• Added a number of new risque clothing options and a swimsuit

• Added Slut score requirement for slutty clothing (25 slut score required for most of them, 10 for fishnets, 35 for ballet heels)

• Added 'Do Nothing...' option in the scenes of the first attempt at breaking the chastity with Brother

- Bugfixing:

• Added a small fix to some scenes that could have been affected/interrupted by the exhaustion mechanic

• Small changes in writing and formatting in the prologue

• Fixed a bug related to the clothing display on the sidebar where it showed the chastity cage twice

• Wardrobe sets should now store dresses and swimsuits properly


0.12 Bugfix updates:

• Fixed a bug where using a Buttplug wouldn't save properly when setting an outfit in the wardrobe.
+ Also, now when setting an outfit, it shouldn't store an accessory if you're not wearing any.

• Fixed a bug where the Punishment minigame could send you to sleep if you spent too long on it

• Fixed a bug where the Waitress outfit wouldn't appear in the wardrobe after making a call to the Restaurant to recover your job as a girl
+ The option to call the Restaurant now only appears if you had the job before (You still access it through the Inventory/Phone)

• Fixed a bug where exiting the Female's Bathroom in the Mall would generate an error message


0.12 Punishment And More

- Master Route:

Main paths:

• Added 3 scenes for the MC/Noah path

• Added 1 "final task" scene for the main path


• Add consequences to the Cumslut collar (2 scenes at the club, 3 outcomes)

• Option to break the chastity now available in the Brother's storyline (lots of scenes/story here)
(Includes a minigame, different outcomes and endings with some slight variation depending on if you moved out or not)
(If you moved out, you may trigger these scenes as long as you haven't gone to Master's place yet, otherwise the option is turned off)

- Mistress Route:

• Added 1 scene to the Slave/Black drink path

• Added 1 scene to the Slut/Red drink path


• Special event for Office job in Red Drink path

- Self TF Route:

Robert Path:

• Added first surgeries/experiments ( Breasts, Butt, Waist and hips, Face, Voice )

- General:

• Interactions/Reactions while wearing a buttplug added to some scenes (Whoring at the Red Light District, Using the Gloryholes, Rape scene in the park, Random stranger approaching you when wearing exhibitionist clothing)

• Buttplugs can now help hold "liquids" inside

• 2 new events in the Secretary job when going to work with a modified uniform (One exclusive to the Mistress' Slut/Red Drink path, and the other for any other route) (You unlock this with a sluttines score of over 40)
Also, this turns the Secretary job into another one, depending on which event you triggered, both which have a few scenes to them, and forces the modified outfit as the normal uniform

• New scene at the bathrooms when entering dressed as a girl before girl stage (crossdressing)
+ a setting to block rape scenes (Also, if you're loading an old save file, make sure to turn on "Rape" on the settings tab from the sidebar before testing the new bathroom scene, as it is a one time scene and blocked otherwise)
+ new character unlocked for future development

• Added one more option at the Whoring job with it's own scene (Red Light District)

• Added more descriptions on the Appearence page (Outfit description)

• Included a "Bio" for MC in the Hookup scene, reflecting his current corruption stage

• Added new jobs: Stripper

• Added a few scenes to the Brother's storyline ( Scenes vary depending on the route you chose )

• Added scenes to the Bar Whore job

• New after class scenes during college ( Unlocked as a girl )

• New store in the Mall with a few clothes available

• New repeatable scene with the dog

• Changed the wardrobe sets system, now it should allow for more space for other variables


0.11 bugfix

• Fixed pubes shaving not working correctly

• Sidebar's description should now keep track of Laser Removal.

• Fixed stats for a few pieces of clothing 
• The game used to show a blank screen when not 'dressed properly' when trying to whore at a 'normal' price. It should now display a small scene saying it

Update 0.11

- Self-TF Route:

• Added 1 scene after the hookup scene

• Added a scene to Liam's sidestory (After 'Girl stage')

• Added a scene for both branches on Gerald's sidestory

• Added Introduction to Camwhoring


- Street Whore/Robert path (Self-TF Route):

• New places to find while 'investigating the area' (A text describes if you still have some establishment to find or if you found all of them)

• 2 more progression scenes

• Many scenes added to the act of whoring, with each price range having it's own set of 2 to 3 scenes

• Many new mechanics important to this path, that are discussed further in the 'Code' section of the changelog

- Mistress Route:

• 2 New scenes for the Slave/Black drink path

• 1 New scene for the Slut/Red drink path

- Master Route:

• Rewritten a few details on the early scenes

• Added 1 new scene+task to the main path

- General/Open World:

• Added 2 scenes/levels to the Breasts Growth in the hospital, and Facial Feminization (Mainly, for the Self-TF route)

• Added 'Bathrooms' to College's recess, with some unlockable scenes there after entering the 'Girl Stage'

• Added a new Job (Secretary), found at an office on the second available street

• New level added to the 'Hips and Waist Feminizer' surgery

• 2 New Tattoos available ( One of the two is for a new area, the right thigh )

• More clothes added ( Dresses are now available, both in the Mall and in the Red Light District )

• Added more variable descriptions at the 'Appearence' tab (Makeup, Facial, Hair length and style)

• Some sex scenes now have some effects on your body and clothing (Whoring and doing Anal on a gloryhole)

• Strip club added to the Red Light District ( Mostly placeholder for future job to be added )

• Added a small changing scene in the shower that depends on the stage of the game

- Code related stuff and some small details

• Did some touches to the Sidebar, now it displays icons instead of plain text. Status' text is a little closer together and some details are now bold. Also, the clothing images display is now less of a mess, now everything should be more symmetrical

• Some touches to the Salon, it now looks a little more colorful and shows more details

• Complete change to the clothing system, now it allows for a lot more attributes and properties to be added to each individual piece of clothing

• Owned clothes are tracked differently now, allowing for easier tracking of them

• Added a system to check for the perceived value of MC as a whore (Ranging from Normal to very low at the moment, with plans to increase the range down the line)

• Wardrobe will now display clothes using a loop, saving some space in the tab and also being able to separate male clothing from feminine clothing

• Clothes can now become 'dirty'. They can be cleaned in a house's bathroom by doing Laundry

• Taking a shower in the bathroom now will clean makeup and body

• Creampie leak will now increase 'exhibition' score, depending on the amount and the 'revealing' tier of the skirt used

• Big changes to the way 'femininity' and 'exhibition' are calculated

• Clothes can now have 3 tiers of how 'revealing' they are

• Some Surgeries no longer add a flat bonus to femininity and exhibition, instead they now depend on how revealing your clothes are ( ie. A modest shirt will add less exhibition than a shirt showing some cleaveage)

• Some Surgeries can also now change some clothing properties ( ie. larger breasts can make a shirt showing some cleavage into a clothing fit for whoring, when smaller breasts cannot )

• Images now are no longer loaded as variables

• Fixed some bugs

• Now you can't camgirl if it's too late at night, also, sluttines score will grow along with camgirl experience now

• Small writing details (Changing a few descriptions and dialogues)


0.10 Bugfixes:

- Fixed some bug in the display of a variable

- Fixed a bug when using the old save file restoring feature when the player hasn't moved away yet

- Updated some of the old checks for where the player is living currently that prevented progress and other things, now it should be working correctly

- Fixed some bugs in the gloryholes

- Now the game should check correctly if you took the Facial Feminization surgery


Version 0.10


Self-TF Route General:

- Added progression up to 'becoming a girl' scenes, there are separate scenes for both Liam and Gerald's paths


Sub Paths:

- Nick's introduction

- Robert's introduction, and concept for the path

- Gerald's introduction, advancement into his home, and one extra scene with him

- Added 3 dialogues with Liam, plus one scene with him after MC's acceptence


Mistress Route:

- 1 new scene for the Slave/Black Drink path


Master Route:

- 1 new scene



- Tattoos ( With a describing scene for each different tattoo )

- If you have high enough sluttines score, you can exchange sex for a special tattoo

- Added images to a few scenes

- New Experiments Available in the Hospital, ( Anal Wetness, Stretchifier, Bimbo Machine, Facial Feminizing ) ( Mostly flavor options at the moment )

- Cumdrip mechanic added ( Mainly with Anal Wetness, but also after visiting the Gloryhole )

- New option at the Salon unlocked after Facial Feminizing

- New scenes at the Club from getting wasted with alcohol ( Different scenes at outcomes from doing it as a boy, girl, or first as a boy and then as a girl )

- Mini-job at the Beach, you pick up trash for 9$, and it takes 90 minutes

- Added shemale option to Hookups

- Early design of the Whoring UI to select prices ( 2 available at the moment)

- Now depending on your looks, people can refuse to pay the 'normal' amount when whoring

- You can now work on Weekends

- Implemented an option to personalize character's names

- Implemented a way to recover Old Savefiles, and make them work on newer versions (Will keep updating this feature with each update!)


Text/Coding wise stuff:

- Changed the Wardrobe to only be one, and the opening and closing clothing tabs now no longer reset the page

- Changed the way you get the chastity off, now it's a separate button instead of using the icon for doing both

- Changed the way the game checks where you live, now it memorizes the location instead of changing destination according to events

- Changed the way transission links work, to adapt them for personalized character's names

- Overall optimization, and improvement on readability

- Fixed a few bugs, typos and writing details




- Alone Route
1) Skip Master's Route
2) Investigate more about crossdressing, will eventually find another partner who's also a crossdresser, since he didn't seem shady you believe him
3) He will invite you over to his place and give you a bit of an introduction into crossdressing

This route will make progress with Dreams, some self tasks, investigation, and so on

- On the Self TF route you can mail the key to yourself to force discipline ( May have consequences ;) )

Girl Stage:

- 2 New scenes in the Black Drink Path of the Mistress Route

- When entering Male bathroom, you'll have a chance to find a guy inside, if you have high enough sluttines score, you may do something with him

- Masturbation Scene in the Park

- Alternative Rape Scene in the Park when using a very revealing outfit

- New dildo added in the Sex Shop ( Deepest Desires )

- You can prostitute yourself if you have a high enough sluttines score

- Experimental Treatments: You can now grow more of your body parts even bigger!

- Added some restrictions to Treatments, now you need a required sluttines score


- You can buy Buttplugs on the Sex Shop's Lewd Accesories tab, inside the Clothing section

- New place to visit: Beach

- Added Swimsuits

- Added Laser Treatment at the Beauty Salon

- 2 New Wardrobe Sets

- Appearence tab now has more details about you, including some description for the Surgeries


- Pretty big changes to the code, overall more optimized

- Fixed some stats that didn't increase properly


0.08 bugfixes:

- Some link appeared on Noah's tasks window that shouldn't have been there, it should be removed now

- Changed the text for the restriction to going to college before turning into a girl and not being dressed properly. You should stil be able tol go anywhere else outside.

- There shouldn't be any more problems related to buying dildos in the Sex Shop

- Changed the way the game checked for an item in Noah's route

- Heels on the Store used to send you to a wrong location


Version 0.08


- 4 more scenes on the Mistress' Red Drink/M2M+M2F path
- 1 more scene on the Mistress' Black Drink/M2F path

- 5 more scenes on the Master's Normal path

- Added new path to Master's route, named Duo/Slave Duo path

- Exclusive scenes with Noah on Duo Path + unlock of an alternate way to earn money with him

- Added introduction to a side story before becoming a Girl (Different scenes for both Mistress and Master route)

- Added introduction to a new side character you will find on the park after becoming a Girl

- Alternate Masturbation scene after becoming a Girl

- Introduction to the Experimental Surgeries (More will be added)

- One fuctional Experimantal Surgery done, plus some small consequences

- Added every Master's task on the Help Tab on the sidebar

- Added a new "Stats and Achievements" tab on the sidebar

- Redisign of the Help Tab

- Small redisign of the Sidebar + Now you can hide the clothes display

- Male clothing shops won't be accesible after entering becomen a Girl


0.07 Bugfixes

- Some issues related to the Master route should be fixed now

- Fixed an error after Penis Growth scene in Noah's route that prevented progress

- Fixed some bugs related to the camgirl show in the Mistress Route

- Fixed some wrong passage transitions

- Added some stuff that was overlooked for the M2M filter

- Dildos used to stay even after you bought them

- Clothing filter should be properly removed after becoming a girl

- Fixed some writing mistakes

- Fixed some items from not appearing in the inventory correctly

-. Fixed a bug regarding some issues with Noah's route and the track of progression 


Version 0.07a


- One more scene for the Slave path of the Mistress Route

- Punishments from not visiting Master in time in his route

- Consequences to the exhibition stat, you will find random encounters on the street, including a sex scene

- Alternative scenes for the dildos for the "Girl Stage"

- Added 10 inch dildo scenes

- Consequences to sensitivity (So far, only mouth sensitivity earned from the deepthroat training in the Master route)

- VIP alternative to Glorious Satisfaction for the "Girl Stage", plus you can earn popularity and reputation there ( This mainly affects how fast you can deal with clients and how much money you earn, respectively )

- The first Hookups will consist of a blowjob scene, and then an actual sex scene

- First few Surgeries are done ( You unlock them based on the slut score )

- Condoms will now be available to use during most scenes, except hookups

- You'll now be asked to give yourself a new name when entering the "girl stage"

-.New photos to sell online unlock after "girl stage"

- You won't be able to reject some sex offers from strangers if you're too horny

- There are a few achievements to unlock now, with a brief description on how to unlock them

- Preference setting for how to be called as a slave, also for how to call your own slave

Changes and fixes:

- Clothing will now dissappear from the shops after buying them, in order to save up space

- Fixed some store prices

- MAXBody will only be available during Noah's route



- Fixed a bug where you get the second dildo without buying it

- Red blouse used to not appear on wardrrobe after buying it

- Penis growth scene used to causa an error when clicking the passage link to exit the scene

- Added version to the rar file




- Fixed some extra text showing when it shouldn't

- Updated some of the checks for feminine outift




- More content on the Mistress route, including a branching point leading to 2 different paths

- More content on the Master route, now you get to meet him and start some more personal training

- First few steps of the Acceptence/Girl Stage

- Added a waitress job at the bar for the Acceptence/Girl Stage, there's also the first few scenes for a "special" job at the same place

- You can interact with people at the bar, so far there's one special event for the Girl Stage, and a girl that you can meet while on the Noah Route

- Gloryhole scenes at the Bar and Club where you don't get payed

- Lots of Naughty clothing added at the sex shop

- Complete rewrite of the Wardrobe system's code now the passage shouldn't reload after changing every piece of clothing

- You can now remove some clothing pieces, like your accesories, and underwear (underwear only if on Girl Stage)

- Exclusive dresses added for the Waitress job and the Slave path for the Mistress route ( More regular dresses will be added on future updates )

- Rewrite of the code for some of the restrictions and checks for feminine clothing

- Changed the way the femininity was calculated

- Increased the base amount of money gotten from the jobs

- You can now watch hypno videos to pass the time, instead of just the playing on the phone method

- Added and changed some descriptions on the "Look at yourself" tab



- Fixed some writing mistakes and inconsistencies

- Fixed some images issues


0.05d bugfix

- Fixed some typos

- Fixed some writing inconsistencies

- Remade the code for the blocking of going out dressed up

- The park used to let you pass time without going to sleep early in the game

- The rar file used to not extract correctly in some cases, it should be fixed now 




- Fixed some writing mistakes and inconsistencies

- Fixed some links to other passages

- Changed "Look at Porn" to "Watch Porn/Masturbate" to make it less confusing


Version 0.05


- Noah's Route ( You become his Master )

- More Clothing Options

- Pharmacy

- Added Hospital Surgery ( Mostly introduction )

- Brother/Stepbrother alternatives

- Option to skip until first important decision ( Skips initial steps, mechanic and character introductions)

- 1 more Dildo size

- Makeup options

- Inventory system

- Looseness mechanic ( Only stats and description done, actual consequences will be added later )

- Stats ( Number of days in chastity, days since last orgasm, number of times you had sex, etc )

- Added and changed some text in Appearence tab ( Changed the button to "Look at Yourself")

- Alternative to use Ass on the Red Light District's Gloryhole

- One more scene for Mistress' route

- Option to let Mistress discipline you ( Extras )

- Mistress can put simple makeup on you for free

- You can now sell photos of yourself ( You'll have to be okay with monetizing yourself first )

- Option to block M2M content ( Mostly aimed at forced content and blocking some paths )

- Changelog in-game ( On "Help" tab )


- General small bugs

- Fixed a bug where some initial values wouldn't be set properly

- Fixed and changed some writing details



- Mostly some text to help avoid getting lost, also, added a Walkthrough


0.04a b and c


- Broken images

- Fixed some wrong warps 

- Fixed some issue with the random boss event




- Mistress route (Up to around the same point where the Master route was left)

- Some alternative text and more stuff for the mistress route

- Reworked the Sleeping mechanic, now you should wakeup at 7 AM always

- Rewrite on the Appearence tab, added more changes and descriptions

- Rewrite on the Help tab, added a task/objective tracker, so it's less likely that you'll be stuck somewhere

- Gloryhole scene, it works and random and you're more likely to find a girl that will suck you at the Club rather than the Bar

- You can now visit John and his friends (Only the basic mechanic done, more things will develop from visitng him)

- Added more clothing options at the Red Light District

- If you go dressed like a girl to the Club you'll pass free, if not, you'll have to pay

- Random Event at Waiter Work ( You are called by your Boss, meet him and get an offer from him )


- Some general bugs that sent you to some places they shouldn't

- Bully presentation wasn't working properly, it should be closer to being correct chance to find him now

- Some continuity errors in the writing




0.03a b and c

- Fixed a bug where the Master storyline wouldn't progress if you had sex before a specific task

- Fixed a bug where a scene with your brother would lead you to the wrong Bedroom if you were on the new house

- Added some text to clarify what things are to be added yet

- Fixed a bug where some first time hookups would lock you from watching hypno or doing other hookups 

- Fixed some value checks for femininity to go outside

- Fixed prices in men's store

- Fixed a bug where you would complete the panty task without wearing one




- Some new scenes with brother (Now he has 2 paths, a loving one building a relationship, and a dominant one)

- Finished the Beauty Salon

- Option to use Dildo on your own.

- Placeholder for the sexshop

- 1 New scene for every character in college ( 2 for Katie )

- New middle tasks from "Master", one including you to start renting a place of your own

- Cam shows ( You make more money the more shows you do )

- Timers, Notifications and Effects for Shaving and Beauty treatments

- New street to find more stores, a bar and a club ( Still to be finished )

- Introduction to a Teacher ( Random event, triggered by using the phone too much in class )

- Random Events walking at the Park ( Finding money, plus an extra one while wearing a mask at night and experienced at camming )

- Bully encounter now will take some money each time after the first one

- You can now go outside dressed up as a girl after a certain point

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Izabelle

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 07/06/2022

The game is alright. While not the best game out there, it's still a good one that's worth experiencing if you're looking for a non-sandbox sissy/feminization game. It's held back by a handful of problems that I hope get solved someday. I hope the dev returns to deliver an update, because what is here is already pretty good, and I hope to see more.

It features a few different paths. Currently, it's advertised as three separate and mutually exclusive routes in game and on the plot page for the game entry, and it gives some information in the game about how to get each route. This is nice as it adds some replayabilty, but I ran into a problem along the way. After finding myself locked out of routes that I expected to be able to get into, I learned that there are actually five routes. I had been playing for the Mistress route, but was surprised to see that I couldn't accept her offer. I did some looking around and found that I had started the Self-Feminization/Liam route without even knowing it. It wasn't listed anywhere in the game like the three original routes, and nothing in the game indicated that I had started down a new or exclusive path. While frustrating, this wasn't really a game killer, as the scenes with Liam are fine, and it also wasn't a path that I didn't want (I like guided self-feminization paths).

I do have a couple of problems though. Some of the information offered in the game is outdated - the "Order a drink" page in the bar tells the player that drunkenness isn't implemented yet, and that nothing will happen. However, in the club, if you get wasted and go to dance, you end up with a sex scene. There's also a bug where your drunkenness level never resets. It's often unclear what you're supposed to do next, even when the game hints at something. This is partially due to the lack of added documentation about the new routes, but it's also due to a lack of clarity. On the self feminization route, I chose to mail my keys to myself, with the understanding that they'd return to me in a few days. After a couple weeks, they have yet to arrive back, and I'm now stuck in the chastity cage. I haven't played long enough to know if it's a bug or if I just have to wait longer, but it's frustrating nonetheless to be told "a few days" and then have nothing happen.

Overall, the game does do a good job of introducing your character to feminization slowly. It doesn't throw you into a sandbox where you can immediately buy and wear the sluttiest outfits available, completely transition into being a total sissy before anyone has tried to sissify you, and then go suck a hundred dicks a day. The things your character is willing to do are limited by their experiences, so his feminization keeps pace with the story rather than lagging behind or outpacing it.

Review by GodzillaVsKong

Version reviewed: 0.18 on 06/29/2021

I liked this game until they changed the downloading format, so I've missed the past few updates since I can't get on anymore

Review by ariazaia

Version reviewed: 0.17 on 05/24/2021

I don't usually leave reviews but honeslty this is one of the best games I've played on this site so far. It's a lot like Perverted Education but the pacing is significantly better. There's even an option for less grinding which is fantastic. One thing I'd wish to see is more images for the latter parts of the story (events at the hospital) and some images in the "look at yourself" menu screen for each of the categories. Only played the Master route so far but very much look forward to where this is going. 

Review by Svetka

Version reviewed: 0.17 on 04/18/2021

made in Twine 1.4.2 (running on Windows 8)

the whole game is one continuous imperfection. The events are written crookedly, and the result is confusion. How to improve?
To get started, go to Twine 2

Review by Sewblon

Version reviewed: 0.16 on 04/05/2021

I was doing the feminization tasks from the website on the Liam/self-tf route. But when I go to get more instructions from the

website, the screen goes black and the back button is the only way to get out of it. Are there just no tasks left right now?

Or is this a glitch? Or am I doing something wrong?

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