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Version: 0.03c

Blowing Wind

Blowing Wind is a game where you start as a boy who will be exploring a lot of new things in his life. The idea of the game is to make it a "Life-Sim" and make every or most choices matter.


There isn't a main plot, the idea is to make many different choices, paths and branches possible to best fit the player's tastes. Also, I want to point out that the current state of the game will probably be drastically changed as I'm working on it, improving writing and more things like that, I'll try to point out any changes I make on the changelog.


If you want to follow my working progress I'll be using my patreon as a blog.


Any feedback is appreciated, and I will keep working on the game as much as I can.



0.02: New update is out! My main objective with this update is to polish some of the rough edges on the first release. There's still a lot to be worked on ( The game still feels a little too linear ) so I'll keep making updates when I can.

Side note: You may notice the file size is lighter than the 0.01 version, that's because I had some duped videos on the original release that I forgot to delete for some reason...


0.02a and 0.02b: Just fixed some bugs I didn't notice before.


0.03: Another update! I kind of focused into adding a bit more content overall on this update, there are some things I wanted to add but it would have taken me a bit more time than I wanted to, so I'll release this right now, the next one will aim to develop some mechanics with the content I added + Starting alternative routes (Mistress or self), I'll go into a bit more detail in my patreon blog as I work on it, but it will probably mean that I'll take quite a bit of time before releasing the next update.


0.03a: Bugfix update

There isn't a main plot, as the objective is to make the game feel as open choice as possible.  Right now the main path of the game is through a Slave/Master route with a lot of petplay and more.

Sam - Your Brother

If you don't know what to do, check the Help Tab in the game.

0.03a b and c

- Fixed a bug where the Master storyline wouldn't progress if you had sex before a specific task

- Fixed a bug where a scene with your brother would lead you to the wrong Bedroom if you were on the new house

- Added some text to clarify what things are to be added yet

- Fixed a bug where some first time hookups would lock you from watching hypno or doing other hookups 

- Fixed some value checks for femininity to go outside

- Fixed prices in men's store

- Fixed a bug where you would complete the panty task without wearing one




- Some new scenes with brother (Now he has 2 paths, a loving one building a relationship, and a dominant one)

- Finished the Beauty Salon

- Option to use Dildo on your own.

- Placeholder for the sexshop

- 1 New scene for every character in college ( 2 for Katie )

- New middle tasks from "Master", one including you to start renting a place of your own

- Cam shows ( You make more money the more shows you do )

- Timers, Notifications and Effects for Shaving and Beauty treatments

- New street to find more stores, a bar and a club ( Still to be finished )

- Introduction to a Teacher ( Random event, triggered by using the phone too much in class )

- Random Events walking at the Park ( Finding money, plus an extra one while wearing a mask at night and experienced at camming )

- Bully encounter now will take some money each time after the first one

- You can now go outside dressed up as a girl after a certain point



- I removed an interaction that gave you progress on the game when you shouldn't, I don't know how I left that there, everything should be fine now and scenes shouldn't be skippable





- Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to go to work ever again if you tried to go on a time you shouldn't

- Fixed a bug that locked Sam's fourth scene, where you give him a surprise.




I recommend starting from zero since I changed a lot of things from the start and middle of the game


- Sleep time and different room location for parents based on days and hours

- Work on the College section, fill it with some random events and people to meet with
Introduction for: New Male Friend, New Female Friend, random chance to meet a Bully

- Introduction for Old Friend

- Added more clothing options

- Added tabs for shop clothing sections

- New shop for socks shoes and more

- Customizable sets of clothing in the wardrobe

- Two New scenes with brother

- Changed introduction to forums, Master and Hypno material.

- Three new middle tasks from the master and rewrite of some details while meeting him and more.

- New scene with the master where you tell him about your experience on having sex.

- You can get a job as a waiter on a restaurant. (Not any random/extra events here at the moment, just the job)

- First Shaving pubes scene

- A bug where you could take the money from your brother's bet as many times as you wanted

- A bug where some clothes wouldn't appear on the wardrobe after buying them

- A bug where you'd be allowed to leave while wearing female clothes, that wasn't intended at all, and I just left the code there for the future.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by shaneopks

Version reviewed: 0.02b on 02/07/2020

Great start to the game. Most promising of all, the creator seems to be listening to the problems and addressing them. The transformation seemed way to fast and they have since added a few scenes to space it out.

While it still needs lots more content and tweaks, it's great to see a creator who not only notices the weakness but actively tries to improve them instead of just adding more content to where the game left off. I hope this continues as if so it will be a game to watch grow. 

Best luck.

Review by KRanseyer

Version reviewed: 0.02b on 02/07/2020

- Not much content, but that's okay for a concept.

+ Easy gameplay without you-have-to-eat-and-to shower-and-to-whatever

- no really new ideas so far

- transformation is much too fast and too eager

- you get a bunch of female clothes, but NO SHOES? Mate, you can't do this :-D

- you have to change clothes very often, it would be great if you could save some sets

- there is a nice bug so you can get the wager of the brother indefinitely after winnig the bet


Yeah, a lot of "-" and only one "+", but keep going!


Review by exprmntle

Version reviewed: 0.02a on 02/06/2020

Well.  Wow.  There's a lot of potential here but that might be part of the problem with this game.  That is, the author intends to make this an open-world simulation.  I like everything about the directions in which that could head but it might be that the game is a larger project than is easily completed.  

I will look forward to future versions!

Review by Aisgrei

Version reviewed: 0.02 on 02/05/2020

In the latest version, it is very easy to go to a dead end and not understand why there is no progress, and so everything is very pleasant, and a little advice for beginners, carefully read what you need to do if you hurry up and get into a dead end and have to start from the beginning. I would also like to add that sometimes it works so that you can not go to work, and this opportunity does not appear at all, because of this, the opportunity to buy any things ceases! And I never got to the inscription that this is the end of the current content, you see at some point caught an endless loop without the ability to advance! I will very much wait for new versions in order to plunge into a pleasant story, I would like to see the continuation without the master as soon as possible

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.01 on 02/02/2020

it really has no plot just plain self sissyfication

not a sandbox game at all with no choices in the mater

it may be get better with the game development but as of now its plain unremarkable sissy game imitating some of the mainstream sequences.

i do cheer for the creator to have more creative ideas.

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