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Psychological Games

Hello everyone! S2

This is my first game and English is not my first language, so please take it easy on the analysis! ; 3

The concept of this game is manipulation and compensation through gifs and images, so anyone who likes games with lots of text, I don't believe you will like this one, but please give it a try! by me! ; 3

You start the game as a psychologist and you must make some decisions over time, but don't rush, just have fun on the way! in this first part of the game the consequences are more focused on others, but to enable some content you can still make the decisions that will lead to the second part! remembering that the game will only continue with the approval of the players.

Please join in discord group:

Discord: https://discord.gg/PYGs5My

 Content List:

-Teen age
-Hairy Pussy
-Red hair
-Forced sex
-Car sex
-Cum play
-Cam Porn



Thank you and have fun! ;*

Do u wanna show me that u love me too? for any donation or love that u wanna send, please send me a private message on discord!

For being a great manipulator you chose psychology, for you your relationships and patients are like a game, now with your own office you will decide your destination.

You - A psychologist trying to manipulate or be manipulated!

Beth - Your secretary

Keisha - your ex

Jane - Spoiler

and other patients!

To progress in the game you must increase your level of perversion.

Some places will only appear if they are found before, so it explodes a lot!

Some actions and possibilities are only unlocked with certain items.

Remember: it's a game, the goal is to have fun!




-New events

-Try to find out more!


-New Places (Garage, Casino, Britannia District...)

-New events

-Now you can buy a Car (you need to have fuel)

-You can check your phone in more places

-Bug fix: Family bathroom and others details

-Now you have charisma points 

Have fun!


-Now you earn more money working

-Added new street: Asian town

-Now you receive tips via SMS on your mobile about the game (In progress)

-Small modification here and there


1.6.0 PLUS

-More scenes for keisha, jane and the male path

-New things added for sale

-More interactions with the family

-New item in the mirror

-New way to masturbate

-More club interaction added

-Some bugs fixed

- Secretary's house (for the male path)

-New browser mode on the laptop

-BabyMap (under construction)

-New downtown interactions

and more.


-Fix fleshlight

-Fix Amanda sessions

-Fix Cuckold porn

-And another little bugs.

Hope you like it! ;3



-New places: The beginning of the Downtown.

-New ways to make money. (Evolution of photo editing.)

-Fix Bug  of Discovered places appear several times.

-I changed and fixed the broken pictures links.

-966 images.

-And little other details!


-Fixed telescope error:Back button added, error in which two passages appeared, image error of the neighbor's daughter,

-New secret room added to UFO, second door fixed

-979 images.

-Fix dead end with beth if you take the keisha path.

;3 I hope you all like it! ;3



-New places: Gym, Pharmacy, Furniture store, Beauty salon, Parents house, Garden, Bethroom.

-New ways to make money. 

-Some interactions with the family.

-New stuff to buy on shopping.

-Change your body system.

-Fix some bugs.

-I changed and fixed the broken pictures links.

-850 images.

;3 I hope you all like it! ;3




-Beach - Park - Shopping - "just walk" - Work

-All links are working, if you find any broken links please report!

-3 main paths of choices!

-The price of the notebook is 200 and the TV is 80, it will be corrected in the next update!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by zenqqa

Version reviewed: 2.0.1 on 07/16/2022

i think this game is really good. keep up the great work.

Review by agnostic

Version reviewed: 2.0.1 on 07/16/2022

Finding locations is too punishing. Tried for over a month and still couldn't get the mall.


Overall I've liked this game for a while. I'd like to see more of the m2f storyline. The farm and stuff I'm not interested in so much.

Review by sissysonia

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 06/28/2022

What's here is good, but the spelling errors are just awful, they are a complete immersion killer for me.

Review by msroxxistarr

Version reviewed: 2.0.0 on 06/25/2022

Funny as f..k that there's people complaining about the spelling etc and they misspell grammar 5 times and also gets sense wrong, even suggesting you need someone to check your work or use grammarly, somethng else they couldn't spell lol, I wouldn't take them serious.

Review by DarcWing21

Version reviewed: 1.7.0 on 09/05/2021

Here's my 2 cents. Why do you have to "discover" areas of town that are/should be well known to somebody that lives there long enough to own a business and have clients? I got the notification for the Asian street and then never could find the dang thing. The beach, the park, the mall, the bank, parents' house, all these things should be default locations known to the MC. When it comes to choices, perhaps the option to turn off certain content would be a good idea, or at least a warning that you're heading down a path that may lead to something the player doesn't want to experience, eg farts and hairyness. Sorry, not everybody likes that and given the option to avoid it, they would. Other issue is Dark Web content; there's some sick stuff out there and the player should be able to limit their Dark Web subject matter according to taste. Nothing kills enjoyment faster than a sudden onset of nausea due to some jackass putting up vids/gifs of scat or prolapsing rectums and cervixes. Not cool at all. Or, have a Dark Web search feature as well as a Dark Web Random. If you choose Dark Web Random, then you roll the dice and what pops up is just what pops up.


All in all, I sort of enjoy this game, but it's a chore at times. I want to like it more, but it needs work. Keep on keeping on, Dev.

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