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Version: 0.6.3A

Version: 0.6.3

Version: 0.5.2

House Sitting

The system rewrite is live. Several hotfix patches for obscure game breaking bugs have been pushed. I will work to continue patching them as they arise.  I want to thank you you all for your patience with the bugs and all the reports that have been submitted, this rewrite was a big project and I expected there to be a lot of bugs but overall this community has been great. Barring any more game breaking bugs I am going to focus on V0.7.0 to get that out ASAP. Please continue reporting any bugs you find game breaking or not, I will include any non- gambreaking bug fixes in V0.7.0.

House sitting is an semi-open world game which draws inspiration from one of my all time favorites on this site: GOLD RUSH. Because it has been so long since Gold Rush was updated I decided that I wanted to make a similiar game and complete the story to fit my own preferences. 

You will be guiding a young man Chad(you can change his name) through a gauntlet of trials. He however doesn't realize it is a full gauntlet. Along the way he will undergo many changes and learn just how much terrible power the Mob Families of Nevada wield.

With over 143000 words and 482 pasages this represents 14 months of work.

This update is the most complicated installment yet. I have completely rewritten the code for the entire game so this basically amounts to a port to a new engine or a massive initial release take your pick. It laid the ground work for the game to evolve into a more open world format where you will be able to explore the different quest paths, pursue the gauntlet, work on paying off Evelynne, even having sex with all kinds of people in all kinds of ways. I am excited for the direction this is taking me.


Notes on themes:

In this game the Chad will often end up in situatuions where sexaul acts are asked of him/them/her that are not desired. Due to the coercive nature of some of these relationships I have tagged the game as Non-consensual.
I am also developing a truly violent line for players who do not improve their self-defense capabilities. This line will lead to a heavy rape scene and a bad end. To avoid this content get your Self-defense above 15 before day 5 and keep raising it until you reach 25 defense. This will cause that line to end completely. 

What to exect going forward

 This update contained a full rework of the event trackiing system. As I have worked I have been strugling with this, because as the game gains in complexity the tracking of

variables has gotten cumbersome. 

Some features in development:
Outfit creation.

Communication with each of your contacts via the cellphone

A Stripping Minigame

The reimplementation of Day skipping

More Clothing Options

Swiming with friends

The food dilivery content


Known Issues:

Images can end up squished when playing on mobile. I will be thinking about ways to address this but can't promise a timeline on it. After looking around the interwebs for some more info it looks like I will need to release a phone specific version so that images are scaled to the size of a phone screen. I am not in a place to do this as that would essentially be a complete rewrite of the entire media code and coming off having just done a comeplete rewrite of the game code I just don't have the mental energy for such an underatking. I am sotty to all my mobile users this is probably going to wait until at least thanksgiving before I can get this done. =( I have been given a possible fix for this I will need to explore how to implement it correctly before taking it live.


When Reviewing Please do not include bug reports in the review. Please place those in the Discussion Thread. Link below:



Chad has just graduated High School and will be attending a state school to study bussiness in the fall. His family doesn't have the money to help so he has to figure expenses out on his own. One of his friends from High School has a rich daddy who will be taking her on an 8 week cruise. She convinced him to hire you to take care of their mansion while they are gone. All you have do really is keep it clean. Don't forget to keep it clean though or you might loose out on all your spending money.
The first day there Chad discovers a secret room and a challenge which sits between him and half a million dollars. He has never been more motivated in his life to achieve success in something. But success comes at a price. Even the pursuit of success will come at a cost. How much is Chad going to sacrifice for the money? You decide.

Chad- Our hero

Abby- The rich girl

Stacey- A stripper

Sierra- Abby's dark friend with a darker reputation

Vamsi- Owner of the Local Pawnshop

Evelynne- Owner of the local adult video store. She seems kinda predatory

Emma-Owner of a loval Krav Maga dojo.

Jonathan-Childhood Bully. He seems to be turning over a new leaf.

The Creep: A guy who gives off a bad vibe. 

The Man: The first client in the Evelynne story arc.

The game now tracks your progress and will tell you pretty explicitly what to do next. Just Open the Quest Tracking Link in the Left UI bar.


Bug Fixes
Somehow people were able to see multiple reward scenes It could cause you to end up in an empty passage that I put in to ensure the system was complete. I have added a temporary fix if you end up there that will only last until I can write the appropriate scenes. This is now fixed in both files. Sorry for the confusion.

Content Additions
I changed the scenes for the blow job door so you only see the initial scene once then you go into the other scenes following it.
I added color to the nudge back toward the evelynne path if you avooid her.
I added another nudge when your BJ skill tops out at just below th threshold to pass the door that you are able to achieve through dildo practice alone. The game will encourage the Evelynne route but the Jonathan route will also remain viable if you do not sprun him out right during your first meeting.




First, I want to thank you you all for your patience with the bugs and all the reports that have been submitted, this rewrite was a big project and I expected there to be a lot of bugs but overall this community has been great.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a couple of bugs in the custom outfit system.

Evelynne's Office had text and code from the Storefront. I am not sure how it got there it might have been part of the same file system bug that caused the V0.6.2C Hotfix to fail.

Somehow people were able to see multiple reward scenes It could cause you to end up in an empty passage that I put in to ensure the system was complete. I have added a temporary fix if you end up there that will only last until I can write the appropriate scenes. This was only updated in the V0.7.0 file I have added it in the newest hotfix. Sorry when I pushed the rewrite I moved a copy of the game to the online Twine editor so I can continue to push bug fixes as they arise even after starting on new content in my local game file. I hope to not make this mistake again.

Fixed the broken closing conditional tags that got missed in 0.6.2D



So I ran into a bug last night where my twine was duplicating my stories and causing edits to not save correctly. I have redone all hte edits that were supposed to be in V0.6.2C and confirmed that they have taken. This upload also creates a fix for the missing chastity cage image in the dressing room. I appologize I guess it is what I get for doing an update as I go to sleep.



Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug in the custom outfit system.

Fixed a missing ">" in the open mouth passage.

Fixed an missing closing if macro in the sleep without progression passage.

Fixed a bug that would allow multiple events of the Evelynne questline to fire in one day.

Fixed a bug that would cause energy to not reset properly during the dreamless sleep.


Feature Improvements

Slowed down the speed of new transformations as you get further transformed. They were comeing to fast and it was possible to reach 6-9 transformations without cheating or actively farming due to several events I had added. This change will make that more difficult and allow transformations to be a part of the game even later into it.


V 0.6.2B

Fixed a missing case set in the day 2 variable tracking that could cause a game breaking bug.


V 0.6.2A


Fixed a bug in the custom outfit system.

Fixed a missing ">" in the open mouth passage.

Fixed an missing closing if macro in the sleep without progression passage.



V 0.6.2

Bug Fixes

Addressed a bug in the open mouth scene that could cause conflict with the shower scenes on day 5.

Sprayed raid on an infestation surrounding the Stacey vs. Evelynne questlines both firing in the same day on Day 6. This should not happen anymore.

Took a flyswatter to a pest in the door check on Day 2 that could in rare cases lead to a bug notification when attempting to pass the first door a third time on Day 2.

Corrected the link from the food court leading to the incorrect floor of the mall.

Added a missing link to the accept option at the begining of the Evelynne Questline if you decided to purusue her line after initially rejecting her on day 4.

New Features
Implemented the ability to create 3 custom outfits. They may be created starting on day 3 from the outfit section of the closet.

 I have also moved the cheat menu to the bedroom and out of the Left UI Bar. This was the second most commonly chosen option in the forum poll for how people would change the UI to reduce clutter (after its not cluttered leave it as is.) I felt like the UI Bar was cluttered as well and seeing as this is the least important feature it makes sense for it to be in a static location.


V 0.6.1C

Bug Fixes
Squashed the closet bug on day 2 if you do not use the take all button.
Cleaned up the passages when you grow B cup breasts and start needing a bra for the first time to leave the house.
Fixed the inability to start the Evelynne sub storyline if you had previously rejected her invitation.
Updated the skip to day 2 function in cheat menu
Moved the cheat menu to the bedroom and out of the UI Bar. I will continue to monitor the poll and see what else I should and contemplate where I will move it.


V 0.6.1B

Bug Fixes

Fixed an incorrect check in the shower if you are on a very high transformation run that lead to a game breaking bug when you needed a shower.

V 0.6.1a

Bug Fixes
Corrected the event handling of the Selfie task on the Evelynne Questline to ensure that the selfie being taken late will fire correctly.


Content updates
Added additional instructions and language to ensure that players that do not start the Evelynne route and reject Jonathan outright on Day 4 have in game events and gudiance to follow. This should reduce confusion for those who want to play a reluctant MC. I will continue to develop how this relctance plays out as future updates bring more content.


Version 0.6.1

Bug Fixes
Corrected a couple of tracking errors in the Jonathan path
Corrected a typo in a previous hotfix
Made a change on how the post day 5 landing event fires to improve consistency
Fixed a bug that allowed players to access the secret room before intended
removed the hints to gather the School Girl Costume before it was time too in the cellphone gallery.


Version 0.6.0A

Hot fixes

There was a game breaking bug on day 2 where the game did not properly push a quest tracking event. 

There was a game breaking bug if you took the miminal transformation route when you showered after your 2nd transformation. 

Removed some code for an old google search on the laptop that is not implemented any longer.

Removed the option to leave Abby's room by means other than the direct closet link on day 2 immediately after getting the clothes from her closet, as doing so create a break in game behavior. You should be able to leave normally at all other times.

Fixed a gamebreaking issue where if you had low self-esteem going into day 6 you could get a black screen when you rejected her phonecall a second time.

You only need to donwload the hotfix HTML file and relpace the HTML file in your game folder to fix these issues.



Version 0.6.0

New Features

41000+ words and 73 new passages. This update expands the game by an additional 40%

3 New gifs 23 new photos

I have added a Right UI Bar which will display the MCs present appearance. It shows everything they are wearing and even has a few images for when the MCis wearing a preset outfit.

Added the calendar to the UI bar and removed it from the cellphone. The calendar is color coded. Each day of the week has its own color, month/day will be colored depending on how late in the game it is, and the game progress day will also be displayed in a consistent color.


Quest Tracking has been implemented. There are direct and explicit instructions on how to progress each part of the story line including side stories.


Clean up of certain scenes that were not running right. Shower scene should no longer double up images when shaving for the first time.


Added the Anti-chaffing Ointment to the Bathroom. It should now allow characters with small breasts to leave the house without a bra. This presently requires the player to go back to the closet and specifically remove the bra again, I will rewrite the code surrounding breast development and chaffing at a later date to improve the ability to perform these actions more smoothly.


Bathroom has been added downstairs. It presently only has makeup application/removal functions, but shower functions and anti-chaffing ointment application will be added at a later date. This will allow players who forget to adjust their makeup state before attempting the gauntlet or leaving the house to be able to quickly adjust their appearance to be able to progress. It is presently a quality-of-life update.


Haircuts have now been implemented. With the implementation of proper hair growth, Chad's/Bex/Becky's hair can now grow to 26 inches long reaching all the way down to his/their/her ass. But, over time it will also develop split ends and grow unevenly/break. So, I have added the ability to get a haircut at Millennium Styles in the mall. You can't choose the style of hair yet (I might implement this once the game is more complete) but you can get a cut ranging from just a trim all the way to 22 inches cut off(depending on the length of hair available.)


There is now additional code and scenes for when you behave extremely disobediently with your Dom on the BDSM path. These contain public humiliation so behave if that is not something you want to see.



System Improvements

Clean up of the UI bar and its sub menus to reduce confusion and prevent history locking.


Complete overhaul of the event tracking and firing code. I am hoping that this will be less buggy as event will fire off a direct prerequisite check rather than boolean and numerical representations. This has also removed a great number of variables that were clogging the game up. This will also make tracking of and identifying bugs easier.(fingers crossed)


I removed the Closet from the UI bar and placed it in the bedroom. I did it because the UI bar felt slightly cluttered, and it was a suggestion from a player. IF this change receives negative feedback, I will revert it. While I was testing and working on the overhaul this caused me a lot of frustration and I reverted it. I don't know if can significantly reduce the number of UIBar items unfortunately. I will post a poll asking about which items should be removed or changed in the forum.


Navigation for inside the house has been removed from the closet and is now in the UIBar.


2 new scenes have been added to day 4 if you avoid pleasuring the machine on day 3. One is the first fully implemented ending for the game. It is a bad end game over, but it comes with a resolution and an epilogue. The other leads to a discovery about both the Gauntlet and Chad.


Rewrite of the BDSM path to allow greater freedom of timing. You should now be able to avoid starting this path for as long as you want and have it remain available. There is also code to handle if you start this content but avoid actually pursuing it. This new code can lead to the end of the BDSM path. To be clear, you will still need to follow the alternative paths each day in order to progress. 


Head and body hair should now grow properly and quickly enough that the player can chose to shave every 3-4 days. Head hair will also grow at an increasing rate. Depending on how transformed the main character is, head hair can grow as fast as .625 inches or ~=1.5cm per day.


Quality of life improvements

I have added the ability to change clothes from most places where an outfit is checked to reduce the number of passages you have to trek through when you discover you are in the wrong clothing. Places like Krav Maga Studio. If you see others that you would like a similar change implemented, please let me know.


Version 0.5.2

Bug fixes
Updated keyboard navigation code to most up to date version.

Version 0.5.1

More Image Normilization


 Version 0.5.0

Word Count and Passage Count

Now 102000 words 45000 new words this update  79% increase.  

Now 433 passages 116 new passages 

The game has increased in size by ~79% I estimate total play time at 1 hour 15 minutes If you are not skipping passages you have already seen.

System Improvements

Work on the closet system.
The male clothes are now included in the closet.
Each sub-closet now has a second link to return to the main closet at the top of the page to reduce scrolling.
Squased as bug with the workout outfit. I fogot to put the text value in quotations so the game was trying to read it as a bolean or numerical value. Ooops!

Updated some text in day 4 to improve clarity of narrative. This should remove confussion as to why you are not able to pass the door on that day and make it clearer that the PC is being over confident in their estimation of their sexual prowess.

Backend work to ensure forward progress of the various relationships when they become unmoored from the Main Story Path. You shouldn't see any differences here yet.

Inclusion of keyboard navigation(thanks to HiEv for creating the SkipLink+ toolkit). I feel like this feature will significantly improve game functionality.

Krav Maga Studio had some minor work done to clean up the language for the pre-workout conversation when you are not able to pay for a lesson. as well as added some more coding to handle more player behavior.

Normalized some of the images lovated others whose names had been changed. This should adress some of the issues with cross compatibility and missing image issues. Let me know if you find more.

New Features
Added a selfie feature- This is still a work in progress and will need new images for several closet items, especially the male clothes as those have no images implemented even though they are in the closet now. If you are confident enough you can take a nude. There are no nude photos yet just descriptions. You can also check your body weight and fitness here.

New Images
Photos 20
Gifs 34

Pay off Debt- You can now pay off/down your debt to Evelynne if you have enough money. Paying off your debt to her will allow you to maintain a relationship with her or end all contact. She will remain open if you need to buy any sex toys in the future.

Chastity Cage- If you pay off your debt and aquire your key you will now be able to lock, unlock, remove and wear your chastity cage.

Txt Steven- a feature for contacting Steven after his family gets back from their trip.

Hair Growth System- Body, leg, arm pit, pubic and terminal hair(the hair on one's head) will all grow daily. This is slow taking between 4 and 6 days before the hair on the PC's body is ready to be shaved again. This will also eventually lead to the PC no longer needing a wig to pass as feminine(if the player doesn't decide a trim is needed). It also opens up the future possibility for hair styling to be implemented.

Self-esteem System- until now the PC's response has largely been determined by narative structure. However with the advent of Day 5 and the fallout from those dramatic scenes the pc's self-image has begun to face significant metamorphosis. To track this and allow the player more control over the PC's response to major events the morning of day 6 will contain a reflection period. How you the player choose to navigate this will unlock/lock out certain content. These decisions will have major relationship impact and can even lead to certain content becoming unavailable in the future. This may be the most exciting addition of this update. Depending on response I might add more of these moments into previously "complete" days. A poll is in the discussion thread.

Added a Movie outing with Steven. This is heavily influenced by your past choices and will lead to two sets of dramatically different paths. If you chose Evelynne on day 5 you will either find a supportive Steven at the end of the day or a very worried and aggressive Steven.
If you chose Jonathan then you will find a Steven who is consoling or supportive depending on how you react in the morning.
A new character is introduced. Terry the star quaterback from your HS is on a date with Sierra and something wierd is going on.
A new branching path for Stacey begins. She will help you become a sissy stripper.
A new Client interaction is available in the Evelynne Storyline.(this is the cannonical line of the game so it will see the most content going in the forseable future.)
You loose something important at the end of the night and it puts you in a dangerous situation. Setting us up for the next branching path which will be released in V0.6.0!


Version 0.4.1

  • Added redundancy to the dance practice scene to hopefully address a previously unkown bug.
  • Fixed a bug with the computer search hints that would cause the player to become stuck unable to escape the passage.
  • Fixed some typos that would cause the players name and pronouns to not display correctly during the client scene at Evelynnes.
  • Pushed some code that is intended for a future release back behind a code wall so that it stops clogging the 4ever young shop with errors after Story Day 2.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player name to not display during the trial of the third door first attempt.

Known Issues

  • I am still having trouble recreating the bug that causes the Mansion to become innescapable. Until I can figure it out I will leave the cheat menu option to allow you to progress if you are still haing the issue.
  • I have not done a sweep of image names and paths to ensure they work on all system types.


Version 0.4.0

  • 14,000 words 43 passages added. 57000 words 317 passages.
  • 22 new images/gifs
  • A new dream sequence
  • A new day of content
  • A new door to challenge you.
  • First two branching paths implemented. You can for now choose to follow one or both paths.
  • You may pursue a romantic relationship with Jonathan
  • have first date and go to his house for sexy times
  • A Bussiness/Pleasure relationship with Evelynne
  • Get punished for any bad behavior you exhibit
  • Get rewarded for good behavior.
  • Service first client. Sexy times
  • You get to start making money. Just in case you want to buy your penile freedom.
  • Tumble the Dating app is downloadable on day 5
  • You can match with one of the named characters
  • Squashed a bug that could cause Day 3 content to skip breaking the game if the player didn't visit Evelynne and get caged before attempting the door once then attempting it a second time.

Known issues:

  • I am still having trouble recreating the bug that causes the Mansion to become innescapable. Until I can figure it out I will leave the cheat menu option to allow you to progress if you are still haing the issue.
  • I have not done a sweep of image names and paths to ensure they work on all system types.



  • Squashed more spelling and gramar errors.
  • fixed some more back end coding that was missed in the revamp
  • added a clothing debug to the cheat menu to ensure that you no longer get stuck in the house. This is a temporary band-aid until I can recreate the issue. I might need to add the male clothing to the inventory which I hadn't done yet to save passage space.
  • Fixed the broken link for buying anti-chaffing ointment. This object is not yet implemented so buying it is not recomended.
  • added day skips to the cheat menu they have not been fully tested so they propbaly contain missing variables which break the game. I would save before using them. Their primary purpose is to help if you do something out of order and do not get a progress reward.



  • More spelling and grammar fixes. This will be an ongoing project as I write more. Sorry for my ADHD brain.
  • A system to track the player's gender identity. This will no longer be static allowing the player a modicum of control over how fast the player identifies as female. This will have more influence on the player reaction to events in the coming updates.
  • Added new scenes for when the player tries specific female clothes on the first time.
  • added 11 new images and 5 new gifs. More scenes now have image representation and are no longer just text.
  • Backend system rewrites that will hopefully improve the ease of adding new content.



  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • House Cleaning Short Cut added to the UI Bar
  • A bunch of spelling errors



  • More bug fixes. This game is getting big.
  • a 4th day added.
  • 2 branching paths can be started.
  • Krav Maga Studio should be operational.
  • Image normalization for file format, size, and naming scheme.
  • additional work on the closet.
  • new outfit shortcuts added to the closet.
  • New calendar system added.
  • Spelling and grammar fixes. There is more work to be done here... I will keep working on them.
  • 2 bad ends added based around exhausting the MC and failing to get past the gauntlet or failing to clean the house often enough. These take some doing and can oly be achieved by grinding without reaching EOC.
  • There might be more that I have forgotten. This update almost doubles the size of the game.



Fixed a game breaking bug on day 2 No need to start a new game if you have a save from V0.1.3.



More bug fixes

A few spelling and grammar fixes(not many I will do a dedicated combing in the next few weeks)

A few new images

Fixed a programming issue which prevented access to the Krav Maga studio. It should now be working.

Reworked the inventory system it should be less buggy now and more visually appealing. Fingers crossed.

The ballet flats should now work properly.

The first door now properly acccepts other female underwear than the white panties.

Make up has been added. It is in the bathroom after the first time you shave.

Fixed the issue with getting stuck at the mall if you skipped steps before going shopping. You will however not be able to finish day 2 unless you go back and fix those steps. 


V 0.1.2

Bug Fixes

I believe I have fixed some of the black screens.

Fixed spacing inside of the closets.

Fixed missing image links.

Fixed broken and orphaned tags

Posted a compressed file for download rather than separate files


V 0.1.1

Fixed Image Pack


V 0.1.0 

Initial release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Bamppph

Version reviewed: 0.6.1C on 06/01/2021

I really like this game. It gives me the oportunity to immerse myself in a world that feels like it could be a real place and that is saying something for a text based game. I have played this game since it was first released and I have to say this newest udate really brought up the quality of the game. It is no longer a cluttered mess of black screens populated by white text. It finally has a user interface that expresses the state of the game visually rather than just numerically and textually. Keep it up Lady!

Review by CocoBug

Version reviewed: 0.6.1C on 06/01/2021

 I think the game still needs more refinement. The left Bar is cluttered with a lot of stuff and sometimes the right bar covers up the game's main text. I would say that the game is promising especially for a concept. The best part is the author is active and engaged with the community. The display of commitement to a product that works is commendable.

3/5 clean and more intuitive presentation will improve this  While there are still a bunch of tabs in the left side UI bar and the links navigation can get burried under walls of text, I am personally really impressed with the new visuals that have been implemented in the UI bar. The colors of the "calendar" and progress and energy trackers sometime feel a bit jumbled with the amount of colors that can be going on. However those same additions give me a reason to look at that bar regularly.

Game play
3./5 Adressing bugs and fragility of the check system will improve this score. It appears that this new tracking system is less fragile and leads to events firing more consistently. The bugs that are still present seem to be more because the entire code was rewritten?!?(good job on getting that done, it seems like a ton of work)

Visual appeal
2.25/5 ensuring that the images are centered and of a more normal size will improve this score. Some of them take up to much of the screen making the text passages with them become to long. THe updates to the left UI bar and the addition of the character's physical appearance with the addition of the right UI bar make the game something to behold. There is so much going on viusally now. However, the main body is suffering due to the images and text not having a margin that prevents them from running behind the right UI bar. Its not always an issue but when it is it makes everything feel bad.


4/5 Some of the writing is to long and some of it is too brief, however there is replay value in this game which I can't always say on this site.



Review by maelporn

Version reviewed: 0.5.2 on 02/12/2021

I really really want to like this game but navigating through the UI is an awful experience and there is nothing keeping track of the current task. That mixed with no hints on what to do next makes it difficult to remember what the next step is when playing the game over multiple sessions.

Review by Itsmbk

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 01/28/2021

Please continue updating this game as its showing a great potential

Review by BrandiSundays

Version reviewed: 0.4.1 on 12/21/2020

I would love to see the female crush cuck him or humiliate him somehow. 

Overall, one of my favorite games. 

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