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Version: 0.5.3

Sleepover Makeover

This is CYOA of a 16 year old boy forced into overseeing his 8 year old sister's sleepover party. A little sister who has been empowered by their witch of a mother to help her brother learn a lesson, by joining the party with the rest of the girls.

Through a series of pre-planned activities, the MC must try and maintain his maturity and his masculinity while keeping his sister and the rest of the girls happy. Or just give in and have some fun.


Current Content:

9 activities with multiple variants each
Regression down to age 10 (mentally and physically)
2 endings
Lots of traits which cause both minor and major variations to scenes
Lots of descriptions of the MC at different stages of the regression
Embarrassment mechanic as the situation becomes too overwhelming to handle
85k+ words


Future Content:

More activities
More regression (current target is down to age 5 both mentally and physically)
More traits
Random events
Persistent compulsions
More endings (and some bad ends)

Feedback is heavily encouraged. Both in terms of bugs and typos and in suggestions/ideas. Both by DM and in the discussion thread. I'd love to hear what you all think.

PG rating is just for bad language. There is no sexual content.

A 16 year old boy forced into overseeing his 8 year old sister's sleepover party.

A little sister who has been empowered by their witch of a mother to help her brother learn a lesson. By joining the party with the rest of the girls whether he wants to or not. 

He fights to maintain his mind and body, all while trying to keep his sister and the other girls happy.

Emily: Your 8 year old little sister, the brat who is the de facto ring leader of the group.
Kara: A 7 year old classmate of your sister, very smart for her age. Acts as a bit of a 'mother' to the group, often acting as the voice of reason.
Miki: 6 year old little sister of one of your sister's classmates. Shy around strangers, but excitable once she gets to know you.
Sophie: The 9 year old 'older sister' of the group. Can come off as a bit of a bully, but protective of those in the group. Fiercely competitive, but doesn't like losing.

Join in on the sleepover activities or don't. No matter what you do you will get to the end of the night, but what will be left of you by then?
And your performance will be reported to mom, make sure to keep everyone happy or tomorrow might be an unpleasant surprise.

0.5.3 (Sep 13) - A bunch of minor bug fixes and typo things. Nothing too exciting. 

0.5.1 (Sep 11) - Patch to fix a few bad conditionals. Sugarvalidator doesn't catch variables without a $ :( 

0.5.0 (Sep 11)

New Content:
Initial implementation of the embarrassment mechanic.

  • All the things that happen to you will slowly build up your level of embarrassment, if it gets too high you'll snap and might do something you'll quickly regret.
  • Currently, there are three different 'snaps' implemented. Each of which is attached to its own fairly extensive scene.

Small variations added to a few scenes.

Behind the Scenes:
Improvements to the word filter

  • You may have noticed in old versions that certain words (such as curse words) would get increasingly innocent/girly as time went on. The technical implementation of this has changed dramatically. It will make things much easier for me to add to/modify, however it's a little wilder. If you see anything that looks like it shouldn't be replaced, let me know.

Using a new "pronoun" system. The text should always be reactive to your current gender. If anything looks out of place let me know.

More improvements to the journal system to allow for some future ideas.

Usual rigamarole of spacing/typo/bug fixes.


0.4.0 (Aug 27)

  • Regression down to age 10 with 4 new detailed scenes to show the changes.

  • Overhaul of how the journal works.

  • Some extra ponysplaining for the non MLP initiated 

  • Experimental User Setting

    • Disable physical age regression

      • This should prevent age from going down and any of the related scenes from playing. 

    • Images 

      • Only in a few places for now (13->12 age regression and 12->11 maturity regression, MLP explanations)

    • Animations

  • New Game+

    • Both endings now have a link to a new game + which should reset you back to the start of the game but with traits/age/maturity intact.

    • NOTE: This is much less tested than other stuff, so bugs are likely. Report as you find them and I’ll try to fix what I can but NG+ isn’t the main focus of the game so it’s lower priority

  • A couple of small trait variant scenes

  • Usual litany of typo fixes

  • A few small bug fixes

  • Fix to “return” when navigating to description/traits/etc…

0.3.1 (August 9) - Little typo fixes 

0.3.0 (August 9) - 

Completion of the "mini-olympics" a series of activities challenging your physical prowess (or lack thereof). 5 activities and about 20k words.
Dynamic NPC descriptions

0.2.2 (July 23) - Fix to remove incomplete activity from 0.2.1

0.2.1 (July 23) - Fix to traits not being applied. More typo fixes. (Pulled and replaced by 0.2.2)

0.2.0 (July 22) - Converted the entire thing into TweeGo. Fixes to journal. Added hairstyle descriptions.

0.1.2 (July 21) - Better handle for underflow of minimum age. Formatting changes.

0.1.1 (July 21) - Minor bug fix (disney princess text), restart button on endings.

0.1.0 (July 21) - First release. 4 activities, 2 endings, regression to age 12, full character descriptions.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Azerty666

Version reviewed: 0.3.1 on 08/10/2020

Well, this is really a good start ! I'm actually spending my time trying different combinations to see what will happen to my character at the end ! I will definitely be waiting for the next updates !

Review by Korppi

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 07/23/2020

I love the concept! I see you're working hard on updating it, I appreciate it. If you could add pictures it would be delightful!

Review by jessie

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 07/22/2020

I'll say I like this, and oddly I honestly kinda like knowing there's magic from the start. The story doesn't really need dramatic realizations about the existence of magic, and it wouldn't make all that much sense either. There's something charming about how matter-of-fact it all is, in my opinion, that would be ruined by, "I got transformed by a Secret Witch (TM)" #3939.

Review by tlocator

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 07/22/2020

I have said it before, "I love the concept of a young teen boy having to babysit". I was in this predicament as a teen, so I can relate. I wasn't, however, 'forced' into it, but there wasn't a helluva lot else to do to make arcade money in the small, northern Michigan town I lived in circa 1981...

Overall, this is a great story/game. I grew up playing D&D and other RPGs where you had no imagery for every detail and had to rely on your own imagination to color in the fear, anxiety, loating, etc. So, I applaud the fact that this (currently) has no imagery and due to the subject matter, I would think that including much imagery at all could bring the wrath of the 'acceptability brigade'.

There are a couple of irritations, however, that I hope the author sees fit to alter...

1) in the hide-n-seek track, there is a point where it seems the mc has been found, but this turns out to be some sort of delusion brought on by the TF changes taking place. There is no distinction, but maybe if the text of this was altered with, say, italics or some other decoration to distinguish it from the normal story text?

2) I agree with someone before me that the outright knowledge of (a) your mother being a full fledged witch and (b) she gave your little sister a wand, tend to take the 'fun' out of it. As the player, you have this tickle in your mind that says 'well, if I don't do it, she is just going to make me do it with that wand'. That and, apparently, all her little friends also know mom is a witch? For some reason, this just doesn't click for me.

With that said, this is still a GREAT early release and I cant wait to see the rest of it!

Review by Pakhawaj

Version reviewed: 0.1.2 on 07/22/2020

This is a good game, I don't have much more to say than that. It's complete as it is, but it looks like more stuff is going to get added which is cool.

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