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Version: 0.3a

The Pills

The Pills

The Pills is about a young man who receive a bag full of x-pills. There's a lot of TF coming his way. How much is up to you. There are currently six pills available, out of the planned ten.

A word of warning. This is barely a game. It's more of an interactive fiction, but it's barely that either. You have a choice of x-pills to ingest, and when you're done, the game summarizes what happens in the following year. There's no other choice once you've chosen the pills. So you can 'finish' a playthrough in 30 seconds. But there's (v0.1) 11 (v0.2c) 74 (v0.3a) 137 different endings to find. You could say it's a horizontal interactive fiction, instead of the usual vertical ones.

A second word of warning. English is not my native language. I've tried to proofread my text as much as I can, but there's bound to be mistakes or strange sentences here and there.

Ah, a third word of warning. I use the term x-pill, but don't follow the traditional rules for colors and effects, as found on the dedicated subreddit. In my game, the male-to-female pill is red, not pink, for instance. There's also no forced orgasms, time constraints, etc.

Have fun !


Pills description:

Blue x-pill : masculinization

Red pill : feminization

Purple pill : sex swap

Yellow pill : bimbofication

Green pill : expansion with side effects

Orange pill : slutification

Pink pill : ?

Black pill : ?

Gray pill : ?

White pill : ?


Game "map":


Game Map


Hint Page:

This is the list of all endings, classed by Portrait and Gender.

Male Portraits

Man (1)(3)(4)(89) | Cuntboy (61)(62)(87)(88)

Man (10)(91)(94)(95) | Cuntboy (11)(92)(96) | Herm (12)(93)(97)
Man (18)(19)(20)(79) | Cuntboy | Herm (80)
Man (5)(98)(99)(100)(101)(102) | Cuntboy (103)(104)(105) | Herm (106)(107)(108)(109)

Man (34) | Cuntboy (76) | Herm (77)
Man (41)(42)(75) | Cuntboy | Herm
Man (36)(37)(38) | Cuntboy (39) | Herm (40)

Man (59) | Cuntboy (9)(48) | Herm (60)
Man (56)(74) | Cuntboy (57) | Herm (49)(58)
Man (31) | Cuntboy | Herm

Man (33) | Cuntboy (35) | Herm
Man (128)(129)(130) | Cuntboy (32) | Herm
Perfect himbo
Man (131) | Cuntboy | Herm

Man (110)(111)(112)(113) | Cuntboy (118) | Herm (116)
Man (114)(115) | Cuntboy (117) | Herm
Man (124)(125)(126)(127) | Cuntboy | Herm

Female Portraits

Woman (2)(16) | Dickgirl (7)
Woman (6)(25)(50)(78) | Dickgirl (51)(63) | Futa (47)(52)
Woman (26)(132)(133)(134)(135)(136)(137) | Dickgirl (64)(65)(66) | Futa

Woman (43) | Dickgirl (44) | Futa
Woman | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (45)(46) | Dickgirl | Futa (73)

Woman (8) | Dickgirl (22) | Futa (21)
Woman (23) | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (13) | Dickgirl (14) | Futa (15)

Woman (17)(24) | Dickgirl (67)(70) | Futa
Woman (27)(68) | Dickgirl (53)(55)(69) | Futa
Perfect bimbo
Woman (28)(29) | Dickgirl (54)(71)(72) | Futa

Woman | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (30) | Dickgirl | Futa

Woman (86) | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (81)(82)(83)(90) | Dickgirl (84) | Futa (85)
Woman (119)(120)(121)(122)(123) | Dickgirl | Futa


  • 3 pills (blue, red, purple)
  • 11 endings


  • 5 pills (blue, red, purple, yellow, green)
  • 33 new endings, for a total of 44
  • portraits for (nearly) everyone
  • you can revisit endings you've already found


  • Sabrina and Steve have portraits ; Leonard has a new portrait
  • 2 new endings, for a total of 46
  • The game keeps track of Boring endings, and you can flag other endings as Buggy
  • Endings are numbered (the changes should be automatic; if it's not, reset your achievements)


  • Made many changes code-wise. It should not affect gameplay, but be wary of undetected errors
  • 12 new endings, for a total of 58
  • Added a {redacted}.
  • John now changes his name if he ends up in a female body
  • Updated Endings 29 (Mr. Marron's Silent Wife) and 46 (Jimmy's Eternal Slave) to make clearer what actually happens
  • Others rewrites and bug corrections. (Thanks to yoshielder!)


  • 16 new endings, for a total of 74
  • Added another {redacted}.
  • John's main TF (virile, pretty, ...) now appear beside his gender, instead of among other TF.
  • Corrected a bug in Enzo's event (thanks to Whini Lusal!).
  • Corrected a bug in red pills that prevented tomboy dickgirls from becoming futanaris.
  • Corrected a bug in red pills that transformed perfect himbos into bimbos AND perfect bimbos (thanks to yoshielder!).
  • The paths leading to Endings 5 and 9 have changed. They'll be automaticaly removed from your saves until you find them again.
  • You can now test endings from your boring/bugged list (and remove them if they're no longer boring/bugged).


  • 6 pills (blue, red, purple, yellow, green, orange)
  • 57 new endings, for a total of 131
  • Three pills of each color.


  • 6 new endings, for a total of 137
  • The promised hint page is up! You'll be able to see the endings's name, the needed Portrait and Gender, or even get to the solution.
  • Ending 16 is now called "Ménage à Trois", instead of "Happy Trouple". (Thanks to HiEv for this and many other typos, as well as the fading effect.)

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by prismgoy

Version reviewed: 0.2c on 08/21/2020

It's an interesting one. A walkthrough would be nice, but I understand it might ruin the suprise. Either way, I hope this one gets finished.

Review by mattpantyhose

Version reviewed: 0.2a on 08/17/2020

Simple and entertaining. Despite the author's doubts I believe this counts as a game. It's pretty short, but has a high replayability. 

Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: 0.2 on 08/15/2020

Even in its current unfinished state, this is a unique and fun little game that's worth playing for anyone interested in the TF genre. It's great how organically the main character and the world around them reacts to the changes you put them through. I particularly enjoy the quality of the players avatar, and how every possible situation is covered with unique text.

There's even some really satisfying trial-and-error gameplay. There's oodles of secret interactions and mechanics to combining pills for you to discover as you experiment. Both the story and the gameplay function off of a consistent internal logic that gives the game a relaxing, structered feeling. 

The whole game has a clear professionalism to it. Even right now at version 0.2, it feels more complete and polished than most finished games on the site. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Review by Hatha

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/09/2020

It's short and simple.  

What's good is that it shows potential from the creator.  This is a pretty decent start; the story is very finite and they're getting a hang for variable choices and outcomes from really simple inputs.  And the english is actually really, not perfect, but much better than we see from quite a lot of creators which is very commendable.  I can only be so critical because I would be hopeless trying to write a compelling story in any other language.  

Review by JHeresy

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/07/2020

A quick and fun little romp. As stated by the creator, it's short, like just a lotta short. However, if you're looking for something and got that tf bug, this fits the bill nicely. I look forward to further development. 

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