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Version: 0.4h

Version: 0.3f

The Pills

The Pills

The Pills is about a young man who's gifted a bag full of x-pills. Each color has a different effect, so there's a lot of physical transformations and mental changes coming his way. How much is up to you!

The fifteen colors available are blue (masculinization), red (feminization), purple (sex swap), violet (gender swap), yellow (bimbofication), green (expansion/corruption), orange (slutification), black (submissiveness), gray (domination), white (lactation), pink (shrinkage/age reduction), cyan (age progression), brown (change to black), tan (change to asian) and clear (intellect booster).

English is not my native language. I've tried to proofread my text as much as I can, but there's bound to be mistakes or strange sentences here and there.

About v0.4h:

I'm finalizing the 15 pills' effects. Endings are disabled! Please try v0.3f if you want to experience a more complete game (with 6 pills only).

About v0.3f:

This version is barely a game. You have a choice of x-pills to ingest, and when you're done, the game summarizes what happens in the following year. There's no other choice once you've chosen the pills. So you can 'finish' a playthrough in 30 seconds. But there's 272 different endings to find (plus a couple of secret endings). All the fun is in finding all of these.


Have fun!


Portrait map (v0.4h):

On imgur.

Hint Page (v0.3f):

This is the list of all endings, classed by Portrait and Gender.

Male Portraits

Man (1)(3)(4)(89)(233) | Cuntboy (61)(62)(87)(88) | Herm (234)

Man (10)(91)(94)(95)(268) | Cuntboy (11)(92)(96) | Herm (12)(93)(97)
Man (18)(19)(20)(79)(271)(272) | Cuntboy | Herm (80)
Man (5)(98)(99)(100)(101)(102) | Cuntboy (103)(104)(105) | Herm (106)(107)(108)(109)

Man (34)(75)(242)(243)(244)(245) | Cuntboy (76) | Herm (77)
Man (41)(42)(246)(247)(248)(249) | Cuntboy (250) | Herm (251)
Man (36)(37)(38) | Cuntboy (39) | Herm (40)

Man (59) | Cuntboy (9)(48) | Herm (60)
Man (56)(74) | Cuntboy (57) | Herm (49)(58)
Man (31) | Cuntboy | Herm

Man (33)(252)(253)(254)(255) | Cuntboy (35) | Herm (256)
Man (128)(129)(130)(257)(258)(259)(260) | Cuntboy (32) | Herm
Perfect himbo
Man (131)(263)(264) | Cuntboy (261)(265) | Herm (262)(266)(267)

Man (110)(111)(112)(113) | Cuntboy (118) | Herm (116)
Man (114)(115) | Cuntboy (117) | Herm
Man (124)(125)(126)(127) | Cuntboy | Herm

Man (186)(191)(192) | Cuntboy (188)(189) | Herm (187)(190)
Man (197)(198)(201)(202)(203)(204) | Cuntboy | Herm(199)
Man (205)(208)(213)(214) | Cuntboy (206)(209)(211) | Herm (207)(210)(212)

Female Portraits

Woman (2)(16)(269) | Dickgirl (7) | Futa (171)
Woman (6)(25)(50)(78)(196) | Dickgirl (51)(63) | Futa (47)(52)
Woman (26)(132)(133)(134)(135)(136)(137)(164) | Dickgirl (64)(65)(66) | Futa

Woman (43)(193)(200) | Dickgirl (44) | Futa
Woman | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (45)(46) | Dickgirl (73)(165) | Futa (166)(167)

Woman (23)(240) | Dickgirl (239) | Futa (237)(238)
Woman (8)(241) | Dickgirl (21)(22) | Futa (235)(236)
Woman (215)(216)(217)(218)(223)(226)(231)(232) | Dickgirl (219)(222)(227)(229) | Futa (220)(221)(224)(225)(228)(230)

Woman (17)(24)(138)(139)(140)(158)(159)(160)(161)(194) | Dickgirl (67)(70) | Futa
Woman (27)(68)(141)(144)(145)(162)(195) | Dickgirl (53)(55)(69)(142)(146) | Futa (143)(147)
Perfect bimbo
Woman (28)(29)(148)(149)(154)(163) | Dickgirl (54)(71)(72)(150)(151)(155)(156) | Futa (152)(153)(157)

Woman | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (30) | Dickgirl | Futa

Woman (86) | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (81)(82)(83)(90) | Dickgirl (84) | Futa (85)
Woman (119)(120)(121)(122)(123) | Dickgirl | Futa

Woman (13) | Dickgirl (14) | Futa (15)
Woman (168)(169)(170)(270) | Dickgirl | Futa
Woman (172)(173)(174)(175)(176)(177)(178) | Dickgirl (179)(180)(182)(183)(184) | Futa (181)(185)


  • Massive text addition for all TF/MC and Portraits.
  • 1 new portrait path.
  • A couple TF/MC.


  • New save system.
  • Links ot the wiki and the ko-fi page.
  • Lots of polish on the portrait tree.
  • 1 new portrait path.
  • A few TF/MC.
  • Missing descriptions are slowly being completed.


  • Still more bugfixes.
  • Redone some portraits. Added 60 new portraits (for 10 new portraits paths).
  • Changed the silhouette traits logic.
  • Some new TF/MC.


  • Many bugfixes (see the forum).
  • Redone some portraits. Added a new portrait path ("doll").
  • Changed the way penis and breast growth works (again!).


  • 1 new pill (cyan).
  • Some bugfixes, lots of new TF/MC (see the forum).
  • The number of portraits jumped from 158 to 775.
  • The game now recognize keyboard shortcuts.


  • 1 new pill (violet).
  • Some bugfixes, lots of new TF/MC (see the forum).
  • Pink pills make you thiner.
  • There is now a way to ease the headache and take more pills.
  • Added two in-game warnings that endings are disabled in this version. ^^


  • Lots of bugfixes (see the forum).
  • Body type logic redone.
  • New portraits for youngers black and asian bimbos.


  • 1 new pill (clear)
  • Shrinking logic redone. New traits for very small and very large penises.
  • Herm/futa that takes too many Purple pills are in for a surprise!
  • Lots of bugfixes (see the forum).


  • 6 new pills (black, gray, white, pink, brown, tan)
  • All endings are disabled, pending rewriting.
  • All pills should have an effect on John.
  • Taking two of the same pill in a row should have added effect.
  • John gains traits (such as Daring, Charming, etc.) in three tiers (simple, silver, gold).
  • Added "body type" traits : Fit, Svelte, Buxom, Thicc, Chubby, Plump, Petite, Hourglass Figured.
  • Plenty of changes and additions to each transformation. For example, you can now get Dumb without being a Bimbo, or be a Lesbian without being Queer, or have a penis-like clitoris" withou being a cuntboy.
  • You can read your Uncle's letter in the spam folder.


  • 31 new Endings, for a total of 272.
  • 2 new Secret Ending, for a total of 20.


  • 27 new Endings, for a total of 241.
  • 8 new Secret Ending, for a total of 18.
  • You can now filter out Incest, Rape and Non-Consensual TF content if you want. This does not prevent you from finding all endings.
  • There is now a way to be a "Basic" Hermaphrodite.


  • 6 new portraits for John.
  • 48 new Endings, for a total of 214.
  • 8 new Secret Ending, for a total of 10.
  • Dick expansion now works in half inches, and breast expansion in half cup size.
  • Some changes in presentation.


  • 4 new Endings, for a total of 167
  • Hover on portraits to zoom.
  • John now looks at himself in the mirror to see the changes (which allow to zoom on his new face).
  • Already read text is slighty grey, new text has a red bar on the left.


  • 26 new Endings, for a total of 163
  • Endings 27 and 28 are now longer reachable. They'll be back in v0.4.


  • 6 new Endings, for a total of 137
  • The promised hint page is up! You'll be able to see the endings's name, the needed Portrait and Gender, or even get to the solution.
  • Ending 16 is now called "Ménage à Trois", instead of "Happy Trouple". (Thanks to HiEv for this and many other typos, as well as the fading effect.)


  • 6 pills (blue, red, purple, yellow, green, orange)
  • 57 new Endings, for a total of 131
  • Three pills of each color.


  • 16 new Endings, for a total of 74
  • Added another Secret Ending.
  • John's main TF (virile, pretty, ...) now appear beside his gender, instead of among other TF.
  • Corrected a bug in Enzo's event (thanks to Whini Lusal!).
  • Corrected a bug in red pills that prevented tomboy dickgirls from becoming futanaris.
  • Corrected a bug in red pills that transformed perfect himbos into bimbos AND perfect bimbos (thanks to yoshielder!).
  • The paths leading to Endings 5 and 9 have changed. They'll be automaticaly removed from your saves until you find them again.
  • You can now test endings from your boring/bugged list (and remove them if they're no longer boring/bugged).


  • Made many changes code-wise. It should not affect gameplay, but be wary of undetected errors
  • 12 new Endings, for a total of 58
  • Added a Secret Ending.
  • John now changes his name if he ends up in a female body
  • Updated Endings 29 (Mr. Marron's Silent Wife) and 46 (Jimmy's Eternal Slave) to make clearer what actually happens
  • Others rewrites and bug corrections. (Thanks to yoshielder!)


  • Sabrina and Steve have portraits ; Leonard has a new portrait
  • 2 new Endings, for a total of 46
  • The game keeps track of Boring endings, and you can flag other endings as Buggy
  • Endings are numbered (the changes should be automatic; if it's not, reset your achievements)


  • 5 pills (blue, red, purple, yellow, green)
  • 33 new Endings, for a total of 44
  • portraits for (nearly) everyone
  • you can revisit endings you've already found


  • 3 pills (blue, red, purple)
  • 11 Endings

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by JTal

Version reviewed: 0.4e (quick fix 3) on 01/25/2021

I know this game is in the beginning stages, but the potential here is great. As previously mentioned in a different review, it looks overly simple, but the possabilities are endless. I don't know the algorythm used to get specific ending or if they're all added individually, but if my basic math serves me right, thwere are millions of possibilies.

Would it be possible to create a walkthrough or cheat sheet that includes the pill colors and effects, as well as some of the basic rules that you use to create your endings? This would give players a starting place and we can explore from there.

Love the idea, keep it up!

Review by art926

Version reviewed: 0.4c on 01/09/2021

Great game! That's a good excample of a solid game that doesn't need tons of art or text or overcomplicated mechanics. It's quite simple gameplay and idea, but very fun to explore.

Review by TheHighGrove

Version reviewed: 0.4b on 01/06/2021

It may seem humble at first glance, but to my mind this is one of the premier transformation games out there. Infinitely variable and catering to a huge swathe of kinks, this is a simple game that is quick to work through but endlessly replayable. Seriously. Want to create the ultimate bimbo? Easy to do. How about a huge muscle man with a pussy desperate for breeding? It's all there. A completely ammoral, domination obsessed genius with a monster cock and Sluttifying cum? I've figured out the combination, and if you're interested you can, too. And there are even wilder transformations to find! Top it all off with some very pleasant artwork and more than capable writing, and you've got a real S-Tier effort.


10/10, and easily my favorite right now.

Review by ronjonopen

Version reviewed: 0.4b on 01/05/2021

Its a good game! A few choices and then your done but there are good ideas even with no endings. It feels more like a great character creator for a upcoming game but its still fun! Hope there can be a game to follow.

Review by BSMRD

Version reviewed: 0.4b on 01/04/2021

Endings are disabled in v0.4! Please try v0.3f if you want to experience a more complete game (with 6 pills only).

Why does no one read.

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