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Cybersex Singularity

Welcome to Cybersex Singularity

sexy Cyberpunk experience starring YOU and Bree a hapless t-girl uploaded into cyberspace turned Human/AI-Singularity. It's going to be Twine life-simulator (at the moment, it's mostly an Interactive Novel, as I'm still learning the ropes).

How much sexy?
  • There are roughly 10 scenes involving MtF Transformations or Feminization and plenty of sexy moments.

How much Cyberpunk?
  • You're in the perilous and promising Slatecity. You've got the choice of 4 characters (each with their own planned transformation path) a clever CYKOsoma technician/spy, a quick Freelance Merc. with a samurai sword, a TouchInc. Bio-Boy who is a total hedonist, and finally a Simulato at NET-TEN who is afraid of losing his humanity to the machine. 
  • Plus, I've spent a ton of time on graphics and styling to fill it with grit and neon.
Completed: Alpha 1.1, the first part of the story is complete with character portraits, sexy scenes, and graphics.

To do: The 3 main play areas for the simulator, CTC Archology, Slatecity, and Cyberspace. Day/Night cycle. Shopping. Skills to Level-Up. Complete Transformation of Main Player. Storylines and graphics for secondary characters. Etc.
Help Cybersex Singularity Exist, Support My Work -

P.s. This is my first game, ever, so please be nice! If you find any typos or error messages please let me know... And those of you who already have, you're all heroes to me! <3

Choices are coded with up-arrows and down-arrows.

Until a detailed walkthrough is written follow this simple guide.


To be kind and follow the Embrace storyline -

↿ Click Me ↾


To rebel and follow the Subvrt storyline -

⇃ Click Me ⇂


To go off the rails and create chaos -

⥙ Click Me ⥕

 Alpha 1.3 - Halloween Night/2020 



-Beginnings of a Paper Doll System


1) All of the 1.3 paper doll art


2) A sample of what the Paper Doll System has to offer in the tutorial


3) The starting player's body


4) The art for items and stats menus


-Beginnings of a Stats System


1) All of the art 1.3 stats art


2) With a pop-up showing details


3) A few events which test these stats


-Beginnings of a Time, Place, and Conditional Events System


1) All of the 1.3 location art


2) Time cycle system (which will matter much more in future updates)


3) new Conditional events: 


@Starting Monorail - Car 12. @Starting Monorail - Car 14. @Bundominum Station - 11/Heaven


-... And many minor secrets to be discovered.




-Reworded odd sentences and eliminated a fair few typos


-Removed the IMPRESSION button and replaced it with the Paper Doll System


-General polishing, fixing margins, and misc. issues.
Here were my plans for 1.3 as I mentioned in the previous update. 


Plans for Alpha1.3
  • -Complete the INDEX utility.
This was pushed back for a later update because of the importance of the Paper Doll System and the gamification bundle (such as the d20, stats, and conditional events).
  • -Implement UX enhancements across the game.
I've made some headway on this, it's a pretty big project editing every single passage. It was done by adding time, state, and location images, in the passages before the passage titled ⤜ THE BEGINNING ⤛.
  • -Create the first walkable "Open World" scene
It has begun the first scene in the game is now walkable. There is also another walkable scene in the Bundominium station called 11/Heaven, a small super market.


Plans for Alpha 1.3.1


I'm going to make smaller and more frequent updates. The pressure of jumping from 1.2 to 1.3 was too much, so let's keep it easy and breezy. 


-Add the first transformation to the paper doll system 


-Continue to implement UX enhancements across the game.



Alpha 1.2 - 9/6/2020 

On this update I became a little sidetracked from my original plan to work on the story. Instead, I made some new art, played around with a fake loading screen effect, and added a fun feature I call the Auto-Journal (tracks the player's transformation).

Not to mention, did a huge text clean-up. Especially urgent, after getting a "maybe not a native speaker" review. :P 



-A pop-up effect called ⊑ C - U I ⊒. It distinguishes the real-world narrative from the events that happen in the player's Clip-User-Interface (in the player's head).


-The pop-up effect contains several events, including the new Auto-Journal™ event which documents the player's transformation. 


-More World-building pages in the introduction


-Players portrait & first transformation visually documented in-game.

-First steps of a more interactive UX, only visible on the first page.


-SKIP CONTENT & CONTACT CREATOR must now be clicked to view. (separating it from the narrative)


-... And many minor secrets to be discovered.




-Cured the game of zoom effect madness

-Renamed HISTORY to INDEX 

-Fixed 30+ typos


-Clarified language


-General polishing, fixing margins, and misc. issues.



-Complete the INDEX utility. 

-Implement UX enhancements across the game.

-Create the first walkable "Open World" scene



Alpha 1.1 - 8/29/2020

I've been working my tail off for my first update. I'm extremely excited to say it's here. Come and enjoy!


-Varied Zoom functionality for images.

-A basic Skip segment

-World-building pages in introduction

-3 New characters with portraits

-Reworked 90% of portraits in-game, to add a UI effect with character information

-New U4Change ad to enjoy in the elevator

-10 new pages to Storyline 1: Embrace

-"Contact" segment

-"Acknowledgement" segment

-... And a few surprises to be discovered.


-Fixed typos

-Shortened a few passages

-Lengthened a few passages

-General polishing, fixing margins, and misc. issues.


-Shorten more passages and give more choices

-Finish up the story set up and begin the semi-cyclic choice-driven game experience.

That's it for now, have a good night! <3

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Hatha

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 08/31/2020

A really interesting experience so far.

I find that the UI is a little bit over-the-top but I suppose it fits with what they're trying to do.

Some things just feel like they don't make sense.  I mean right at the beginning of the game you're offered a choice to "skip." Two choices both described as "skip." What am I skipping, what is considered proceeding?  

The writing is fairly good but I suspect English isn't their first language because there's some phrasing that makes essentially no sense and some word choices that just seem strange.  

Every time I click to try and proceed through the story I feel like I'm in a completely unrelated scene.  It's disorienting and if that's intentional, it's fascinating but if it's not it makes this very weird and difficult to follow.  

I enjoy sci-fi settings, and I like what I think this could be about but at first glance it's honestly a bit of a mess.  I'm hoping to see it make some progress but my immediate concern is that there might be too much going on and it could be the type of project that is never completed because there's just too much for the author to keep track of.  

Review by DanielleDennett

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 08/14/2020

I think this is a really outstanding start.  There's a bit of build-up as to why you're in the position you're in, and a bit of a sense of who you are.  What's currently there does pull you into the story.

Exceptionally high "production values."  The UI is clean and appealing.  Quality use of Artbreeder to give faces to the names of characters that are thrown out.

The writing is quite good overall, if missing a few details in places that might help expand on the narrative world that's been quite well constructed.  Just normal editing stuff, no major issue really.  And building a tangible world that feels real is difficult enough when you're writing it as a conventional sort of place, let alone a cyberpunk sort of alternative reality!

Anyways, I'm excited for this one.  Definitely keeping my eyes on it.

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