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Maeville Is a quest-based adult transformation game! 

Maeville is a city bursting with magic. And magic can be dangerous. It can transform you and it can give you power.

I am using and building my own engine. Which allows me to place many different conepts in the game!

Play as the main character who gets involved into a world of magic and now has to learn to be a wizard. Or face unintended transformations.

0.0.4 update:

As of now the game should feel less broken. And there is more to do than follow a linear story. 

There are many, many more scenes than last time.

I've been thinking and coding a lot. I realized I'm not really sure where I want to take the game so I've just been adding random paths. I want to change this. So I started building something more coherent. And that became The academy!
To discover it go to the bar, twice and then go to the gallery. The next time you are outside your apartment Amy will show it to you.
I'm working on building more content and weaving the story in a coherent manner.
I hope you like it.
Note: I'm also working on building a server so images and videos load faster. And also you'll all have a proper way of saving the game. And a server will allow me to add so much amazing content.
Thank you.

If you really like the game, support it at my Patreon. I have really big plans for the game.
I want to make my own scenes with AI (you can generate porn with AI! It's amazing!). I want to host the game in a proper site.  I want to commission artwork for the game. And more!

The money I make will go back into the transformation community, and I hope I can give back the hundreds of hours I have spent playing and seeing your content. Note: Vote for who will I support in patreon next. https://www.patreon.com/posts/45303061

Note: In the discussion forum you can see the latest public changes <3.

With love.

Mr. Opossum.

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Review by bluerubber

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 12/22/2020

The game could have potential but in this early development phase it's really heavy with issues.

Biggest culprit for me is for dev to follow through on moving to a better server and fixing saves so they don't download random files every time. Honestly, this would be much better served in tradition html format games that allow you to save in the html multiple codes. Furthermore, I almost never play html games in online mode and prefer to download and play, but for whatever reason the dev doesn't want to let us do this. I would be general ok with this, except the game does not let you bo back and change routes without reloading the entire site and game. This is extremely frustrating when trying to find routes in the story. 

I also find it a little amusing that the dev calls this a low/no grind game, when it does have quite a lot of meaningless time consuming money grinding to get further in the story. 

The game could also use some kind of a walkthrough or general guide as it is hard to follow and learn what is needed to do next, especially in the research lab and how to work the lab in general.


Overall, the concept and plans for this game seem like it will eventually turn into something fun similar to "the Company" html game, but it still has a ways to go, but looks to be worth waiting out. 

Review by Roflcopter13579

Version reviewed: 0.0.4 on 12/22/2020

It has a lot of potencial, but i would love to see more images to be honest.
The mirror button isnt even working.
Also after upgrading most researches on II, the game only gives me blank pages, so i always have to reload my last save.

For everyone wandering how to get fast money.
Save up until you can buy the ingedients and equipment for the mind control drug.
You can sell it for 2k and the materials just need like 300.

Looking forward.

Review by Svetka

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/10/2020

chaotic absurd plot

Review by Cubist

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/07/2020

Review of 7 Dec 2020

There is more to do than just milk cows! Sadly, the player's range of allowed actions is still rather small, and has some peculiar absences. For instance, it's not possible for you to drop in on any of the other residents in your apartment building, even those you logically should be able to visit.

You can take an intern position at a lab… but you need to spend mucho dinero to acquire the necessary lab equipment, and it's not at all clear howe you can do that. There is apparently the possibility of "punishment" if you fail; to be a productive inter, but I haven't yet seen any punishment.

The game is improving. At present, however, it's not all that goos as a game.


Review of 28 Nov 2020

There is very little indeed to do in this game. You can go to the farm where you milk cows… and that's pretty much it. The "Game map" screen has four buttons to click on in order to get to various parts of the map, but only two ("Home" and "Farm") actually send you to their stated destination; the "Store" and "park" buttons don't do anything. At least, they don't do anything yet. At the farm, it appears that the only activity you can participate in is milking the cows; at home, all you can do is sleep.

Milking the cows gives you a bit of skill in cow-milking, which is fine. But you can do it, with each click on "Milk the cows" advancing the in-game clock a bit as well as boosting your cow-milking skill. You can click on "Milk the cows"… pretty much as many times as you like, with the in-game clock advancing for, literally, days.

Each "Milk the cows" click does reduce your energy a bit. You can click so many times that your energy goes into negative numbers. The moment your energy *does* drop below zero, the game puts a "You're out of energy, go home to sleep" alert box up on the screen—but you can ignore that alert box, and continue clicking "Milk the cows" until you get tired of clicking it or you get carpal tunnel syndrome, whichever comes first. I've done this to boost my cow-milking skill up to a figure of well over 600. This doesn't appear to have any discernable effect on game-play, as yet.

Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 0.0.3 on 12/07/2020

Lets see

story 1

image use is bellow noob lvl

Inconsistemt graphics

NSFW random sound caused by pirated movie

I do respect the attemt to create an engine but margin for text and stuff is a standard minimum requirement.

Not gona sum it up but if i must say something its like raiding the garbage bin of a 5 star restaurant.


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