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Version: 1.0.0

Family issues
by PutoAmo

 I hope to hear your criticisms and possible improvements or future content. I was also thinking of making a completely different game so I can listen to any ideas you have for any game not just sissy feminization.Of course also comment on any bug you find.

If I continue with this game, I plan to do various jobs as a waitress at the mall, as a pornstar with Lana and earn money with the jobs to open stores with various items. Open places like the gym or explore the city more with completely new places and of course continue the story. As I said I hope to hear from you

I hope you liked the game! Thanks for playing it.


The game consists of an 18-year-old boy who, due to things in life, ends up being feminized by his stepmother and stepsister with the help of his high school teacher. At first he will refuse to take on his new life but with the guy he will enjoy his new life



The game consists of an 18-year-old boy who, due to things in life, ends up being feminized by his stepmother and stepsister with the help of his high school teacher. At first he will refuse to take on his new life but with the guy he will enjoy his new life

Katrina Jade- Stepmother

Ivy Lebelle- Tutor

Adriana Chechik - Stepsister

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Review by Warrender

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/11/2021

I can't quite see what the upset is, this isn't a bad game and assuming this is your first time making a game the content is pretty good.

Yes it needs refinement, yes it needs spell checking, yes the story seems very linear and could do with some tweeking but it's a good foundation with plenty of scope for improvement so I'm hoping to see more.

If you're having difficulty in the English language it might be worth seeing if you can get someone onboard who will help in spelling and grammer and be able to send you corrections. You might want to add some filler between the scenes to help slow the game down so you can't speed through it as quickly as I did. I'd also recommend trying to add some different paths that offer unique story content depending on whether you go willingly or want to resist that ultimately eventually lead to the same point in the story.

Review by mally01

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/30/2021

What i will never understand is how people who have not published any games can be so harsh in the critiques. From the critiques i have seen i found only one who has published a game which i note has not been updated for almost 4 years. If you cannot offer helpful critisim then just keep quiet because you are the reason people give up on games because they get disheartened. As for poor english i would venture to say that whatever the publishers native tongue is he knows more english that we do his or her tongue. The game is free all you have lost is a little time playing and more critising while offer no suggestions. If the game gets updated the answer for you all is simple two choices look at it again or ignore it.

Review by mininator

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/15/2021

The criticism is kinda harsh here but I think I like it and if you enjoy it please continue :)

I would love some humiliation and maybe cum cleanup or even cuckolding. But I agree with the claim that so far it's pretty generic. But I have nothing against generic. In later stages you still can get your own touch in the game so it's not too late. Don't stop only because others say it's not soo good as long as you enjoy it.

Review by chrisx

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/04/2020

agree creo, that and i rly hate how some creators put 1.0.0 or w/e but its actually 0.0.1 like oooops did i do that soooorry haha, is it supposed to b a joke?!

their the only laughing. cuz it instantly makes me want to rage quit the game till next yr or forever no matter what its like whether its this shit or 1 of my faves and the best secretary or perveted ed. if they came out with this much content or 1-10% complete and claimed it to b a finished game, id quit. see ya nvr, or if it grabs my attention b4 i reach the end of page 1 chapter 1 of this tiny story, see ya next yr.

that or if their progress is like enchanted trying to do everything at once, not with compartmentalized goals for each subject and aspect of the game they create, its like 1% per month. at the very beginning many creators say its 0.1 and the good 1s have enough content to pull u in, for u to know what ur in for and whats going on.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/04/2020


Language - On rare occasion even machine translation does a better job.

Content - Submission at it's worst - the "I'm not a sissy!, now where did I put that dildo?..." kind. MC just goes along with it like that what he's always wanted with all his protests being purely for show, doesn't even put up a good enough pretence. On top of it he's human garbage - the story kicks off with him stealing his family member's underwear to give to his bully. Yup, he's ok with getting out of being beaten up one time more than usual by backstabbing his own family via violating their privacy in their own home. Utterly disgusting MC.

Format - Fits like a saddle on a boulder. It's presented in the same minimal lifesim style as PE but doesn't have even a hint of an actual game in it. It's a 100% guided linear story with an occasional event alterations - you get an "illusion of choice" so poorly crafted that your lack of choice only becomes more apparent.

TF - none. Not even mental. Just a 100500th shoddily crafted sissy story. What is this even doing on TFgames.site when it's neither TF-themed nor a game?

Conclusion for players - go re-play one of the older games in this theme. You'll get more out of that.

Conclusion for author - either find someone who's willing to teach you literally EVERYTHING, AND stick to your native language, or just save yourself some time and find a different hobby. It's harsh but I mean it - you seem to have literally zero aptitude for this, unless you're like one of those animé characters with damaged vocabulary (the "I don't know the meaning of giving up" kind), do yourself a favour and give up.

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