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Version: 3.0

Version: 1.0.0

Smoke Signals

I' have played a lot of games on here, but as a person who likes to see attractive (especially dominant) women smoking there really wasn't any content on here about that. I am completely new to using twine and working on it. But I have a bit of a story going that hopefully people will enjoy until I figure out how to do more advanced stuff. This version should actually be more playable for people. There's a couple quick ends and hopefully some stuff that will make you laugh. A lot of choices lead you to the same place but some paths are shorter than others.

You play as a young man finishing college to return home to help your father's multi-billion dollar company, and to someday take over. Your plan is thwarted since he was recently married and his new wife wants control of the company, the estate and mainly you.

*Warning* This story is a smoking fetish story, if that is not your thing you may not enjoy it. But you can try it anyway maybe you can have some fun with it.


Main characters: You (Blue) Finishing college to eventually take over your father's company and legacy
Valerie (Red) Your stepmother, recently married to your father and seems to be a scheming gold digger.
Mallory (Pink) Valerie's daughter. She is very attractive but a total bimbo.

12/21 The story part is done, over 15,000 words. 8 different endings, may come up with an error but everything works. Figured I would finish the story before trying to learn more advanced stuff and screwing it all up. Even if you aren't into the smoking fetish give it a try I tried to put some humor and a decent story. Of course I may have only made this for myself.


12/16 Added save menu, pics to all pages. Also made it a zip file instead of just HTML. Posting an update before I possibly screw it all up. Be patient I'm still learning

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Review by foxdsx

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 12/09/2020

It is a smokeing fetish story.(focused on it)

With some TG elements.

You are not gona like it if you do not have smokeing fetish for sure.

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