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Welcome to Bidi-Essem, the planet that takes its sex games entirely too seriously.  On Bidi-Essem, you can own a harem of sex slaves... or get scooped up into a harem, yourself.  But you're just here for a job, right?  ...right?

Leaderboard is a contrail game where you descend into the wild machinations of a planet built on dominance and submission, where anything you do might get reported to the Leaderboard, which tracks who is a dominant in charge of their life and who is a submissive who needs the guidance—gentle or not—of a dom.  You're here for six months, during which you can try to just do your job, indulge a little in the night life, or throw all your inhibitions out the window and just go native.

No matter what you do, everyone on the planet will be judging you, sizing you up, and trying to seduce you—or break you—to make you theirs.  It's up to you whether you resist, comply, or turn the tables and make them yours, instead.


Note: Leaderboard is primarily a D/s game with comparatively minor TF themes.


Changelog v0.0.11

Arriving early for your shift at Taimori no longer results in your going home because there are no diners.

Numerous Hunting Grounds bugs--mostly functions being passed id strings when they require objects and vice versa--have been squashed.

Checking out Hunting Grounds club goers puts their description in the contextual pane.

Description code got a bunch of minor fixes ('removed a needless comma' level).

Hunting Grounds no longer loses track of your drinks at the table

Loading a game clears out old data from surrounding panes

Chastity cages and belts are now lockable from your wardrobe

New location: Key Plunk Bridge on Ravenstone Pike


Changelog v0.0.10 "Bottle Service"

Second Date with Quinn is live: there's a concert in the park series at Bettie Page Park.  Quinn's bringing the picnic blankets and a ton of dim sum, and all you have to do is bring a bottle (or three).  Talk with Quinn at Transplanetary and ask her out to play through this repeatable event.

New button in the lower left enables viewing NPC stats in the contextual pane.  This is intended for debug purposes and I feel like playing with it tears down the curtain and ruins some of the tension the game runs on.  Your mileage may vary, however.

Hunger and Inebriation work with the adjustMeter function

Fixed an error that prevented Cocksmith and Sons from offering bigger dick augmentations.


Changelog v0.0.9

  • Visit the Thrustmaster Factory
  • Take Stoutwood's “John Henry Challenge”
  • Enjoy the Thrustmaster Drilled Out Experience
  • New City Location: McGeorge Boulevard, the industrial district


Changelog v0.0.8

New Functionality


Selling Milk to Daisycream

Description now handles nipples of various shapes and sizes

Transformations that occur over time instead of instant

New Content

Three new office encounters with Daisy Charolais

Daisycream Cosmetics and Dairy site visit

Milking Scenes: at home, at the office, at daisycream, in public, with and without pumps, with and without assistance.

Verison 0.0.7 Changelog
New Functionality
Description Code now handles:
- full body clothes
- outerwear
- headwear
- lingerie (which changes description of minimized or maximized anatomy)
- chest binders completely obscure breasts
- what is and is not visible under multiple layers of clothing
- multiple genitals
NPC descriptions now appear on the right when you interact with characters and disappear a few turns later. Code for modifying NPC outfits and anatomy as story progresses.
RACK slightly reorganized to account for new category: Outerwear
Every time you load an old save game, you'll have the recurring dream where you set your weaknesses and turn-offs, so that you can both adjust your experience and opt in or out when new kinks are introduced.
Time left on visa is now displayed in the upper right corner
New Content
New clothes: abayas, blazers, boleros, crop tops, frilly blouses, greatcoats, halter tops, halter ties, kaftans, mesh tanks, scoop neck shirts, sweaters, sweater vests, tanks, tube tops... and more that have slipped through the cracks of documentation
Added colors: cobalt, scarlet, pale, and leather.
Antigravity Lingerie now open for business at Califia Commons!
Bootyque is open for business on Augmentation Alley!
Bug Fixes
Anonymous reviews of your look will no longer repeat items like “You should check out the a choker and a choker on this one!”
Fixed a bug where, if you slept through most of Sunday (from before noon), the laundry subscription did not fire.
Cocksmith and Sons can now do larger cocks (there was a missing path in the cocks graph)
Visage clearly marked as a placeholder
Changelog for v0.0.6
- First Date with Quinn event added
- Taimori sushi restaurant added
- Calendar Events added

Version 0.0.5 Changelog
New Content

The Hunting Grounds, Bidi-Essem's premiere nightspot, is open for all your procedurally-generated clubbing needs.
Clean your shoes at the Bootblack on Van Darkholme Avenue.  (They do not use traditional shoe shining techniques.)

Version 0.0.4 Changelog
New Content
Rent-A-Drone is open on Van Darkholme Avenue, where you can subscribe to cleaning, laundry, and meal delivery services.
Rented drones are encounterable and fuckable in your home at the times indicated by your subscription (12 noon, days depending on services).
Drones may post to leaderboard about your performance based on your actions in the sex scenes. Warning: they throw some serious shade.
Added buttons to change font size
You can now save outfits and put on the whole outfit with a single click
Wardrobe displays as multiple panes with navigation buttons
Public nudity scenes on commute
Expanded Content
Added a transitional page for when your hotel stay is completed before you find a new place to live
Hairstyles: French Braid
Clothing: Ballet Heels, Chastity Belt
Under the Hood
loadGame converts NPCs to keyed anatomy instead of old array style
gameController.description() works for NPCs
Fixed an issue where items improperly instantiated without a color are assigned a color to avoid display errors.
New “Take Laundry to Laundromat” link from wardrobe if your home doesn't have laundry facilities. Gathers all your dirty clothes and shoots you over to Bubbles.
Bubbles Laundry now changes the inventory display to properly indicate that clothing is clean. (It was always working, it just wasn't updating the display to show that it was working.)
New “Take Laundry Home” link from Bubbles that takes you home and puts away your laundry
Fixed a bug where paperwork would arrive at your desk on the weekend and you'd get reprimanded for it on Monday
Fixed a bug where buying ingredients at Fig and Ginger would buy the wrong number of ingredients.
Fixed a bug where a single slut is presented to Stoutwood and their name is displayed as undefined
Apologizing to Bodywright now carries the correct cost.
Fixed a typo in the very first passage of the game, amazed it hid in plain sight for long.


Changelog for Leaderboard 0.0.3

Augmentation Alley

All the offices along Augmentation Alley are now open: the Bootyque, Brutes and Bantams, Cocksmith and Sons, Labiosculptrix, The Mammary Market, Swole-a-torium, and Visage.

Body Mods are intentionally expensive and through the first portion of the game I expect they'll be accessed through plot developments more often than the storefronts.  Speaking of which, if you're having trouble with your accounts, Jordan might like to speak with you.

Clothes Shopping

Four Clothing Stores: At Califia Commons, you can find RACK and Chains, Hooks, and Clasps; along Williams-Haas Way, The Dip is finally open, as is Ties That Bind.

Clothing is considerably cheaper than bodymods, but most of it gets wrinkled and can't be worn until it gets laundered.

Access your clothing options from your Wardrobe at home.  As you get familiar with life on Bidi-Essem (ie turn 200), you'll be able to evaluate your look before you leave home.

Handlebars Salon

Handlebars Salon is also open at Califia Commons, offering dye jobs and hair cuts.  These are technically body mods, but they're significantly cheaper.

Palette Bonuses

The colors of the clothes you wear, along with the colors of your skin, hair, and eyes, all contribute to your outfit's palette.  Clothing and body parts whose colors match, complement, or participate in color triads are more effective at making an impression.


Now all the exciting fun of laundry has been meticulously recreated for your gaming experience.  Or at least, you'll need to take laundry to Bubbles Laundromat (on Williams-Haas Way) or do it yourself at home, or pay for laundry service (at the Luxury Apartment and the Hotel).  Unsurprisingly, doing your own laundry is seen as subby.

Once live-in subs are implemented, laundry will be a thing they can be assigned to do.

Interaction Upgrade

Each character in the game now responds more favorably to a different dom/sub metric: some folks comply easier when you come across hard, some folks like it when you're assertive, and some folks respond best to manipulation.  Your body and your clothing will give you bonuses to these ends.  Most of these preferences are set randomly each game, so you never know what Karen Pepo will be into this time around.

Presently this preference is hidden, but later expansions will add means to discover it and plan accordingly.

Credit at Fig and Ginger

Minor update, but asking for credit at the Fig and Ginger now works instead of just pretending it works.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Stormaggeddon

Version reviewed: 0.0.11 on 12/22/2021


Awesome concept and I love the story.  Another thing I liked to see was the choice to be a dom or sub.  Also it seems to be a slow progression which I love (just make sure to keep the grinding in check or add cheats) Could not get to far due to eye strain (see below)



So really really want to like this game.  However the text is way to small.  Even after making the text bigger it gets cut off because the containers dont expand with the text size.  Second off it looks like this game was made for phones/tablets.  I would suggest using Twine with SugarCube.  A lot of html games use it and makes the user interface alot easier to navigate and look at (It looks like you are trying to go for that look with HTML and CSS).  My next complaint is there are really no tips on what all the stats affect (ie. poise - I would assume would be a dom/sub stat but as far as I know it could be anything). A short optional tutorial would be nice or a help menu.  Another issue is there is no way to view NPC stats/relationships (atleast I could not figure it out).  I thought it was the "Debug NPC Stats" but that does not appear to be working.  Also I noticed you have a game clock but it does not appear to do anything besides act as a countdown for the 180 days.  Finally stress and hunger don't appear to have any penalty's right now I have both maxed out.  I am sure there are other issues but I could not get very far (maybe 30 minutes).


Anyways I will keep my eye on this game.  This is one of the few in development games that I will continously check up on.  As for right now I am going to go find my eye drops and rest my eyes lol.

Review by solipsistik2

Version reviewed: 0.0.8 on 08/16/2021

This is a great concept with core mechanics offering a lot of potential. It's an ambitious project, off to a promising start, with a lot of runway. Still very early in development and looking forward to how it proceeds from here. 

Great challenge for balancing the metrics for certain outcomes. 

Review by anteros

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 06/17/2021

Seems like a very promising game, but either still early in development or suffering from a lack of player guidance.

Let me elaborate:

  • As of right now, there's actually a surprisingly large number of things a player can do in-game
  • Despite this, the game feels a bit empty and repetetive (as some other reviews here attest) (and to be clear I still do like it lol)
  • Part of this comes down to exposition and "guidance" — there are a lot of things, like some body modification, which I tried and failed to do enough times that I assumed they just weren't part of the game yet, then later discovered I could do. In the early game, it isn't entirely clear what specific interactions and tfs require in terms of setup — how do you romance character X? How do you make your dick bigger? How do you become a dom without being viewed as a try-hard? All of these things are possible, but finding out how they're possible is oddly unintuitive in my opinion.

Also, a small note: the early game has a MUCH larger focus on d-s interactions and generally existing in an oversexualized world than on tf, so if you're here to watch your protagonist get changed then either be patient or find another game, since physical changes are pretty exclusively mid-to-late game as far as I can tell.

Rating: ??/10 (it feels too in-progress to give a final score to)

Review by oh2bpreg

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 06/02/2021

Looks like it'll be a great game once it's done, or at least closer to done.  But right now, not much to do.  It's just the same scenes over and over.  Hopefully the author keeps adding at a good pace.

Review by Copernicus

Version reviewed: 0.5 on 04/21/2021

I really want to like this, but it's lacking content, and what's there is hard to find.  I love the concept of the planet.  I love the story that I can access, but I'd recommend waiting on this one until the author is a few versions deeper.  (currently at game version .5)

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