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Version: 0.24c

Shadows Over Solomon Falls
by Wendy

Shadows Over Solomon Falls is a mystery RPG with minor lifesim elements. The game is very plot focused with major decisions that drive the story forward.

Inspired by urban fantasy and horror TV, it features transformations ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, supported by a cast of unique and quirky characters.

The game is free, but Patrons get faster access to releases. Supporting the game also grants you access to exclusive polls, and higher tiers can request events be added to the game. You also get access to a Patreon exclusive comic as well as coupons for my TG comics. 

Note on non-consent: while current content is consensual, some plot lines are heading towards elements of sexual harassment, blackmail or other coercion style scenarios. Some routes will also contain mind control / hypnosis. It will not have rape, violent or otherwise.

You travel to a small town in Maine on a mysterious mission to find a missing girl. While there you will uncover many secrets and do your best to solve the central mystery even as other mysteries arise. Will you remain pure and solve the mysteries or will the growing magical corruption of this mysterious town overwhelm you? The game features full transformation to a woman. Please note, it is not a slow transformation because I chose to also include a female protagonist route and doing both at the same time would have caused a lot more work. The TG route has slightly more content at the moment though it is mostly minor stuff.

Your character: A person who has long been interested in the occult. You get lured to a small town by a mysterious letter and quickly discover that things are more than they seem.

Lisa Patterson: A girl that has gone missing and is your reason for being in this town.

Ray and Grace Patterson: Lisa's parents.

Sheriff Jeremiah Drake: The unfriendly local shieriff.

Janice Stewart: Your unfriendly landlady.

Sean Stewart: Her possibly perverted grandson.

Lou Perry: Owner of the local diner.

Mayor Ned Tisdale: The mayor of this town.

Mark Tisdale: His son, Lisa's boyfriend and a bit of a jerk. Is there more to him than this?

Karl Van Horn: The very odd local rich guy. Why does he wear a gas mask?

Riley Carpenter: Karl's assistant and the only one who can understand him when he speaks.

The initial release has quite a few more characters to find and interact with. More are planned and will be added as the game progresses. The NPCs have varied personalities and sexual preferences as well. 


On your first day it is advisable to seek out Lisa's parents at the very least. I've included a hints and tips section in your character's notebook, which can be accessed from the sidebar.

Change Log:

Version 0.24c

 Bug fixes:
Fixed an issue where Ray's blackmail could be put 28 days in the future!
Fixed improperly named pictures in a certain scenario with Ray on Saturday.


Version 0.24b

Bug fixes:
A rare case where you could get a blank screen at the motel has been fixed.
Getting a blank screen when meeting the priest and "agreeing to talk" has been fixed.
Various spelling errors corrected.


Version 0.24a

Bug fixes:
A bug during the Patterson breakin when you had the key has been fixed.
Various spelling errors corrected.

Version 0.24

The word count is now over 207,000 words!

New content:
Meet Kamiko and visit the gas station
Sean's first date.
Meet Sharelle at the grocery store and Wolfram at the lighthouse. 
Meet two new characters that won't be named here during a special event. 
Break into the Patterson home with Anya and Amber with a possible 2nd blackmail "date" with Ray or a new one if you managed to steal the key!
New encounter with the Sheriff's deputies! And a possible new date arranged!
A very important encounter that could lead to a bad end or deaths for one or more NPCs!




Bug fixes:
A bug that could get you stuck in the church when you first visit has been fixed.
Various spelling errors corrected.




Version 0.23b

Various bug fixes and typos corrected.


Version 0.23

The word count is now over 180,000 words!

New content:
New dream
New talk with Sean at breakfast!
New job events! The Mayor now has his missing event from Thursday! (see bugs!)
A complete makeover for your character!
The ability to quit jobs has now been added! Once you quit a job you can't go back and do that job again so be sure! Also note that quitting your job will not be available
until the following week of work.
When you first visit the Patterson house you now have a chance to visit Lisa's room and learn 3 more secrets!
New topics to talk about in the library! In addition, the conversation where you ask him questions has been polished and should flow better.
Added hints to the Main Square on the first day to help new players.
New interaction after work with Mark, Anya and Amber!
New date possible with Mark, Anya or Amber!
New hypnosis events!
You can now search Riley's room if you have the maid job!

Character creation has been changed to be more narrative in nature and engaging.
The first day in town has been changed quite a bit. Dialogues have been cleaned up and many of the renders have been redone. Janice now has a secret to learn among other
changes and in general the early game pushes the theme of the game better with the unsettling supernatural elements being more obvious. It now pushes you to meet Amber and
Lisa's parents before it opens up into the sandbox. This is to make sure players have met them and to keep the early game more focused.
Many renders have been redone. All characters have had their skin and eyes tweaked to look better. Lighting is generally improved in many of the renders.
I tweaked the skin and eye settings on all characters. I also redid every single picture that comes up when a character is talking.
I made it harder to steal the key from the Patterson's home. This is because you could, with the right stats, automatically succeed in stealing the key and have no
chance to get the blackmail route.<br>
If you decide not to pay for a secret with Carlo (with sex or money!) he now allows you to try for the same secret again if you visit him the next day instead of it being lost for
all time.
Masterbation now goes to its own screen instead of embedding in the bedroom screen. It also has all new renders!
It is no longer possible to fail to get inside the Patterson home as this task is too important.
Ray's blackmail now happens on the same day you meet him if it happens.
Jill's date now happens on the day after you meet her. This allows you to have an event each night through Thursday if you meet her on the first day.
The transgender dream sequence has been expanded! It's not a bit more horrific and lasts longer, showing the changes in more detail!
Mark's date has had an expansion. You now have the chance to ask him several more questions about Lisa and learn new secrets!
The roll to resist drug addiction is now based on willpower, not athletics and it lowers willpower.

Bug fixes:
Mayor's missing job event for Thursday added!
Many, many bug fixes from broken secrets to broken pictures and more.
May spelling and grammar fixes.
Deputy Lucas Parker has been in the notebook as Deputy Lucas Bryant all this time! Fixed!
Version 0.22

The word count is now around 121,000 words!

Bug fixes:
Many, many bug fixes.
Jill's date should consistently show up in your notebook now after you accept it from her.


I went back and rewrote some of the earlier content. No huge changes, mostly just polishing and looking for spelling mistakes.

New content:
First date with Jill!



Version 0.2.1

The word count is now around 108.000 words!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the days to advance by 2 if you stayed out too late. Reset the day to the correct day should this bug have happened to a player.
  • Fixed a bug with the last dream that didn't properly advance the player to the next dream.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the date reminders for Mark and the Jill to never show..



  • New way of doing skill checks makes it much easier for me. Special thanks to Scyne!
  • Inventory and Notebook pop up in their own dialogue boxes now. This fixes an issue where a player might explore them then get stuck with no way back to their original page.
  • I did some streamlining of events. This won't impact the players but makes it easier for me to add news one and makes things less cluttered.
  • I've added some code that should remove the chance that your first meeting with a character is interupted by your character deciding she needs sleep.


New content:

  • New secret from Carlo!
  • Breakfast scenes added in! New scene with Sean at breakfast if you also ran into him during a meal in the B&B!
  • New dream!
  • New job content! The Mayor's content changes based on your interactions with Ray!
  • All new location replaces an old location! Creepy!
  • You can get addicted to drugs if you're on the undercover job!
  • First date with Mark! 



Version 0.2.a

Various bug fixes and I increased the save slots to 20.


Version 0.2

The word count is now around 91.000 words!

Bug fixes:
A few small bugs I found while testing were fixed.
I fixed a bug with Mark's intro where if you acted submissively it set a non-existent variable because of a mispelling. Oops!

Sitting on benches in the park or on the promenade now gives variable energy back depending on how long you sit there. For 1 hours it is 5 energy all the way up
to 20 energy if you sit there for 4 hours. Passing time in your bedroom works the same way and now also returns energy.
I changed most of the images to jpeg and compressed to lower the game size.
The energy for moving around has been totally removed. The energy for using skills has been slightly increased.
You can now critically succeed or fail at skill tasks! This will have very good or bad effects if it happens!


New content:
New dream! You get to find out what the mysterious voice is and if you're playing TG ask the being in your dreams about it!
You can now eat a meal in the B&B. To do so go to the B&B entry. This can be done once a day and restores some energy.
The first time you eat in the B&B you get another event with Sean. It changes based upon how you reacted to him in the hallway
and somewhat based on if you're a born female or TG
Second day for the various jobs added!
New secrets from Carlo and new hypno events with the doctor and priest!
New event at the clothing store! Note, you'll see it automatically if you are working for the mayor.
A new character is introduced at the library and another one at the docks!
New event exclusive to transgender characters!
Ray's blackmail event!

Version 0.1.1.a
Bug fixes:
Visual bug when talking to the mayor about being his personal assistant has been fixed. Thanks Gwen and the others on the Twine Games discord!
The first time you visited the diner, eating a meal left you with no way to exit or talk about the waitress job. That's fixed now. Oops!
Fix bugs having to do with the doctor's hypno session and a small bug in the Sheriff's talk.

Removed the energy cost for going from your bedroom to the entry area or the outside of the b&b and vice versa. Moving around the B&B no longer costs energy at all.
Removed the energy cost for going in and out of the motel room.
Lowered the energy cost for moving from place to place from 5 to 3.
Work "under the hood" to streamline some code. Thank you Gwen for pointing it out to me!
Version 0.1.1
Bug fixes:
Numerous small bugs. Notably, I forgot to set up a notebook page for Lou if you work as a waitress. That has been fixed.
If you saw the doctor and let her hypnotise you it didn't have the full intended affect. This is fixed and should also
update on old saves when you see her for the second time. 


Minor tweaks to the start page including adding the awesome logo by TRBRY
Some images are no longer rounded, such as the polaroids of the characters in the notebook.
Changed the pages to have much less or no scrolling. The trade off is links to continue the story.

New content!

Maid Job added: Meet Mister Van Horn in the diner and then go to his manor if you want it. Note: Transgender 
characters will need to be more feminine to accept the job but they can still talk about it with him.
Church scenes added! Including a new way to get back energy!
Library scenes added! Discover new secrets! More content to come to the library soon!
Version 0.1.c

Bug fixes:

Fixed job logic so it doesn't tell you you missed work when you didn't. Thank you MadMaddy for reporting this! 
Fixed a few typos in character creation. 
Fixed the new autosleep function to kick off BEFORE 7am so you didn't get caught in an end of content loop!
Version 0.1.b

Bug fixes:

A few minor typos fixed.


Limited showering to once a day after feedback.
Added an autosleep function to prevent skipping through days without sleeping.

Version 0.01a

Bug fixes:

No path back to main square from residential district.
Missing HTML element in one version of the Ray encounter.
Karl encounter repeated endlessly in the diner.
Fixed a bug when meeting Grace if you were out of energy.

Moved looks to "Other stats" on the side bar.
Made Anya's intro flow better.

Thank you CyCy!

Version 0.01

Initial release.

Around 35,000 words total.

Starting scenes with 10+ characters.
Many locations created but only a few have content.
The following locations have a decent amount of content: The Main Square, Lou's Diner, City Hall, The Sheriff's Station, Haven Park, the Residential District, the Doctor's Office,
a [i]redacted[/i], and also a bit at [i]redacted[/i].
Discover secrets about several characters and locations!
Three jobs available to get hired for: deputy, personal assistant and waitress
Begin the very early stages of your investigation into the disappearance of Lisa Patterson!
Full transgender transformation if you choose that start. Can your character become a man again?

System stuff:
Stat, skill and leveling system implemented.
Characters created.
First pass at energy and health balancing.
Corruption, Willpower and Dominance/Submission systems implemented.
Clothing system implemented.
Notebook to track tasks, people and placed implemented!


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by leonais600

Version reviewed: 0.24c on 08/07/2022

This is a well designed game with lots going for it. UI is fine, the story is fine, the theming is fine, and there is plenty of art. It switches quite well between freedom to roam and story based scenes. There is old fashioned role playing hidden in the game mechanics (not combat RPG). Actions have consequences. The writing has variations for a female start or male-to-female start. The TF after that is mosty mental corruption.

Review by animusgaming

Version reviewed: 0.23b on 07/17/2022

Overall, a unique game in the horror/thriller genre. I like the stunning visuals and scenes. I have high hopes for the story's future.

The plot forks right away, considering various ways to the goal. The game's hints assist the first-time player in understanding what needs to be done.

Overall, I enjoy this game a lot.

Review by D3athkitty

Version reviewed: 0.23b on 05/20/2022

Amazing Job! Seriously one of my favorite games on here now. It's a bit limiting for the life sim it's aiming for but I can only imagine it will get broader over time. I'm honestly considering joining the Patreon. Seriously blew me away.

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: 0.23 on 05/13/2022

High hopes for this interactive story.  I played through it several times to explore the content.  You get a different experience depending on what stats you choose, what job you take, and maybe more importantly how you act.  The interface reminds me of "The Allure of Wanton Cove".  I get the sense that as more content is added more options will be available each day at different times of the day.  What is currently written is already worth taking a look.  If the game is fully fleshed out and the story completed I think it will stand as one of the better games on the site.  

Review by Dranylis

Version reviewed: 0.22 on 03/29/2022

Excellent start, interesting plot developement, intriguing storyline and characters. Can't wait for the next update. Keep up the great work.

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