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One day a man had an accident in the wilderness. What fate awaits him as rain falls down onto the forest below?

Petrichor is a narrative focused escape room type puzzle game that should be completable in a half hour to one hour based on what path is taken (there is an attached walkthrough for those who wish to primarily focus on the story or just get stuck). It acts as a short story and was originally made over 3 weeks in a game jam unrelated to this site, so full disclosure that it was made with a much wider audience in mind.

This game acts as a side story to my main project, Between, and it primarily takes place in the same universe with the same lore. The characters and story itself are independent, and there is no need to have played that before hand.

Part of making this game is as a learning experience for me, so feedback is still always appreciated even if it is done. I hope people can find some entertainment out of this even if it's a bit more out of the norm for the site than usual.


  • You can speed through dialogue using the "Page Down" button/R1 button on controller. This helps to redo scenes much quicker (though it does risk cutscenes potentially breaking if you're not careful. Save often if you do.)
  • ATTENTION MAC USERS: You need to put the "Game" file in your Application folder. Or else any action that accesses the save system will fail, and crash the game.

One day a man had an accident in the wilderness. What fate awaits him as rain falls down onto the forest below?

Full disclosure... This was made for a game jam external to this site. So, more suggestive/erotic themes are minimal.

A walkthrough is attached in the game files.

Version 1.0

  • Completed, Initial Release

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Review by Kirba

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 02/01/2022

A short game of only puzzles. No lewds, no combat. If you like puzzles, this should tickle your fancy. If not, maybe find something else. 

There is a story, though it's (intionally) confusing. I can't discuss the ending without devolving into spoiler territory, but I can say it was both what I expected, and also surprise me somewhat. 


Review by Perri

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 07/03/2021

Clever, Charming, and an Incredible level of polish. I've only been playing 30 minutes or so, but can't recommend this game enough. 


It's definitely more in the vein of a TF game rather than a porn game, and that is very much to the games credit. 

Review by Sessh

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 07/02/2021

no matter what i tried even looking at the walkthrough i could not get passed the 1st event with the bears

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 04/06/2021

ok, this was annoying as heck to figure out, but made it with only looking at walkthrough once at the end... got everything but fox's last item through vine maze... if you've played the game you know, if not then play it.  Wonderfully done game, was worth the insane aggravation to figure it out legit (mostly).  Would have liked endings to be a bit... more... endings felt a bit meh for the effort involved tbh.  The intertwining stories and puzzles and everything else is just insanely awesome tho!  Great game!  =^_^=

Review by reflector

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 04/03/2021

Short but fulfilling.  As the Author said not a huge amount of racy content but a very solid plot and some fun transformations including mental.  Would love to see a few extra endings with permanent TF's or identity loss!  Definitely worth a playthrough.

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