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Version: 0.3

Version: 0.2.2

The Middle Town University
by Hazze

WARNING: Apart from Intro and a tiny bit of Prologue, this game is played from the female point of view.

WARNING II: Intro is meant as an INTRODUCTION: It sets some hidden stats, introduces cast of the secondary characters and adds depth to the story's background. It is not meant to be extremely branched and focused on the main character.

In the Introduction part of the story you will take the role of Jason Wolf, 18 years old male student, who is about to graduate from his high school. His dream is to become a famous footballer (soccer - not the american one). That is why he wants to get to the Middle Town University, famous for creating new stars. Jason is a great player and a very popular guy. However, most of all, he is a self-centered egoist. In the intro part you will discover whether he will be able to get to the university of his dreams or not.
Luckily or unluckily, you are not going to stay in these male shoes forever. After the introduction part and for the remainder of the story, you are going to take the role of a girl. A girl actually living at the Middle Town University.

Be sure to read the Introduction carefully, as it will help you understand where the main heroine actually comes from and what has made her come to Middle Town.


- First day in Chapter 1 added (out of three planned).

- Option to skip both Intro & Prologue added.

- Fixed a minor bug reported in the comments section.


- Temporary added also the old Save/Load method to allow older saves to work. It will be erased permanently in version 0.3.0 so be sure to have your saves adjusted before that.

0.2.1 (thanks to zeeyeecd for very helpful tips)

- Made a working back/forward buttons.

- Changed pictures to be embaded into the game rather than hosted externally in the internet.

- Adjusted Save/Load menu to be better functional.


- Added the second chapter of the story: 'Prologue'.

- Added a graphical representation for the female heroine of the story. This includes currently worn clothes!

- Added pictures of body parts, seen as mirror images. 

- Added the option to skip Intro.

- Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed small part of the text after not punching Theo in the face.



- Just added the option to save and load the game.



- Initial release with the whole Intro chapter.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Thelo

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 08/10/2021

As a CYOA, this is more of a story than a game.

The writing of the story is excellent, it's powerful and evocative. Heads up: this is a dark, psychological horror story. This is not a light-hearted romp. It will make you angry, and contains a lot of straight-up cruelty. I found it often hard to continue reading.

But it's damn good at what it does, and I found myself thinking back to the story quite often. If you'd rather read a story that makes you clench your fists with rage than a bland one that leaves you feeling nothing, then I recommend it. Just be aware of what you're in for.

Review by Brad_AZ

Version reviewed: 0.2.0 on 08/10/2021

I really enjoyed this introduction and prologue. The writing is great. I am really interested to see how it develops.

Well worht playing through now.

Review by Rabokadog

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 07/29/2021

The story you made was quite enjoyable to read, especially letting the player have seperate options to show how you can react diffrently. The personality features are a good touch, useful to show exactly how your charecter reacts and is reacted too, though it would be fun to pick a diffrent mannered charecter as an option and see how that plays out. The only main issue I had was with the heavy expisiton dump near the end, something that could be solved with a bit more interaction, such as ignoring or dissmissing them. I would make sure that your paragraphs and spoken words are spaced, doing so will make the text much easier for a viewer to read and comphrehend it. 


I cant wait to see what your next update for this will be, ill be sure to stay tuned!

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