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Doom of Sindel


Doom of Sindel is a new fantasy game where you face a band of hypnotic foes heavily based on Dungeons and Dragons. The introduction is now available. We hope you enjoy facing off against hypnotic ghosts! One has been transformed into a creature of nature.

In the future, we hope to create an open world with a village to explore and level up at when you are not on episodic adventures!


See also our Hypnopics Collective thread: https://hypnopics-collective.net/smf_forum/index.php?topic=24331.0

Sindel - An evil vampire Lord

Father Blake - Your companion and a priest of the light

The Durst family - A wealthy family that has fallen victim to power gone wrong

Version .13:

  • Added an explanation to blackjack.

  • Added new story pages to the intro.

  • Added a new cooking system for items and gold.

  • Added a “Save Produce” option to the garden to use items for cooking

  • Added a new outro for Madam Eva’s Caravan. The Player’s stats and corresponding choice will determine which fate Tser receives.

  • Added a new choice between Ben and Hamilton in the Intro which will determine which faction you will be a part of later in the game. Join the Crimson Blade, or the Light’s Crusade. Your choice here will change later scenes. For example, if you choose Ben scenes that previously featured Hamilton will now have a new variant with Ben instead.

  • Added traps into the Death House and Madam Eva’s Caravan. Traps can be avoided with luck and a high dexterity. 

  • Added in a new sanity system. There are new unique scenes which have a chance of triggering when you sleep with low sanity. If you get four scenes it’s game over.

  • Scenes have a 1 in 8 chance to trigger if you are between 75-50 Sanity

  • Scenes have a 1 in 4 chance to trigger if you are between 49-25 Sanity

  • Scenes have a 1 in 1 chance to trigger if you are between 24-0 Sanity



Changelog: Verison .12A


.12A is focused on fleshing out parts of the starter village before moving on to the next dungeon. 

Added minigames to the brothel.
Added locations around town such as the jail and caravan.
Created the world map for future use.

Added a small dungeon to introduce the caravan.


Changelog: Verison .11A


.11A is focused on fleshing out parts of the starter village before moving on to the next dungeon. This patch was focused on introducing the ways to make money within the world.


Changed D20 to a D8 at player request

Tser Village:

Added town square
Added the church (WIP)
Added Durst Manor as a player homer
Added the gardens and lake
Added the tavern
Added the brothel

Misc. Fixes:

fixed the background in Bud's bedroom in the intro

Verison .01 - 08/20/2021

Game Launch

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Review by UnrulyDogboy

Version reviewed: .13 on 01/03/2022

1/3/2022 Updated review.  This is a great MM game.  The attention to detail is amazing for a Twine game.  Great design and great storytelling.  There are frequent updates and it is clear the developers are building a world.  I have communicated with the devs on their Discord and they seem very receptive to feedback.  

Honestly, I don't know what more you could want from independent developers: good player communication, talented designers, world-building, and enjoyable storytelling.

Review by art926

Version reviewed: .10 on 08/22/2021

Looks interesting!

I'd avoid repeating dialoges and scenes though in most of the places. Like, once you saw something in the room, it shouldn't really happen again there. And maybe choosing different types of interactions in the scenes should affect your character somehow (change his stats, temporary or not).

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