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Version: 3.1

Version: 3.0

Version: 2.1

Version: 2.0

Version: 1.1

Version: 1

Marked Changes

Descend to Earth and transform any human carrying the divine spark, harvesting it for your mistress.

An Archon finds herself short on divine spark, so she calls upon her three servants: The Archonites. One of them will go down to earth and get her the divine spark she needs by transforming the planet's inhabitants.

Archon-A powerful being dwelling in the immaterial plane

Lust-The archonite specializing in transformations related to lust

Dominance-The archonite specializing in transformations related to dominance

Filth-The archonite specializing in transformations related to filth

Amanda-An unassuming college student, she is your main host


Book->Toilet->Book->Cleaning closet->Abbandoned club room



Lust stage 1:

Staring In Class:

Board->Office->Talk with the Boss->Complete an order->Look through trash->Buy the drink->Give it to the Boss


Version 3.1:

-Added in a fast travel system

-Fixed some bugs


Version 3.0:

-Added in the stage 1 transformation hubs for both Filth and Dominance
-Added in a basic job system
-Added in the grocery store job, along with 5 events. The events you will see depend on how you act on the job. (CURRENTLY LOW REPUTATION HAS THE MOST EVENTS)
-Added in a follow up tf for those that got the Girls tf
-Gave the Mall’s first floor a facelift
-Thanks to a plugin you can now load saves without going to the menu
-Did some VERY minor text alterations in the “staring in class” soul shard


Version 2.1:

-Fixed some typos

-Fixed some bugs, the gallery should now work properly


Version 2.0:

-Added a time system

-Added the ability to detach from your host and see the world in its natural state. This mode allows you to find additional scenes.

-Added a new character: Vanessa, Amanda’s mother.

-Added schedules for both Vanessa and Amanda, with different interactions depending on if you’re detached or not.

-Added a follow up scene to the intro for those that forgot to use a certain thing.

-Added one new soul shard for Amanda on the Lust path.

-Added 5 new transformations/traits to collect.

Version 1.1:
-Made it so that you have to confirm your use of the main event
-Made it clearer what the main event does
-Flipped the toilet, preventing the player getting stuck in a transfer loop
-Made the collectable items unusable to prevent player confusion
-Fixed not being able to progress past the sigil room when playing as Dominance


Version 1:

-Added 3 minor transformations

-Added 4 lewd scenes

-Added Amanda's possession quest


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