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Version: 0.14b (full download)

Version: 0.14b (Patch 0.14 -> 0.14b)

Version: 0.14a

Version: 0.14

Version: 0.13c

Version: 0.13

X-Change™ Life

(If you've already downloaded the main 0.14 package, you can download the 0.14b patch for a significant number of additional fixes and improvements) 

Version 0.14 released! The main new feature is the addition of 600 unique outfits, each with its own picture, set of stats, and descriptions. People notice when you dress slutty, and make extra comments depending on your outfit. There will be additional clothing features later, but now all the hard work has been done and the outfit database is finally complete!! A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it.

I've done a week of testing, but I'm sure there will be bugs- code-wise this is my most complex new release.

I've also overhauled the UI and icons: 

If you aren't seeing the new version on https://X-Change.life, clearing your browser cache should fix it. But doing so will also remove any previous save data. 

Please note that this is a demo, and if some feature you'd want seems like it's missing, it's probably because it hasn't been added yet. Such as sex scenes with the randomly generated characters, FF content, etc. I've been working on this for about a year, but I still have a long way to go. Please be patient with me!

X-Change Life is a daily life Twine RPG based in a universe where it's normal to take over-the-counter gender swapping pills that last 24 hours (or more). 

I've been working on this project for a while, and I finally think it's ready for people to try for a spin. There is enough content for you to have a fun time, although there is much, much more planned. See the changelog for the most recent updates. 

X-Change Life has heavily minigame-driven gameplay, with Quicktime events, a very poor version of blackjack, reorganizing sentences, etc. I've tried to make them not too onerous, but I like the use of minigames to gamify stuff like sex actions. If you have any constructive ideas on how to improve them I'd love to hear them! 

Regarding the file size of the offline version, it contains close to 3k pictures/videos, almost 1000 audio files, and thus it is pretty big at almost 3 gigabytes. This won't get smaller, everything is already optimized/compressed and everything is used in game.

I have a SubscribeStar now, but don't feel inclined to be a patron unless you'd really like to support and vote on upcoming features/scenes. The game will always be totally free, I am just looking for some help to support the high cost of web hosting. And the response is great so far, I have high hopes that the game will be self-supporting shortly. Many thanks to those already subscribed!

For more details and the latest updates, you can find me (Aphrodite) at the official X-Change Life Discord, and on Twitter.

X-Change, the temporary, fast-acting gender-swapping pill, is illegal in most of the US due to the passage of Proposition 12. However, it is still legal here in Summer City, but no one knows for how long. 

You're a recent college graduate looking for a job. How will X-Change affect your life?

You have a stepdad and a stepsister, but no stepmom. What sort of porn family is that?

Apply for a job, earn some money, go to the X-Change Pharmacy at the mall to buy pills, etc. That's all I'll really say. 

Go to the cafe in the mall and donate to the "tip jar" if you want more hints :) 

Version 0.14b

  • Ability to wear / not wear underwear - it's a flag you can click in the Wardrobe
  • Performance fixes - found a memory leak that causes the game to slow down over time. Please let me know if you experience any other dips in performance, I have recruited a Twine Harlowe expert to help out on those sorts of things now
  • If you hover your mouse over the portrait screen, it will also now show a list of the clothes you're wearing. Previously, there was no way to know what lingerie you were wearing lol. Now at least you'll see "bra" and "panties" listed out lol - I promise I'll flesh out checking out your outfit more in future!
  • Lots of little bug fixes. If you experience issues in the clothes shopping store, enter cheat code "new stock" to refresh the store inventory in the cheat code menu (Menu -> Game Settings -> Pager icon)
  • A javascript scrollbar that is actually half decent! To help those experiencing issues with stuff being too large sometimes. Let me know if UI problems persist though.
  • New button icons to match the style of the rest of the UI

Version 0.14a

  • Made UI tweaks for various screen resolutions. Lemme know if you spot anything weird. 
  • Added an "information" screen in the X-Change pharmacy
  • Fixed several bugs

Version 0.14

  • Outfits! 600+ outfits, about 60 unique for each character have been added. Appropriate outfits are randomly chosen from your wardrobe for appropriate situations. However, you can favorite outfits you want your character to select, and they will always pick those.
    • Beachwear - bikinis etc, used for the beach. 
    • Officewear - professional clothes, can boost your charm at work. 
    • Casualwear - mainly for going out to the mall, can be used for many situations. There's cute ones, sexy ones, slutty ones, and super low effort relaxed ones!
    • Stylish clothes - for going out to the bar. Dress to impress!
    • Lingerie - for wearing under your clothes and getting some much needed breast support (note that only huge-titted characters really need boob support, it has very little gameplay impact) 
    • Fetishwear (not yet used in context) - will be used for impressing your paramours
    • Loungewear - for wearing around the house and sleeping in. May give random "well rested" bonuses if you get a comfy set of PJs
  • People will sometimes comment on your outfits
  • A new shop at the mall for buying outfits - Bonwit Teller (it's a defunct department store that closed in the 1990s, that is now brought back in this retro future!) 
  • A wardrobe which lets you browse your outfits, and favorite them for specific purposes. You may annoy your stepdad if you are a bit too slutty in your lounging outfit choices
  • If you have large breasts, your boobs may jiggle and get a bit sore if you walk around with no support. Tiny little debuff every once in a while, but you gotta think about it now :) 
  • Comfy clothes will sometimes make you feel extra nice and give you little random boosts!
  • I also made a lot of non-outfit related updates...
    • New set of icons (by the wonderful TG artist Crown Cosmo, give her a follow on Twitter!)
    • 1000+ new images, a lot of upgraded animations and better compressed videos. I still have a lot of work to do on older videos
    • Audio voice lines for a lot of taunts in the Masculinity Minigame! Like 100 voice lines to make you feel guilty about that cock you just sucked. Or not...
    • The option to save to a file! Using HiEv's WONDERFUL Local Storage Manager, which HiEv gave me permission to include in this release. 
    • Billions of bug fixes
  • My blood, sweat and tears are really in this update so be nice to me! I got my Patreon shut down over the game's content, they wanted me to make changes I wasn't willing to make. So I switched over to SubscribeStar. 

Version 0.13c

  • New combo mechanics to make the arrows minigame more fun.
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • UI improvements for mobile devices - the mobile experience is still far from perfect, but try the "Request Desktop Version of Site" option for an improvement 

Version 0.13

  • Sex skill experience system. This allows you to skip playing minigames (if desired) by making a dice roll instead.
    • Your chance of success is based at how good you are at the current sex action (blowjobs, orgasm control, cowgirl, etc). And each time you use those skills, they improve.
    • You gain more XP in each skill when you play the minigames, and you also earn more if you have a higher score multiplier, which you get by having an initially weak character.
  • New sex scene. I didn’t advertise I was going to do this, but I wrote a VERY VERY JUICY new foursome scene that will showcase a few new sex mechanics, that I will be working to integrate into the randomized encounters later. This scene is unlockable after "failing" the stripper scene by getting cummed on. Enjoy!
  • Hardcore mode for minigames. I made most minigames a tad easier by default, and added a new optional hard mode. Earn a little more XP if you switch iton.
  • Menu. I made a quite basic menu system, where you can toggle settings, view stats, etc. I’ll continue expanding this. FYI, saving the game is now accessible from the menu screen rather than main game screens.
  • 3 save slots instead of 1. Self-explanatory. If you have any trouble with saves, I highly recommend clearing your browser cache, although this will remove your previous save data.
  • Blackjack improvements. I replaced a lot of instances of blackjack with the “keep the bar in the middle” game, but I also made the blackjack scoring a bit fairer so it’s a lot easier to win now.
  • Minigame option if you want to reject a guy. No matter how high your arousal, you can turn down a guy’s request for a BJ if you beat a relatively easy minigame. I just wanted to portray the struggle of being super turned on, without locking the player into a scene they don’t want. (There’s also the safeword option you can toggle on to avoid anything!)
  • Image / video improvements. I replaced maybe 100 images / videos with improved version. I cycled out some of the NPC images with AI-generated fake faces, and will continue replacing more in future.
  • A LOT of other little fixes.
  • Introduced new bugs, probably…

Version 0.12a (hotfix - as requested this is a patch release, you need to have 0.12 arlaready to use 0.12a) 

  • Made sales demos easier to get, now you will always have the option to give a demo for an increased commission. 
  • Sales commissions are slightly higher and you'll also be able to perform slightly fewer actions. These are not extreme changes yet. 
  • Added more cumshot animations. These animations were already present in 0.12, but not linked in game so unused, now they are used. 
  • Random groping no longer happens if you have the "Safeword" setting turned on. It seemed out of place in that style of playthrough.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs: Basic pills that didn't run out after several days, issue with the tip jar, and 3-4 other random small ones 

Version 0.12

  • The most-requested feature: ability to skip blackjack minigames. Now they can be settled by a D&D style skill check or random dice roll. If you have really high charm, you can breeze past the vast majority of sales checks, for instance. I may add these options to other minigames as well in future but Blackjack was the biggest issue for most people, so I did it first. 
  • A "Safeword" toggle in the character sheet. If you set this to Enabled, you will get an option during most scenes and encounters, to exit the scene regardless of your arousal, etc. This feature is intended to respect those who don't like being forced into sexual situations by their characters' pill or arousal addled brains. But for those who like this sort of content, the option is off by default, so you will not experience anything different. 
  • An audio toggle. Three options: all audio on, all audio off, or music only off. 
  • Some other minor improvements and optimizations. 

Version 0.11

  • Random encounters, overheard comments, and thoughts as a girl when you're on X-Change.
  • Random NPC generator, it is a thing of beauty and horror! There are literally millions of possible guys you will meet, all with quite different personalities.
  • Mood mechanics - for now, moods are just bad. I'll add some positive moods as well, but right now they are stat debuffs based on things that happened in the random encounters. Need to flesh it out more, which will be easy to do.
  • If you're really ashamed of something you've done (like blown a random guy), you'll masturbate at night. If you cum thinking about the guy, you'll lose a lot of identity points.
  • A bunch of tweaks and optimizations
  • New option to switch off masculinity minigame entirely, if you don't like it. Did this based on some feedback, so the people who like it can leave it on.
  • A lot more things that increase arousal. I may have gone overboard with this...
  • I'm in the process of overhauling the Gym. Now it's a morning event, and "pumps you up", giving you some pretty big buffs throughout the day. This buff also protects you against certain bad moods. Still no increase of fitness but that will come soon...
  • I added a new layer to standard blowjob quicktime events. Now, they are a little easier, but you have a TIME TARGET. You need to make the blowjob last a certain amount of time, in order to be considered succcessful. This keeps you from just rushing through it, that wouldn't be fun! You gotta use proper technique now.

Coming soon: 

  • Leveling up. Currently your "Score Multiplier" does not do anything, but it will soon affect how fast you gain levels. 
  • Random sex encounters instead of just blowjobs. 
  • More fun in the gym
  • More fun at the office

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.14b on 01/14/2022

Things have improved since I last tried this game.  There is an XP system, you can turn the music off, and you can play a black guy so you can interact with the woman who only dates black guys.


The game's major weakness in its current state is that after a while the game gets to be a repeditive grind.  It's great if all you want is to play some minigames and see porn videos...but there's no story to give you a reason to continue that.  There are new outfits, but there's no reason to bother with them.  What are you working toward?


In a real RPG, you level up your skills so that you can do something new or better to help move the story forward.  The only reward that I see here is that if your skill is higher, you have a better chance of success if you roll the dice to skip a minigame.  In other words, the reward is to have a better chance of success if you want to skip playing the game.  In the meantime, it looks like there's a long grind to level up your skill for that meager reward....which at some point leads to the question: "why am I bothering with this?"


There are some intriguing questions to answer also:

- why would you take the pills that make you a woman permanently?  They appear to only lock you out of content (you can't use the other pills for sales demonstrations if you're already a woman)

-will taking pills besides the x-change basic pill sold at the mall lead to more content or just limit your options?  If you're a woman, you cannot do the sales demonstrations, for example, because you can't take the pills you're trying to sell.


-what will the pills that you can't sell yet lead to?


-will an actual story be added to give you goal/reward to be working toward besides watching short porn videos to keep you interested in continued play?


Review by rubberdolltami

Version reviewed: 0.14b on 01/14/2022

Great game until you have to save, cryptic and wonky save and load proccess lowers this from a 9 or 10 to a 5 or 6. (It is so damn frustrating to lose your game)

Review by navigator_dan

Version reviewed: 0.14b on 01/14/2022

One of the best.

Just wish there is a shemale content (besides the minigame pictures).

Review by motmot589

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 01/11/2022

An absolutely fantastic game that I am glad is still growing. 


There is only one "negative" thing I have to say about this at it's current stage. And that's it's almost to much content in some places. I love the different options for your character, but unfortunately that leads to a huge download size. Nothing major but other people have mentioned it. It's basically the graphic content for like 10 games because of all the different choices you get just for your starting character. Each with their own unique videos throughout. 


Shows fantastic dedication and development of the game. I only worry that it may get to a point where the dozens of character options end up slowing down updates, because the author needs to find over a dozen good videos for every scene that has the character in it.

Review by jt84

Version reviewed: 0.14 on 01/11/2022

I'll start by saying there's huge potential here with a few minor issues that'll hopefully be ironed out or expanded upon.

The product demos at work add nice variety to the TF's although if you take a longer lasting gender change pill at the pharmacy sadly you can't give demonstrations until it wears off. 

As for quick-time events it'd be nice if there was an option to disable them entirely as a personal choice.

The chat events in the bar don't seem to go anywhere if you're already female but maybe something broke on my playthrough?

Overall quality for what's there is 10/10, I'd like the option to go further than just BJ's with the randoms you can encounter but either I didn't reach that point or I imagine it'll be in a later update. The videos are good quality but I encountered some issues with them occasionally freezing up after 5-10 seconds.


Great foundation considering this is only 0.14, I'm really looking forward to future updates!

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