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Version: 1.10.0

Version: 1.9.0

Version: 1.8.3

Version: 1.8.2

Version: 1.8.1

Version: 1.8.0

Version: 1.7.0

Version: 1.6.4

Version: 1.6.3

Version: 1.6.2

Version: 1.6.1

Version: 1.6.0

Version: 1.5.2

Version: 1.5.1

Version: 1.5.0

Version: 1.4.7

Version: 1.4.6

Version: 1.4.5

Version: 1.4.4c

Version: 1.4.4b

Version: 1.4.3

Version: 1.4.4

Femboy Remake

VERY IMPORTANT: Images require the media file which is numbered as 1.X.0 (for example: for version 1.6.4 you need the 1.6.0 media file and the 1.6.4 html)

WARNING: saves from before 1.7.0 might break the game! Restart encouraged

In Femboy, you take on the role of the man who had always dressed differently from other boys and liked different things. However, things changed so much when you grew up and started high school. As you grew older, you became sweeter rather than masculine, and even so feminine that some of the boys at school began to make fun of you...

This is a non-official continuation by a fan. About 20-25% of the available content is now new. 
All credit to the creator and owner of the original game, sensualtouch. This is just an update for fun.

Quick note: after new releases there are usually tons of bugs. i usually gather feedback on discord and fix them in the next few minutes/hours publishing html files asap, so if your game is breaking, checking there might be a good idea. 

Discord: https://discord.gg/gEwsDY8jRn

Olivia - Stepmom
Alice - Stepsis
Mr. Daniel - Stepmom´s boss
Zoey - Girl from school
Mr. Marquis - Principal
Isabella - Girl from school
David - Boy from school
Dr. Kathy - doctor

Hints in game. If you finish the original´s game hints you should be able to follow the added content ones.

-New jenny scene
-fixed a few bugs
-more clothes
-balance changes
-new wardrobe system
-new principal scene


-chance of not cumming when using buttplug
-more links for better navigation
-This one was already added but i forgot to add the changelog: not cleaning the house now has consequences
-more random encounters
-more videos from zoey
-new email task

Bugfix 1.8.3

-Some clothing items are now locked behind the photo shoot for better consistency

-Fixed error message in toy section of the wardrobe

-Less typos

Bugfix 1.8.2

-Fixes personal trainer image


Bugfix 1.8.1

-Fixes content warnings in principal´s office being reversed

-Fixes black screen at principal´s office


v1.8.0 - WARNING, this version has not been play tested and might contain a higher number of bugs than expected.
-1 in 4 chance of getting a random scene when watching cams.
-Bras have arrived (warning, old saves might require the use of the fix on the phone in order to reach the bra scene that enables buying them)
-Improved lingerie store
-More clothing items
-content warnings are now optional
-sexual arousal will now affect some daily tasks
-more events now rise and lower sexual arousal (pls give feedback for balance changes)
-gym events now accessible via personal trainer
-Some rooms now might be locked when other npcs are inside.
-Noon has been deleted. Hopefully this will reduce grind and make it easier to find events.
-new jenny scene
-Mr. Marquis straight storyline, 1 less scene than the gay route for now, but with time it will come.



-balance changes
-new isabella scene
-alice new scene
-zoey new scene
-new jenny scene
-new clothes
-new marquis scene


V1.6.4 - grind reducing update
-Cleaning the motel now advances time
-studying ,going to class, cleaning the motel, doing the dishes, give less depression.
-added an icon to notify when event are happening in: Olivia´s bedroom, Alice´s bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, Cafeteria, principal´s office.
-added pass time button to the livingroom
-fixed the alice shower hint appearing in the route where the event is not included
-less typos to be seen



V 1.6.3 Bugfix - enables continuation of ntr route. blocked by a broken event.


Bugfix - fixes a repeating event on the ntr route that blocked access to later content


Fixes a bug in which two scenes from the ntr route would repeat indefinitely


Version 1.6.0. WARNING: new start highly encouraged, many things might not work otherwise.

-Backstage changes to wardrobe.
-You will now be able to tell which cam has been activated without having to check them all.
-Clothing store got an upgrade
-You can now enable email notifications on the phone from the laptop
-Arcade now costs money
-Early events restructured a bit for better consistency
-Clothing requires certain events to be unlocked
-Rape content has to be manually enabled at the start (let us know if we missed any scenes)
-Hints pages unified
-Alice got 2 new scenes
-Jenny got 1 new scene
-New clothes
-New and more interesting (probably even gamebreaking) bugs
(note: new scenes include SFW and NSFW)

-clothes graphics are now mandatory
-can´t leave the wardrobe commando
-you need to be dressed to leave the room
-minimum fem level implemented for some clothes
-clothes no longer included in inventory
-hint saying that you should install cams when you buy them
-you can now go to school in the morning (in addition to early morning) so that you can shower
-shower and giving yourself some love ;) no longer reset depression/happiness to 0
-masturbating now takes time
-The drunk guy can only rape you once now
-Good and Bad boy indicators now change to girl if femininity is high enough. Unreachable for now, but hey, a gurl can dream
-City center, park and mall can be accessed during the day on weekends andd evenings every day. city center can also be accessed at night
-Some places can´t be accessed at night or midnight from the city center. Can´t clean motel rooms at late hours
-can´t watch tv at midnight
-more events now rise arousal
-olivia now gives you panties (img to be changed in future releases)

V1.5.1 - Bugfixes - Requires 1.5.0 media folders

V1.5.0 - note: scenes don´t necessarily mean mature content

-cam alerts (*)
-alice content (3 scenes)
-olivia content (1 scene)
-added some end of storyline notes
-more clothes
-New and more interesting (probably even gamebreaking) bugs


-email alerts (in pc)
-bug fixes (don´t worry, there are more to be found)
-hint improvements
-escape button (might break the game, but might save you)
-scene with mr.marquis if you decide not to follow instructions
-items to test clothing system
-New and more interesting (probably even gamebreaking) bugs
Coming soon: cam alerts, more clothes, more content


v1.4.6 behind the scenes update - Big shoutout to K17 for the huge help, check their game!

-some typos fixed, many still undergoing (shoutout to AWolfe)
-happiness can now be 0
-reduced file size (again)
-New message alerts!
-New wardrobe system(yey!), no new clothing for now tho.
-New and more interesting (probably even gamebreaking) bugs



-Improved hints screen
-replaced some links to places without content with text.
-You now can´t use the prostitute services while in chastity.
-Inventory added. It´s uglier than shrek, but at least there is one.
-Non NTR route now gets access to (non NTR)content previously only available for NTR. (this should add about 7 scenes to non-NTR storylines)
-Added hability to watch adult content in your laptop (more categories to be added)
-New and more interesting (probably even gamebreaking) bugs

-Email mechanics improved (doesn´t work on old save files)
-Shower mechanics improved
-Alice new scenes (4)
-back button on hints fixed
-You can now get a gym subscription
-Mr. Daniel new scene (1)
-Isabella new scene (1, with two variations)
-gym setup (and 2 scenes)
-New and more interesting (probably even gamebreaking) bugs


v1.4.3 (new content respect of original version) - about 20-25% of the content is new
-New Olivia scenes
-New Alice scenes
-New Mr. Daniel scenes
-New Mr. Marquis scenes
-New Zoey scenes
-New Dr. Kathy scenes
-New email tasks
-New phone content
-A ton of new bugs...sorry


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Dranylis

Version reviewed: 1.10.0 on 05/07/2022

Great game with  great potential. absolutely LOVE it!!!

Review by KamiCG

Version reviewed: 1.10.0 on 04/19/2022

A Lot of direction and room to grow. So much potential.

Unfortunely, so many bugs and gliches that cause some events to play out of order.

If it can get cleaned up, it could be one of the best of this genre.

Review by scottsinclair

Version reviewed: 1.10.0 on 04/12/2022

If this keeps up its development it will become a great classic of the site. As it stands there's some great content with a decent base game. Here's hoping it can deliver on that promise.

Review by LadyNicole

Version reviewed: 1.10.0 on 04/11/2022

Very promising game!

Review by Kolka

Version reviewed: 1.9.0 on 04/05/2022

I'm confused with the principal gay route, after the missing scene, it just goes to normal ntr content from the straight path?

Alice's deflowering and the photoshoot with Julia doesn't have an entry in the hints, would be a nice thing to have.

Also, I like the variety in clothing, but what does it contribute? After unlocking the scenes with Olivia, you can just dress in normal boyish clothing and there is no penalty nor reason other than a player's aesthetics.

So, overall, like I wrote before in my prior review, it's a great game with lots of content and scenes, definitely give it a try. There's so much added in so little time that I am very impressed with the pace of development. Keep up the good work!

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